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5 Luxe Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors and Large Windows Ideas

When it comes to choosing a door treatment for sliding doors in your house, there are multiple options that you can pick and copy. Ranging from classic to contemporary look, vertical blinds are a versatile interior when it comes to the window treatment. Here is some essential information that you need to know about some of the most luxurious vertical blinds for sliding doors inspirations.

Choices for Vertical Blinds

1. Roller Blinds for An Effective Window Dressing

Roller blinds are the most popular option for a sliding door. Especially since the majority of sliding doors are large-sized, these roller blinds can be easily bound together to create a larger width and can cover your entire door. These blinds have less gap between them because there is only a bracket that separates them. They can also be easily rolled down from any side of your door.

2. Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

These vertical blinds are a low-budget way for you to cover a wide sliding door while making them look stylish. This type of vertical blinds for sliding doors can be easily controlled with a single wand on the side of the blinds. When you roll this sliding door, these vertical blinds will tilt accordingly, giving you control over how many lights you want to let into your house.

3. Fabric Vertical Blinds for An Informal Look for Family Room

These sorts of vertical blinds are suitable for a family room with sliding doors in your home. They are made out of fabric that gives you a cleaner and sleek look to a room. They are easy to install and operate; fortunately, they are effortless to keep clean. With these kinds of vertical blinds for sliding doors you can have moderate light control that can filter the sunlight but still give you the privacy that you need.

4. Linen Fabric Luxurious Vertical Blinds

If you are trying to achieve an expensive look, especially for the wide windows that you own in your house, these vertical linen blinds are the most wanted. You can customize the height and weight accordingly. Since it is made out of linen, they have the function to gently filter the light and give your room a particular color based on your choice, reflected by the lights that they filter.

5. Vertical Blinds with S-Shape for Modern Approach

5 Luxe Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors and Large Windows Ideas

S-Shaped vertical blinds have a unique design that makes them stand out. These types of vertical blinds for sliding doors are perfect for families that appreciate extra privacy. The vanes of the vertical blinds close more tightly than just fabric blinds. You have additional control over the light. At the same time, you will receive a flowing look of the verticals as if they are traditional blinds.

Vertical blinds are low maintenance and a traditional option for you to hang on your sliding doors or expansive windows. They are durable and made out of light materials and include various fabric choices and faux wood design. It allows you to enjoy the scenery when they are open or to close it using the effective tiltable wand to control the lighting based on your desired look.

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