31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

All objects in the house must be treated routinely regularly to look excellent. Follow the tips and tricks, so that the maintenance can be easier and simpler!

  1. Re-layer Natural Stone

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

Natural stone plating can be renewed once a year if the condition is in the water or three years if outdoor conditions are not exposed to rain directly. The coating method can be done with brush strokes or sprayer. Natural stones with rough and porous surfaces, such as Andesite, can be rubbed with a wire or brass brush. For the smooth surface, like Bali Green, use a plastic furry brush.

  1. Dutch Teak Furniture Stay Shiny

Do not place furniture in rooms that are exposed directly to sunlight or potentially exposed to rain. Dutch teak furniture is sensitive to heat and water. Clean from the dust every day with a dry cloth or duster. Polishing with teak oil polishes or special wood cleaning materials. For table displays, just clean it for 6 months. In addition to making glossy furniture, a slippery surface makes it easy for you to clean it.

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Aluminum Frame Care

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

  1. For routine maintenance, you can use a glass cleaner. The trick, spray the glass cleaner onto the aluminum frame surface, then rub it with a dry cloth. One spray for 20-30 cm long frame.
  2. If there is a small stain like dust that has been stick on your frame in a long time, you can use detergent. The trick, mix one spoon of detergent with water 200 ml, stir until blended. Rub the frame surface with a toothbrush, then wipe with a clean cloth. One spoon of detergent for 50-100 cm long frames.
  3. Stubborn stains can be removed with a cleaning paste (a kind of material to polish the car). The trick, take enough pasta. Rub vertically or horizontally onto the entire frame surface. Wipe with a dry cloth. One flick pasta is able to clean the frame surface up to 30 cm²-50 cm².
  1. Lemongrass Prevents Termites

Lemongrass extract is useful to prevent the proliferation of termites. Before melting the citronella extract on the ground, first, clean the soil from weeds. Then, clean the frame parts from the substances that cause moisture or from the oil. After that, then you can apply fragrant lemongrass extract to the frame. In this way, the results will be more effective.

Indoor Plants Stay Fresh

  1. Select media oasis as a substitute for soil to grow crops. Before use, moisten the oasis with water (soaked), then plug the plant with an attractive design.
  2. Every two or three days, place the plants outside the house for weeded and cleaned.
  3. Although the selected plants are types of indoor ornamental plants, still need sunlight. So, let the plants get enough sunlight. Do not take too long, just 1-2 hours.
  4. Choose the pot that is suitable for each type of plant. Can be grouped based on the harmony of plants like size, color, until the raw material.
  5. Some types of ornamental plants suitable for using media oasis is a wet and hard stem, among others:
    • Aglaonema sp
    • Dracaena sp
    • Syngonium sp
    • Fittonia sp
    • Dieffenbachia exotica
    • Scindapsus aureus

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

  1. Removing Rust from Aluminum

Aluminum cookware is strong and durable. However, it is undeniable that the treatment is quite difficult, especially if it has been hit by stains and rust. Here is a way to clean the rust with natural ingredients, onions. First, slice the onions into two pieces, then put in a rusted-frying pan or pan. Give enough water until the onion is sunken and then bring to a boil. The rust crust on the pan or frying pan will slowly peel off. Also, add lime juice if you want to remove oil stains or fishy smell, then let stand for 15 minutes.

  1. Fan Cleaning

Prepare a screwdriver/wrench, brush, basin, water, soap, dry cloth. First, disconnect the fan cable from the power outlet. Open the fan protection cover/frame. Open the fan blade lock. If necessary, wear a screwdriver or wrench. Remove the fan blades. Wash thoroughly with soapy water. Rinse with clean water. Dry the fan blades using a dry cloth. Clean the fan dynamo using a clean and dry brush. Reattach the fan blade to its original place. Fasten the lock. Replace the fan shield/protector.

  1. Like a New Carpet

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

If the carpet is exposed to spills drinks or food, immediately wipe it with a tissue. Also, use a washcloth to soak up the liquid and clean the remaining stains. Prepare water that has been mixed with a little detergent. Dampen the washcloth with detergent water, then squeeze it. Wipe the cloth on the stained spot only. Do not use a brush to remove stains because it will damage the carpet fur. To clean it must be rubbed follow or opposite with the carpet fur direction. After the carpet is clean, dry the carpet in the hot sun. If you want to dry it in a long time under the sun (a maximum of 1 hour), dry the carpet in reverse conditions.

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Daily Carpet Care

  1. For carpets made from wool, both real wool and synthetic, clean every day with a broomstick (hard broom). Use a vacuum cleaner to clean it once a week or two. For carpet made from silk can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner twice a week.
  2. If you are going to mop the floor, the carpet must be rolled first and then moved to a safe place. After the floor surface is completely dry, then the carpet can be laid back. The carpet is not resistant to water (wet conditions). Carpets that are exposed to water and not dried in the sun will cause the carpet surface to become hard.
  3. Roll the carpet when stored. Previously, you had to prepare a plastic bag containing camphor. Then make a few small holes in the plastic bag. Then, put the camphor package into a roll of carpet.
  4. Wash the carpet in a shop that provides cleaning and carpet repair services. If the carpet is often stepped on, this process is carried out 2 times a year. Meanwhile, for carpets that are rarely stepped on, it is enough once a year.
  5. If the carpet is exposed to burning cigarettes, you should visit a carpet shop that provides cleaning services and carpet repairs. Damaged carpets can be knitted again.
  1. Removes Stain Markers on the Wall

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

Feeling annoyed with permanent markers stain on the walls? Here’s how to clean it! First, prepare hairspray and washcloth. Then, spray the stain markers on the wall surface using hairspray. Wipe with a dry cloth. Repeat processes 2 and 3 until the stain disappears. The wall becomes clean like new.

  1. Vinyl Floor Care

To make the vinyl floor stay shiny at all times, do maintenance regularly. The recommended cleaning liquid is a special cleaning liquid for vinyl or wood material that contained silicon. First, spray the cleaning liquid on the vinyl surface with a distance of no more than 10 cm. Wipe in the same direction with vinyl wood fiber using a soft, clean and dry cloth. Wait about 30 seconds, then wipe it back until the vinyl surface is clean and shiny. If there are residual deposits due to the use of other cleaning products, leave it for 5 minutes before wiping. Repeat this process (up to twice), if necessary.

  1. Keeping the Kitchen Still Fragrant

In addition to adding to the food flavor, it turns out that kitchen spices can be another alternative as a kitchen fragrance. Prepare lemon, cloves, and a glass of water. Pour a glass of water into the pan, then heat it. Squeeze the lemon, then put the lemon juice and a few cloves into the pan. Simmer all the ingredients for 20 minutes and you will get the fresh fragrance for the kitchen without chemicals.

Make the Mirror Clear Again

Cucumber is not only good for your health. Toothpaste is also not just a dental cleanser. Both have the same function, namely as a mirror cleaner.

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

  1. Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into several parts. Rub the entire mirror surface with cucumber sap. Leave it until the sap dries, then wipe the mirror with a cloth.

  1. Toothpaste

Take the toothpaste, and apply it to the entire mirror surface. Allow up to 15 minutes. Rub with a dry cloth until all toothpaste is lifted from the mirror surface.

  1. Polishing Metal Accessories

You who like antiques, usually have trinkets from a metal material. To make the metal surface always look good, do the following treatment. Pour citron (citric acid) into 1-2 liters of water. Rub the mixture onto the surface of the metal vessel with a brush. Your old metal accessories will look shiny again.

  1. Kitchen Utensil Shines Again

For aluminum tools that have begun to blacken, you can clean them with this following way. Boil water with 2 spoons of cream tartar in the container that will be cleaned. After boiling water, lift it and let stand for 10 minutes. Rub the container surface using a sponge that is rather rough until the dirt is gone. Wash as usual with a dishwasher solution.

  1. Let’s Clean the Refrigerator!

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

As a household appliance, refrigerators are always routinely used. However, we often neglect the treatment. Now start cleaning the fridge before you go shopping! The ingredients are simple, only vinegar and toothbrush. Before you start, you should unplug the refrigerator socket and start emptying all the contents inside. Prepare cloth rolls and doormat next to the refrigerator and start the ice melting process. After drying, remove all the racks in the refrigerator and wash each rack with soap. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator using a cloth that has been dipped with a vinegar solution, wait until dry and then clean the refrigerator rack using a toothbrush.

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  1. Natural Ways to Shine Wood Furniture

Wood-polishing fluid from natural materials can be formulated by yourself to create the furniture appearance always shiny. The ingredients are olive oil and lemon juice. First, clean the furniture from the dust using a finely-fiber clean cloth. Clean stains, handprints, and sticky dirt using a damp clean sponge. Preferably, wipe by following the direction of wood fibers. Make a polishing solution by mixing olive oil and lemon juice with a ratio of 2: 1. Mix the two ingredients and put them in an empty spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle and spray it on the surface of the rag. Polish the furniture in the same direction of wood texture. Finally, clean using a clean cloth until the wood furniture looks new again.

31 Housekeeping Tips and Tricks That You Never Know Before | Raysa House

  1. Kerosene Kills Termites

Kerosene and turpentine can be used to kill termites when exposed directly to termite bodies. Its use can be done in 2 ways. The first is for prevention, namely by pouring it into a hole with 15 cm wide and 30 cm deep around the foundation of your residential land. The second, by applying it to the frame. This method can be done using kerosene or turpentine which can prevent termite colonies from breeding at a certain time.

  1. Glossy Marble and Granite Floors

Clean marble and granite floors periodically with a dry mop or with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure the tip of the vacuum cleaner is not hit to the floor surface so that it does not cause scratches. Use special natural stone (non-acid) cleaners to keep the marble surface marble and granite floor stay sparkling. Apply stone sealer to protect the floor surface. A stone sealer is a coating on the natural stone surface that makes the luster effect. Its use can prevent the stains from entering the floor pores.

  1. Tile Floor Treatment

Used coconut grated from squeezing coconut milk and do not throw it away. Rub the grated coconut on the floor tiles. Clean the floor using a broom. Wipe the floor using a dry cloth until clean. Use a damp cloth to remove the smell of coconut grated. Floor tiles become clean and slick.

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