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How To Changing a Light Fixture for Dummies

On some occasions, sometimes it is necessary to upgrade the interior of the house. This activity does look difficult however, to do so, it is not always necessary for professionals. One of the interior furniture that you can upgrade yourself is changing a light fixture. Steps to change a light fixture is so easy you can do it at home. Here are steps to DIY refurnishing your home!

How To: Changing a Light Fixture by Yourself!

5 Simple Steps To Install A Light Fixture by Yourself

1. Do not forget to turn off the power circuit

When replacing any electronic equipment, don’t forget to turn off the power. This is due to the danger of direct contact with the electrical circuit. You can get electrocuted or short-circuited which can cause a fire to occur. Check the condition of the circuit with the circuit tester for additional security immediately. Start by ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you.

2. Remove the old fixture and tighten the electrical box

After making sure the power is turned off, you can remove the old fixture as the second step in changing a light fixture. Start by removing the cover and then the old wire connectors. After removing the old fixture make sure the electrical box where the fixture is attached is tights. When the electrical box is loose, tighten the screw immediately. However, do not overtighten it.

3. Connect the wires according to instructions

Pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturers. This instruction is necessary especially when connecting the wires of the fixtures. In general, when installing the wires, you can equalize the colour of the cable. However, pay attention to the instructions you have. You can use a wire stripper to remove the protective coating of the wires.

4. Secure the base before installing the bulbs

Tidy up the wires that come out of the box by putting them back into the space of the base. You can use tools that come with the new fixture when changing a light fixture. After that, the new bulb can be installed. Once installed, turn on the circuit and switch the bulb on. If it still doesn’t turn on, turn off the circuit and correct its position. Repeat the steps until the light is on.

5. Install the cover and trim

Lastly, after the lights can be confirmed to be on, install the trim and the cover. If you intend to install pendants, make adjustments to the length with the height of your ceiling. If you don’t make adjustments, the room can feel too full or too empty. The pendants can also look out of place. If you have young children, make sure the pendants are safe out of your child’s reach.

Ensure the Safety of You And Others

How To: Changing a Light Fixture by Yourself!

When you plan in changing a light fixture by yourself, make sure it is safe for you and the people around you. Although this job does not require professionals to do but ensuring safety is very important because you are dealing with electronic types of equipment. Ask others to help, especially if you install high ceilings. A beautiful house should be equipped with security.

Some people think replacing electronic pieces of equipment such as light fixtures is difficult. But it turns out that this work does not always require professional help. You can do it yourself with easy steps. As long as you pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer and your safety as well as others, this is such simple work.

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