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Things to Know Before Purchasing Insulated Cellular Shades

It is attractive, versatile, and energy efficient. Find a winning combination of value and good looks, more than insulated cellular shades. There are several things you need to know before purchasing it. Cellular shades come in different types, sizes, colours and light control options for you to use. Read more and find out for your reference before purchasing one!

Things to Know Before Purchasing Insulated Cellular Shades

4 Things You Should Consider Before Installing Insulated Cellular Shades

Single-cell and double-cell cellular shades

Cellular shades are known as energy efficient because of their honeycomb-shaped construction as air pockets or cells. These air pockets create an insulation layer between the window and the room. There are two types of cellular shades. They are single cell shades and double cell shades. You can choose to depend on the extreme temperatures of your residence area.

Single cells are cheaper compared to double-cell insulated cellular shades. In addition to extreme temperatures, consider a price that fits the budget. For areas that have an extreme cold or hot weather, double-cell cellular shades are recommended. The high-level insulation is useful for bringing down or bringing up these extreme temperatures and will reduce the cost of using a heater or cooler.

The opacity of cellular shades

The opacity in question is the amount of light transmitted through a given material. There are four options: sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque. The speciality of cellular shades is that they are available to all. This makes cellular shades suitable for all rooms. For the record, opaque cellular shades are also called blackout cellular shades which are suitable for room darkening.

If you need maximum natural light, sheer insulated cellular shades are the right choice. Meanwhile, if you want gentle light filtering, semi-sheer is the answer. Semi-opaques are suitable for lightroom darkening which is commonly used by cafes. Meanwhile, opaque or blackout cellular shades are widely used by studios because they can block sunlight from entering the room properly.

Three options of cellular shades

Cellular shades are available with three options, namely top down bottom up, cordless and motorized. Top down bottom up is useful for private rooms such as bathrooms or private rooms. Cordless cellular shades eliminate dangling cords which are safe for children and pets. While motorized cellular shades can be used automatically with remote control.

Various sizes of cellular shades

Things to Know Before Purchasing Insulated Cellular Shades

There are several pleat sizes of insulated cellular shades available in the market. Although there are various sizes, each cellular shade is not too different in terms of size. This is because most brands offer slightly different versions of the pleat sizes. What needs to be considered when choosing a pleat size is the size of the window. The larger the window, the larger the size to choose.

Cellular shades have many benefits and versatility. This makes the item popular as a functional home decoration. Wide options are available according to your needs. In general, this item is used for filtering sunlight. Although it comes in different sizes, it is suitable for any kind and type of window. It seems like it’s time for you to consider buying it, right?

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