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Get to Know Tips and Tricks for Installing LED Lights in Ceiling: LED Strip

Installing LED lights in ceiling, especially LED strips, can add cool-modern light to any room. It is multifunction lighting for a house. Now, LED strip lights become the most used lighting everywhere, it is because of their easy installation and worth the price. Moreover, by buying separate lighting and wires, people can adjust the lighting to the room or house.

Get to Know Tips and Tricks for Installing LED Lights in Ceiling: LED Strip

Important Things Before Installing LED Strip Lights

People need to consider several things before deciding to install LED strip lights, it is important to avoid the wrong installation or lighting used. The aspect that needs attention is the light voltage, waterproofing of the light, the wires, and the controller. All of those are connected, looking for further information to know more.

The voltage of the light can be matched to the power supply. It aims to balance the electric current when installing LED lights in ceiling, thereby minimizing the risk of short circuits due to too high or low voltage. Likewise, the endurance of the light, whether it is waterproof or not should be considered. Because light is used continuously, choosing a good quality and durability for a long time is important.

Another consideration is the wires, the number of cables needed can be known from the type of LED lights. Because it is different depending on the type, such as the differences between LED bulbs or LED strip light wires. Furthermore, the controller is used to control the brightness of the light, also the color of the LED strip. People can decide if they need a controller or not because it is important for color-changing LED strips.

LED Strip Lights Installation

1. Cut and Connect the Light

The first step of installing LED lights in ceiling is people cut the LED strip into the required length. It aims to adjust the model of strip lighting that they want to install. People also can consider the theme or shape of the room. After cutting the light, connect it to the wires with a solderless clamp. Ensure the matching of the colored wires to the alphabet shows on the LED strip light.

2. Set the Controller

Color-changing LED strips need a controller to change the color or control the brightness of the light. According to that, the controller needs to set the strip light. People can strip the colored wires and align them with the corresponding ports at the controller. After that tighten all of those with the screws.

3. Installing LED Strip Light on the Ceiling

Get to Know Tips and Tricks for Installing LED Lights in Ceiling: LED Strip

The last step of installing LED lights in ceiling, especially LED strips, is to put the light on the ceiling. For strip light, people can peel away the adhesive of the back strip. Then put it in the ceiling related to the model that was decided before. After that, people can try to turn on the LED strip light, whether the installation is successful or not.

Adding some LED light can brighten the house or room, or if people want the exciting one, they can choose an LED strip light. Before the installation, they need to consider a few things about the lighting and its equipment. It aims to be ready when the installation process. Those tips and tricks above can be a guideline for people who want to install LED lights in their house.

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