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Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

If at any time you cannot clean your own house, choosing to hire a home cleaning service can be a solution.

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

Home Cleaning Service: Solution for Busy People

Cleaning house activities is a work process that requires a lot of time and energy. You should at least do it once a week. If all family members are workers, then time on the weekend is usually sacrificed.

Although it is very possible for you to do it along with your family, however, family breaks will be reduced. Then, if the activity is carried out alone, it is difficult to ensure the quality of cleanliness. Not to mention if there is a debate in the tasks division between family members.

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An easy solution to overcome all the problems above is to hire a cleaning service. Maybe not many people know, professional home cleaning services already exist in various big cities. If you are a busy person, setting aside a budget once a month for house cleaning services will not hurt. There are several benefits if you hire a cleaning service, such as the following.

  1. Equipped with the latest equipment with modern cleaning techniques for high-quality cleaning.
  2. The workforce is specialized and experienced in cleaning various types of houses.
  3. The level of cleanliness is different because besides using special cleaning materials, it also cleanses areas that are usually inaccessible to homeowners.

The Most Germ-Contaminated Area

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House


  • In the kitchen, the sink is the most contaminated surface.
  • Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona said, “Generally, plastic cutting board has more bacteria than the top of the toilet seat cover”.

Laundry Room

  • the main causes of this contamination are the clothing and/or dirty diapers.
  • the inside of the washing machine that damp and warm is the perfect environment for germs to thrive.

The Broom Closet

  • Germs can be found in dirty mop buckets; untreated carpet cleaners; wet mops/dust mops that are not stored well and also dirty condition.


  • The bottom area of the toilet lid is one of the most contaminated surfaces in the toilet.

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Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa HouseThe scope of cleaning services from a cleaning service company usually varies. In addition to adjusting the customer desires, cleaning service companies have standards for cleaning a room such as toilets, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, balconies, roofs, furniture, floor polishes, and glass.

Not only cleaning houses, but some cleaning service rental companies also offer other services such as landscaping/gardening, swimming pool cleaning, marble polishing, natural stone cleaning, painting, crack wall repairs, ceiling repairs, lamp changes, AC cleaning, mosquito wire screen installation, and pest control. In fact, there are those who provide rental services for cleaning houses due to dirt from construction work such as paint, cement, and dust.

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Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

Meanwhile, for cost issues, each company certainly offers different prices. All depends on the size of the house, the level of difficulty, and demand. However, every dollar you spend is certainly not useless. Home cleaning services can provide consistent cleaning quality, all back to your choice.

9 Steps How to Hire a Professional Home Cleaning Service

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

  1. Look for cleaning services that are licensed or experienced by looking at the track record. You can rate it through pages on the internet, which can usually serve customers via email.
  2. Make an order 3 days before or if possible 1 week in advance.
  3. After you make an order, usually the cleaning service provider will conduct a survey to your home first. The survey is intended to estimate what work will be done along with its costs. (note: sometimes there is a cleaning service provider that calculates the distance of the house)
  4. Determine the day of cleaning after the calculation is approved.
  5. Save your valuable items.
  6. On cleaning days, teams from cleaning service companies can vary (2-5 people, depending on the size of the house). Usually, the implementation is carried out from the top floor of the house, then to each room and finally to the garage.
  7. The timing of cleaning can take hours to a day.
  8. When it’s finished, check again all the places you requested to be cleaned.
  9. If you want, deep cleaning using services like this can be done regularly.

Facts About Germs

  • Germs are everywhere: air, water, food, blood, humans, animals and inanimate objects.
  • Germs live in groups and close to their food.
  • Germs are not visible and move by the method of “join” directly or indirectly.
  • Germs adapt quickly and multiply – every 2 hours the number can increase 2-fold.
  • Not all germs are created equal – some are dangerous and some are harmless or even beneficial.
  • Germs get into our body in a predictable way: the process of swallowing, inhaling, through blood flow or absorption.
  • Uncontrolled germs can cause disease and spread the disease.

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

7 Myths About Germination

There are many myths and misconceptions about how to effectively disinfect. Here are some common myths and facts.

  1. Is the bacteria dangerous?

Myth: The majority of bacteria that exist on earth cause disease and harm people.

FACT: Most bacteria are not so dangerous. In fact, many bacteria are very important for the survival of life on earth.

  1. Cleaning products can disinfect?

Myth: Cleaning and disinfecting is similar. Cleansing kills germs and disinfectants ensures they don’t come back.

FACT: Cleaning using cleaning products actually does not kill germs, but removes unwanted substances. Effective cleaning products inhibit the proliferation of germs by attacking their nutritional sources, but they do not disinfect.

  1. Sanitizer and disinfectant are similar?

Myth: Sanitation efforts are as effective as disinfectant cleaners.

FACT: Sanitizing namely removing microbes from an object, reducing the microbial population by killing 99.9% of the targeted pathogens. While disinfectants eradicate most pathogenic organisms from inanimate objects. Disinfectants provide higher rates of germ-killing than cleaning or sanitizing.

  1. Cleaning can be done with liquid bleach?

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

Myth: Chlorine bleach is an effective cleanser and disinfectant.

FACT: Bleach from chlorine is effective against various germs. Please note that chlorine bleach does not work effectively if there is organic soil on the object to be cleaned. Therefore, the soil on the surface must be cleaned before the bleach solution can provide effective sanitation or disinfectant.

  1. More pouring cleaning liquid will be better?

Myth: Doubling disinfectant solutions will double its effectiveness.

FACT: Disinfectants or sanitizers are made to work effectively at the dilution ratio listed on the product label. Doubling 2-fold solutions will not increase the killing of germs. In addition to being wasteful, excess material from disinfectants will make the surface sticky, change color and tend to attract dirt. Disinfectants and cleaners must be mixed according to the label instructions. Mixing both too strong or too weak can affect their performance and cause negative consequences.

  1. The most effective way to control the spread of germs?

Myth: The use of disinfectants is the most effective way to control the spread of germs.

FACT: Hand washing is the most effective strategy in reducing germ exposure. Second, wearing gloves when cleaning or handling the object that is contaminated with germs.

  1. Are fungal spores dangerous?

Myth: The majority of fungal spores found in the building are toxic and dangerous to humans.

FACT: Most fungal spores are non-toxic and have a relatively low risk to humans. However, there are several forms of fungal spores that are very toxic which can pose a high risk to humans.

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

What about impression over? Is actually of which incredible??? If you think so, I’l d demonstrate many impression once more below:

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House
Rental cleaning services can provide cleaning services nicely and maximally, even to the parts of the house that are difficult for you to clean.

Hire a Home Cleaning Service? Why Not! | Raysa House

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