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Outdoor Ideas On A Budget You Need To Try | Raysa House

Utilizing the existing materials. That’s what makes this building’s exterior design more characteristic.

Outdoor Ideas On A Budget You Need To Try | Raysa House

Simple and Easy Outdoor Ideas with Low Maintenance

Planting is a hobby of many people. Like Jason, the owner of this house who likes to grow plants in pots. This is the reason why there are so many flower pots in his residence. The 105 m² wide courtyard looks green and beautiful, with a variety of healthy growing plants and koi ponds.

“Initially the homeowner had a plan to just replace the floor and ceiling with a new one. But, I saw the yard and facade of the house have the potential to be remodeled. So I offered to him, and he agreed,” explained Anthony Black, the architect.

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In formulating that small renovation idea, Anthony saw two factors that had been a character of the house. Potted plants and fish ponds. This is what he wants to keep in his design. The number of unused plastic flowerpots in the house also became his consideration. There are so many of them, why not just use them? So, in collaboration with Harry Gordon, Anthony embodied a creative idea that succeeded in giving special characteristics for this house appearance.

Plastic pots as building elements, of course, it is not commonly used in the design of a house. Initially, the house owner was confused with the explanation of this concept. However, after seeing the final result, it seems there’s nothing more to doubt about this creative idea.

  1. The plant pot position adjusted to the direction of the morning sunlight. In that way, the light must illuminate the plant pot and be passed through the holes.
  2. The border wall of the house is decorated with tendrils from various green plants. Actually, these plants are not planted at the top of the wall, but in the pots arranged in parallel.
  3. The presence of a koi pond as the cooler element seems to be the balancing the harmonization of this garden. With the gazebo at the end of the pond becomes an additional facility for homeowners to sit and relax while enjoying the garden.
  4. The presence of plant pots gives a unique look and characterizes the house.

Outdoor Ideas On A Budget You Need To Try | Raysa House

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  1. Flowerpots the light breaker

Some of the flowerpots are arranged in a frame with a top-down position so that it looks attractive. In the morning, sunlight will shine on the facade, including the walls where the flowerpots are arranged. With that frame, the walls are not fully closed so that the sunlight can enter through the frame gap.

Each plastic plant pot has a hole in the bottom as a way out for water. Anthony used these holes as a pattern maker. The sunlight that illuminates the plant pot can pass through these holes. To make the incoming light look more biased, at the bottom of plant pot is installed white mica sheets. Mica material that is translucent or semi-transparent makes it easy for sunlight to enter without making glare.

  1. Plant pots on the ceiling

Not only on the wall, but plant pots are also applied at the ceiling. In an elongated arrangement, the shape of the pot frame is adjusted to the ceiling shape. The unique part of this pot frame is the hidden lights behind it. The lamp is a substitute for sunlight because the ceiling is not touched by sunlight. When the lights are turned on, the light will pass through the plant pot holes in beautiful appearance.

There is another unique thing at the ceiling. Between these two pot frames, there is a downlight as additional lighting. However, instead of being installed inside the ceiling, the downlight is actually installed in a large plastic pot. Having a different size from other plant pots makes it look unique as an accent. Those plant pots are not attached to the ceiling, but only hung on a frame. This is to make it easier for homeowners if they have to replace the lights.

  1. Mini waterfalls

It feels incomplete when a fish pond is not adorned with a waterfall. The falling water flow will create soft waves on the water surface and add to its beauty. However, of course, not all houses have waterfalls in their fish ponds. Limited land is the reason why the owner does not add the waterfall in their fish pond.

However, there is a solution to solve this problem. The architect of this house, Anthony, added a waterfall, but in a small size at the koi pond. The material is a natural stone which is similar to the koi pond main material. With a glass sheet at the edge as a way out for water, makes the water flow softer. At the top where the water comes out is covered with gravel to create a natural appearance, like a spring coming out from the rock gaps.

  1. Gravel the mud prevention

Rainwater often makes your yard muddy and dirty due to the soil is wet. Avoiding this, most homeowners will cover their entire yard with various plants and grasses. In fact, some people use a simpler way, which uses ceramics to cover the yard area. Of course this is not ideal, because rainwater cannot be absorbed into the ground

Another alternative is to use gravel. Gravel has a fairly small shape and can make it easier for rainwater to entering the soil through its gaps, so that water absorption will still occur. Having a rather rough texture makes it not slippery, making it safe to step on even in wet conditions.

Outdoor Ideas On A Budget You Need To Try | Raysa House

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