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5 Window Nook Bench Ideas You Can Try at Home

Suppose you imagine yourself lying down while reading a book accompanied by the view from a beautiful window. Then making a window corner bench is the solution. Besides being comfortable to live in, this architecture is also very suitable because not many people thought about this idea. You can try many ideas at home, and these five window nook bench ideas might be your preference.

5 Window Nook Bench Ideas You Can Try at Home

Window Corner Seat Lists To Make a Cozy Spaces

1. Romantic Window Seat

When you saw the view, a luxurious look must have crossed your mind; the candles surrounding the room seemed to describe the warmth between lovers. Don’t forget to put flowers to make your love like you more. Also, it can be evidence of your love expression and affection. The idea will be more suitable for you who are building an exceptional villa to make a new impression.

2. L-shape Window Seat

Its elongated L-shaped shape can accommodate many more people so they can sit and chat together. Moreover, the extraordinary view from the window that makes you feel at home for a long time makes the idea more suitable for those who gather with your closest friends and relatives. But you must also prepare even more funds to buy this window nook bench.

3. Bench Seat with Storage

The long shape relieves you because it can also be used for sleeping. Another benefit is the storage under the mattress which can be used to put books or blankets, so we don’t have to cut more space to put things. This design is suitable for those who have a large room and want a simple minimalist look.

Another thing that you can conclude is that space-saving techniques like this, you can also use in other architectural designs. For example, if you only have 3×3 meters of room, but you still want to store more items, then the bed design with drawers below is perfect for you, instead of using a regular mattress that takes up a lot of space.

4. Window Seat with City Views

5 Window Nook Bench Ideas You Can Try at Home

The window nook bench design is usually located in the city center or tall buildings occupied by workers. Also, the stretched glass window will make your conversation more relaxed. In addition, to complement its modern design, another thing to consider is the placement of a suitable color such as black or white to add a luxurious impression.

5. L-shape Window Bench Seat with Vintage Looks

Unlike the previous idea, this design is the right combination of a storage bench model with an elongated L shape. Plus, a vintage impression and a view outside the window give the beach or forest scenery. The design will create a natural and calming image for anyone who visits. Thus, the window nook bench will be more fitting if a cup of coffee or tea accompanies it.

In conclusion, window corner seat ideas have many options that you can try, depending on your preference. Apart from those mentioned above, there are many more, such as the N-shaped bench that extends around the room, which is circular and in various colors. If you are bored with one design, you can try other techniques depending on the size of the room and your needs.

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