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4 Different Types of Window Shutters You Should Know

There are a total of four basic type of window shutters that you need to know. The four basic types are raised panel, board and batton, louvered, and bahama. Each type has different materials such as medium-density fiberboard, synthetic foam, vinyl, natural wood, and faux wood. One of the most popular materials for window shutters is basswood.

4 Different Types of Window Shutters You Should Know

What are The 4 Types of Windows Shutter You Should Consider

1. Raised panel shutters

Raised panel shutters look similar to doors or cupboards in kitchens. The low profile design of the shutters makes this type of window shutter blend well with almost any house styles. Choose this type of window shutters if your home has victorian, federal, colonial, Georgian, and cape cod designs.

2. Louvered

Louvered shutters have a design with angled slats that make it easy for air and light to enter the house. This type of window shutter looks more defined and has a simpler shutter panel. This type is perfect for houses with an ornate, classical or casual appearance. An example of a house with such an appearance is a house in the style of Greek revival and Italianate styles.

3. Board and Batten (BnB)

Board and Batten type of window shutters is also referred to as type BnB. This type has a classic and rustic character. This is because of its simple construction design. This type has one to three boards that are spliced with thin cross panels. These cross panels are usually placed horizontally or at an angle across the window shutters. This type is suitable for Mediterranean and french country-style houses.

4. Bahama

Bahamas type is also known as Bermuda shutters. Not much different from louvered shutters, this type is usually mounted on top of the window and not on the side. This type is useful for making it easier for light and water to enter the house. In addition, this type can protect the house from storms and is widely used in tropical homes. This type of window shutters fits in ranch and cottage house styles.

Choosing The Best Types Of Window Shutters

4 Different Types of Window Shutters You Should Know

To give the expensive look but not drain a lot of expenses, choose shutters that are medium-density fiberboard material or those wrapped in vinyl. Vinyl is usually a material from hollow PVC shutters that have unfinished edges and are covered with end caps. This material is not very good when exposed to water and is not durable.

The type of window shutters with synthetic foam material makes the shutters look like real wood. This material is more water and fire-resistant compared to medium-density fiberboard and vinyl. This material also has qualified insulating qualities. Unfortunately, this material is heavier than real wood. However, synthetic foam can be the best choice for beautiful cheap window shutters.

Window shutters provide good access to air and light inside the house. In addition, window shutters can also beautify the house so that it is suitable for house makeovers. There are still many window shutter types but the four types above are the most basic types to consider. Do not forget to choose a good material taking into account long-term use.

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