Hammered Metal Pendant Light Fixtures

A hammered metal tone needs this hammered metal pendant light to the professional part while modern tooling offers it a modern day edge. Old-fashioned nickel, copper bronze, or classic brass.


Awesome Small Hammered Metal Pendant Light

awesome hammered metal pendant light hammered metal pendant light set heavy hammered metal pendant light

The hammered metal mini pendant light offers light with a worldwide feel. This roof light comes with an artfully shaped color manufactured from hammered material with a streamlined surface finish. Hammered metal pendant light includes modern and rustic. Refined silver or copper (with matching finish off outside and inside). Transitional small hammered metal pendant light classic brass end on the steel color with a textured dark ball highlight above the hue. 3-light side hammered flat iron drum hue pendent in bronze end features a dual diffuser suspended from within. Perforated steel bottom level allows light to light up and suspends from corresponding linked chain. Merged metal hammered flat iron pendent with dark gold external accented with brass stripes. Gold mesh cord.

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