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These 4 Inspiring Cabinet Trim Ideas to Bring Flair and Finesse to Your Kitchen

There are numerous ways to improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. In this case, you may give a modern and sleek look by updating your cabinetry with molding or trim. It will add flair to your cabinetry without taking valuable space. Here are some cabinet trim ideas that you should take a closer look at.

These 4 Inspiring Cabinet Trim Ideas to Bring Flair and Finesse to Your Kitchen
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Several Cabinet Moulding Options to Consider

1. Toe Kick Trim

The first on the list is toe kick trim. It is utilized to conceal the uncovered wood at the toes of your cabinetry while maintaining a neat appearance. The particular type is best applied to maple wood cabinets. It’ll allow you to choose the matching wood as the rest of the cabinetry or a different material or color to stand out.

Besides a clean appearance, this kind of trim also allows you to stand closer in front of the cabinetry for a longer period of time since your feet have more room to roam about. All of that is because toe kick trim will leave a significant gap between the floor and the cabinets.

Additionally, this one of the cabinet trim ideas can make your kitchen cabinets appear to hover. When coupled with some other types of molding, such as crown molding, it becomes even more stunning. At last, the style would look great in a modern kitchen with pristine white cabinetry.

2. Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the popular choices for updating your cabinetry. You should know it’s a prominent part of just about any cabinet since it has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the trim is installed precisely and appropriately.

The specific trim, crown molding, is made up of multiple different parts. For a pleasing appearance, they are all meticulously piled on top of each other. The style is known to be utilized for upper cabinet trim ideas. Nevertheless, the finished look will be stunning as it will have intricate design embellishments.

3. Dentil Moulding

The stunning type of trim is decorative molding in that each piece is cut separately to exact proportions to achieve a precise fit. It appears like crown molding but has more features and is widely used on the tops of cabinetry and around the ceilings and doors.

Henceforth, dentil molding is a fantastic fit for the brown shaker cabinets, as you can see that both are brown in tone. At last, you need to know that the various heights of this trim also give it a tiered appearance, which is great for any space with a high ceiling.

4. Scribe Molding

These 4 Inspiring Cabinet Trim Ideas to Bring Flair and Finesse to Your Kitchen

Any gaps between the walls and the cabinets will be resolved with one of the cabinet trim ideas, such as scribe molding. Scribe molding is a thin trim between your wall and cabinetry to fill in any gaps. Remember that this is a simple approach to fixing any noticeable irregularities.

Consequently, there are numerous options for kitchen cabinet molding or trim. From many, the best four are scribe molding, crown molding, dentil molding, and toe kick molding. In the end, it’s a terrific method to establish a classic look in your lovely kitchen space.

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