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How Much Does Tile Roof Replacement Cost and When to Replace It

Using tile roofs to protect the house is a significant investment. A new tile roof can last for at least 50 years from installation. However, the time will come when the tile roof needs to be replaced. This article will provide an overview of tile roof replacement cost and when is the right time to replace them.

How Much Does Tile Roof Replacement Cost and When to Replace It

When Is the Time to Replace the Tile Roof?

There are three factors to consider as the time to replace the tile roof. The first factor is the number of tiles that are damaged or cracked. If more than 50% of the tiles are damaged, you should immediately do a full replacement. Because if only repair damaged parts, the costs incurred will not be worth it.

The condition of the underlayment system is the second factor in replacing the tile roof. Usually, for older tile roofs, the underlayment is made of traditional felt paper. Roof tiles are not made of waterproof material so if the underlayment system is not watertight, it will risk easily collapsing and endanger the occupants of the house.

You don’t need to spend tile roof replacement cost if, you make sure the underlayment system is strong enough before installation. In addition, pay attention to installing the tile roof to be watertight. So, the seeping rainwater does not quickly damage the underlayment and the tile roof for the safety of the occupants of the house.

The last factor is the flashing systems and penetration flashings. The flashing systems need to be reevaluated to ensure the remaining service life. If the condition is good enough, you only need to fix the damaged tiles instead of full reparation. This minor repair is enough to add several years to the durability of the whole roof of the house.

The Cost of Tile Roof Replacement

Considering the timing of replacing the tile roof above, the best cost becomes two, namely full replacement and damaged tiles replacement only. Full replacement means reinstalling with new tile roofs. This average tile roof replacement cost about $12,508. The least cost that can be incurred is $5,800 with the lowest quality and $47,000 with the highest quality.

For damaged tiles replacement only, the cost is seen from several factors such as size and material. By size, the average estimated cost is $10.88 to $33.75 per square foot. Just like a full replacement, although it is calculated per size, the price is also influenced by the quality of workmanship. For example, per 1000 square feet, low-end tiles cost $10,000 while high-end costs around $30,000.

How Much Does Tile Roof Replacement Cost and When to Replace It

The material used on the tile roof also plays a big role in the costs you need to spend. Tile roofs made of concrete are usually much more affordable than other natural materials. This type of tile roof replacement can cost around $3 to $5 per square foot. The most expensive type is the slate tile roof replacement cost which can reach $9 to $16 per square foot.

By considering the condition of your roof, you can estimate the expenses that will be needed when replacing your tile roof. Before installing make sure that the underlayment is in good condition so that in the future, the replacement cost is not too large. Pay attention to the material used and adjust it to your budget.

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