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Handy and Safe to Use, 3 Bed Leg Extenders for You to Pick

Either you struggle with some wobbly bed legs, or if you want to have some space for storage under your bed, then these particular items might be the ones you need. Bed leg extenders are an ideal option to maintain the bed’s stability while also making some extra storage space under your bed. Thus, check out these three leg raisers for your bed.

Recommendations of The Best Leg Lifters You Can Choose for Your Bed
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Recommendations of The Best Leg Lifters You Can Choose for Your Bed

1. Adjustable Bed Leg Lifters

The bed lifters are a fantastic idea to help you create storage space beneath mattresses legs by adding height. This item can transform your bedroom into more organized by storing bedding, seasonal clothing, baggage or suitcases, and any other pieces of equipment.

The particular risers have a weight capacity of 630 kilograms. It also has smooth edges that will not scratch wooden flooring. You don’t have to worry about the quality of these specific bed leg extenders because it is constructed of high quality and long lasting materials. The adjustable aspect of this item allows you to raise your bid to the appropriate height.

Furthermore, the items are available in three height options. The first option has a height lift up to 7.6 centimeters, and it is 12 centimeters wide. The second one can lift up your bed up to 12 centimeters, and the bottom has 16 centimeters in width. And then, the last one has a height lift of around 20.3 centimeters.

2. Carbon Steel Bed Lifters

Recommendations of The Best Leg Lifters You Can Choose for Your Bed

The items can create an extra 5 cm of height. Thus, it can instantly add 5 cm of additional storeroom underneath the bed. A 2 cm self adhesive groove is available on these bed leg extenders, which can be used to secure the bed leg. You only need to make sure of the proper placement of the bed leg after you peel and stick the adhesive on the leg.

These items make cleaning up under the bed easier, and it’s well suited to robot vacuuming. It is very ideal for your bed, or in this case, any other heavy furniture at home, as it has a weight capacity of up to 1996 kilograms. It’s also very durable since it is made of carbon steel materials, which means it’s extremely hard and excellent at maintaining its shape.

3. Risers for Bed with Castor Legs

Recommendations of The Best Leg Lifters You Can Choose for Your Bed

Castor legs risers are suitable for beds that have wheels on their legs. These bed leg extenders are made of durable and nonslip plastic that won’t scratch your floor. Furthermore, its durability allows it to support up to 2268 kilograms of heavy furniture, so it’s perfect for even a large Alaskan king sized bed.

All in all, if you want to have some extra space under your bed or you simply want to make your bed higher for convenience purposes, you can consider purchasing some leg raisers for your bed. There are so many options of raisers are available in the market. Castor legs, adjustable, and carbon steel risers are the three risers you can pick. 

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