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Check Out 6 Easy Ways Installing Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting will add to the appeal of the walkway in your home at night. In addition to lighting the walkway, this landscape lighting can also be used to illuminate stairs, fences, stone walls, or other landscape features in the house. Here are the easy ways to install landscape lighting.

Check Out 6 Easy Ways Installing Landscape Lighting

6 Easy Ways to Install Landscape Lighting at Home

1. Planning How the Landscape Lighting will be Installed

The first step that must be done is to plan the layout and what tools to install landscape lighting at home. You can adjust the lighting layout as you wish, following the shape of the path that will be fitted with lights. Then you can prepare the tools needed during installation, namely a transformer, low power cables, landscape lights, and also installation equipment.

2. Burying the Cables on the Ground

The cables to turn on the lights must be buried, it is because installing landscape lighting is on the ground. You can make a path for the cable in advance by making a small trench no more than three inches deep. Then carefully bury the lamp wire in the trench, making sure that the end of the wire sticks out of the ground for the lamp to be connected later.

3. Connect the Cable with Power Source

The cable that has been buried is connected to a power source that is outside the room, namely a transformer. The cable that is closest to the wall of the house is connected to the transformer, make sure that the cable is really connected to a power source through an outlet or switch safely and neatly.

4. Installing the Light Fixture

The Light Fixture can be installed near the edge of the walkway neatly. You can make a hole in the ground to put the light fixture. A tip that can be tried is installing landscape lighting at a distance of about 10 feet from swimming pools or fountains that are prone to weeping water. It aims to prevent short circuits.

5. Connect the Electric Source

You can tuck the two connectors under the landscape light with the ends of the wires sticking out of the ground. Put it together until it is connected perfectly, you can try this connection by turning on the transformer and see if the cable is connected and on or not. Fix the connection if there are missing parts or wrong installation.

6. Finishing Step of Installation

Check Out 6 Easy Ways Installing Landscape Lighting

The final step after all the cables are grounded and connected to a power source is installing the landscape lighting. If the lighting is already installed, you can try to turn it on and see how it works. If the lights are on perfectly and there are no disturbances, it means that installing landscape lighting process has been successful.

Landscape lighting can add to the beauty and extraordinariness of your home. It can be the solution to brighten your house with beautiful lighting. Apart from that, it also can be used as lighting on the path through which the lights pass. You can follow the six easy steps above to install landscape lights.

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