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How to Choose a Good Quality Christmas Bathroom Towels

Preparing for the celebration of Christmas can be in different ways. One of them is with home décor. Don’t miss out on decorating your bathroom with Christmas bathroom towels. Choose the bathroom towels with the most beautiful design and the best quality. This article will give you tips on how to choose good quality bathroom towels for your christmas decoration.

How to Choose a Good Quality Christmas Bathroom Towels

5 Tips to Choose A Good Quality Bathroom Towel

1. Pay Attention to the Fibre Content

Make sure to choose fibre content made of 100% cotton for the softest and most absorbent bathroom towel. Premium kinds of cotton like Supima and Egyptian are not very soft and absorb water well. The durability is also not like 100% cotton fibre towels. You can also choose cotton and polyester blend as an alternative at a cheaper price but still easy to absorb and durable for long-term use.

2. Production Highlights to See the Quality

Pay attention to the production highlights of the towel to see the quality of the christmas bathroom towels. Combed cotton means the short fibres have been cleaned to make the fabric softer and more durable. Ring spun cotton means that the fibres are tied tightly making the towel stronger and smoother. Do not confuse manufacturing process brands such as hydro-cottons and micro-cottons as types of cotton.

3. Pay Attention to The Appearance of the Towel

Sometimes even though the towel feels soft and strong when held, the sensation is only temporary because the towel has been coated with a coating that will disappear once washed. To avoid this error, also pay attention to the edges of the towel. Choose towels that are neatly folded on the edges and the stitching is secured. This shows that the towel will not fray and is durable.

4. The Weight of the Towel Also Needs to Be Considered

How to Choose a Good Quality Christmas Bathroom Towels

The fourth way to get good quality Christmas bathroom towels is to consider the weight. The heavier the towel means that the towel is more absorbent and plushy so that it is comfortable to use. The unit of weight used is grams per square meter (GSM). Choose a bathroom towel with a weight range of 500 to 700 GSM. Towels with this weight are ideal towels to use.

5. Good Quality That Suits Your Personal Preference

Good quality bathroom towels need to be considered for the sake of comfortable use. However, you can also still maintain your personal preference. Choose towels that suit your personal preference but still have good quality. If you want an ultra-soft with super absorbent, choose 100% cotton towels. Fluffy loops are suitable for this preference as well. Choose to taste with the best quality.

Even if you choose the towel as part of the occasional bathroom decoration, still choose the best quality for comfortable use. So you can also use the bathroom towel for daily use. if the bathroom towel has good quality then the towels will feel comfortable when used and do not damage the skin. Those are the five tips to help you in your christmas shopping!

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