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3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

Carport Canopy With Floating Shelf

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

This is a multifunctional carport design that fits in in a small house. Protect your favorite cars and tools.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

  1. The tool cabinet attached on the upper wall. To make it stable, the cabinet is supported by three elbows made from iron wrapped in 18 mm thick boards.
  2. Image details and material specs. This clarity helps us imagine the power of the canopy.

This carport design idea is quite simple. The canopy is made wide and only have support from one wall area. The other end of the canopy is left hanging without a wall. To make the canopy stable, the canopy is only hung using steel wire. Strong and not easily shaken.

The interesting part, in a row of several columns, there is a cabinet for tools. 2 m long, 40 cm wide and 50 cm high. We can store lightweight tools, including vehicle equipment. Save space and versatility. You can try it!

Carport material specification

  • The construction of carport made of concrete frame and steel wire
  • The roof cover uses a hollow iron frame and polycarbonate. Iron is also used for a trellis on walls.
  • The cabinet is made of multiplex coated with HPL.
  • Floors using Grass Block (perforated concrete for grass)
  • Estimated costs around 3.000 USD

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

  1. Picture of carport floor plan. Green park is still preserved.
  2. This grass block floor can hold the car weight including preventing water from pooling.
  3. Although it has been supported by hollow iron, the canopy is also supported by steel wires so that it is not easily shaken.

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Portal Carport Design Expressions

This carport with vine accents is ready to welcome your favorite car.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

The canopy frame is connected directly to the main building beam.

At first glance, the figure of this carport resembles a portal or soccer goal. But actually, the design is to give a strong impression on the building. The frame uses concrete supported by a stretched beam. Under the beams, polycarbonate and hollow iron are attached.

Hollow iron is reused as a sidewall composition. Serves as a trellis as well as a medium for plant propagation. Green leaves and flowers to balance the rigid frame and tend to be masculine in harmony with the favorite car characteristic.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

The floor uses lean concrete. Strong and reliable to receive vehicle weight

Carport Material specification

  • The carport construction is made from concrete.
  • Roof cover using hollow iron and polycarbonate
  • Trellis uses hollow iron
  • Floors made of iron frame and lean concrete
  • Construction estimated 3.600 USD.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

  1. Material specifications and size information are useful when building a canopy.
  2. Trellis is very useful for vines.
  3. The roof protrudes to the front, supported by hollow iron attached to the concrete beam.
  4. Top view carport layout. The yard is still preserved.


Simple Cantilever Carport Ideas

Carport relies on aesthetics and the selection of anti-rust, weather-resistant, and easy-to-build materials.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

Canopy makes the facade look cool and not boring

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Pillar and H steel beams are bent to create a contemporary impression. The crossbar in the middle, the sloped beam, supports it while binding to make it stable. To make it stand stronger, the foundation and pedestal are casted with cement. Technical factors are indeed the main requirement.

Some canopies use hollow iron and polycarbonate. That standard material is for balancing highly industrial steel material. Although standard, the transparent material is reliable to reduce heat and also dispel rainwater. The car is well protected.

The rest of it just left it open with regular woven iron-wire. Wire as a propagation medium for plants. Green plants beautify the canopy characteristic.

Carport material specification

  • Carport frame construction using H steel beams.
  • Roof cover using hollow iron and polycarbonate.
  • Woven iron-wire with 10 cm x 10 cm space, plant media.
  • The floor uses special ceramics for carport.
  • Estimated costs of around 4.300 USD

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

  1. Before building, make sure the steel connection is well-connected so that it is not easily separated.
  2. Make sure the carport floor is covered with ceramics specifically for carport. Regular ceramics are not reliable to support the car weight
  3. The other end of canopy is stand freely without pillars. The canopy is supported by steel beams and hollow iron.
  4. Some canopies are installed with iron wire for vines propagation.


Now, it’s time to decor your carport. Here’s the ideas…


Tillandsia, A Plant Without Media

His figure is tiny. The media is only air. However, his aura managed to tempt many people.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

It is called an air plant, because it can grow only by absorbing nutrients from the air. Lately, tillandsia has become a trend in the world. Because it can be planted anywhere, including in homes that have no land.

As Andy did, X-Otic Garden, Fresno. He designed the backyard in Cassandra’s residence using Tillandsia. Simple, because it doesn’t need water. It also meets the concept of Zen garden that he presents here.

Even though Tillandsia doesn’t need media, it does not mean that it does not need anything to grow. Tillandsia still needs sunlight, although not directly. Can be placed in a window, or small garden in a house like this with an open roof. Watering schedule twice a week is enough.


Beautiful Flower Racks

White painted iron blends beautifully with flower plants. Interested?

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

It looks simple, a flower rack that will make your garden corner beautiful. As done by Potter Charles, a plant lover in New York. He always optimizes every corner of his space with plants. If there is no place, then the pot is arranged with this beautiful rack.

According to Charles, when in the market he did not find a rack that met his requirements, so he ordered a custom rack to the welder. The design can be made by himself, with inspiration from magazines. Then painted in white color. This color will make the shelves stand out and also become a piece of functional garden furniture.

About plants, choosing flowering plants is recommended. The colorful petunias in this pot make the garden corner more beautiful. Can also use other plants that are small and balanced with the rack size. This solution is suitable for homes that don’t have a lot of space.


Gardening In A Triangle Land

Vertical gardens with geotextile bags have successfully transformed plain walls into beautiful plant paintings.

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

The remaining backyard in this house is less than 20m². The homeowner wants to get a green, tropical view when sitting in the backyard. The rear wall is made with an open view. Wide doors with walls consisting mostly of glass. Farmer Man Landscape designed a vertical garden to cover the inside wall.

Because the place is low in sunlight, the wall is facing south, so it doesn’t get sunlight in the morning or in the afternoon. Therefore selected plants that are resistant to these conditions. The Landscaper uses a variety of fern plants, especially sword ferns, as a dominant plant on this backyard wall. The rest, beautiful leafy plants that need a little sunlight. Except at the very top area, it is possible to plant flowering plants.

This vertical garden technique uses geotextile bags. Plants are inserted between holes that have been made in geotextiles. Using rockwool media. Watering using an automatic system in the form of drip irrigation that is set with a timer. Likewise for fertilization, added in the watering tank.


The Rooftop Garden Sensation

This park serves as a play area as well as a rooftop cover. Creative!

3 Ideas On How To Build A Carport And Decorate It | Raysa House

Very impressive. On the roof, we still smell the scent of wet grass covering the ground. We still remember the deep green of trumpet flowers clustered on the iron fence. Occasionally, we feel the cool air that breaks through the bamboo rows.

Actually, the idea of a garden on the roof is not a new thing. In Japan, the roof-garden concept is used as an alternative place for gardening. Oak was built, then filled with special water absorption materials. Humus, also coconut fibers, and coral. Then, covered with soil and grass. All clean and dirty water installations are planted in the soil.

In this house, the roof-garden concept is packaged more differently. Beside to technical things as before, the flat roof area is equipped with a welded wire fence and L iron. It is not high indeed, but it is pretty effective to show the boundary between the park and the outdoor space facing the street.

On one side of the wall, a long bench was installed. The bench made of wooden planks that has a width of 40 cm and a height of 25 cm. The bench is supported by L iron and screwed to the wall. Unfortunately, the bench is not equipped with a canopy. Problems will show up if the rain comes suddenly.

After walking around the park, we sat on the bench. A cup of tea accompanied us to welcome the night. Being there is very fun. If you are interested in stopping there, we are ready to accompany you to enjoy the sensation of a garden on the roof.

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