Why Is Decorating Themes Considered Underrated?
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Why Is Decorating Themes Considered Underrated? | decorating themes

This particular my post on Why Is Decorating Themes Considered Underrated? Very first picture in this posting is the best image all of us usage about decorating themes. Information concerning images above, you will see from the next paragraph. Why Is Decorating Themes Considered Underrated? Because most people misunderstand between the style of decoration and theme. Think you’re making this mistake too?

I have lately got a great breakthrough with my “decorating mind” thanks to Cassie. This ENTIRE time (just like the last 7-8 yrs) I have been confusing theme with style. I have been attempting to stick to a theme (considering arranging for a gathering) I noticed an element that didn’t “suit” I would change everything out. No wonder I have been distressed all these years, haha! ~ Angle D.

There is a common misunderstanding, which Angle pinned, that I feel keeps people today back from their real decorating style.

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Are you currently puzzling having a decorating style with picking a theme? Below is the difference described with guidelines on how to swap from a theme-mentality to a style-mentality.

You need to choose one theme and stay with it.


Getting a decorating style at all is too theme.

There is many misunderstandings among a decorating style and a decorating theme. They are not interchangeable. So, in this article, I have to explain the distinction.

A Decorating Style is Bigger Than a Theme

What is a theme? Once you think about a theme, you most likely think about a party theme. A super-coordinated visual look for a party centered around one subject or idea. A theme is perfect for a party. Even though it is completely pathetic, it is exciting…for a day.

The mistake: If you feel of your decorating style as a theme, obviously, you have to be worried. Locking in all your decorating options to suit one specific theme can easily change pathetic.

Therefore if a theme is a visual look centered around one specific subject or idea, and then what exactly is a decorating style?

Here is my definition:

A decorating style is a defined set of elements combined strategically to produce a consistent ambiance and visual in your house that ties together a number of themes that are essential to your family.

I understand that is a mouthful, however it is very important to comprehend.

Indeed, you have designed a visual look with a decorating style, just like you might with a party theme. The big difference is a decorating style is bigger than a theme, it can actually be utilized to string together several themes that you like.

This means you are not stuck with making rooms like this…

Decorating Themes-sailor-themed-boys-bedroom-lifesaver-pillow-anchor-marquee-flags-garland

I really think this bedroom is sweet for a themed room. Of course, if there is anywhere you can get away with being theme, it is in a kids bedroom. I have to know because I selected an overt pirate theme for our basement playroom. However this kind of adorable is just not what you need all over your home. You are certainly not creating this for your decorating style.

Nautical is absolutely not a style, it is a theme.

A Better Way

Rather, you are able to weave nautical influences in with several other subtle themes you like, specially those that paint an image of who you are, just like this…

Decorating Themes-beach-decor-modern-beach-cottage-living-room-ideas-small living room decorating ideas

The living room above is an excellent illustration of utilizing a couple of themes within a decorating style. You notice the nautical details first, but they are not in your face. And then you’ll see a number of items that reference other themes…the books, the wooden spool, and also a megaphone.

The blend of themes in this room or space is creating a story of an enthusiastic reader, a crafter or perhaps someone who loves to sew, and possibly a ex – cheerleader, who happens to reside close to the beach and also enjoys that lifestyle. There is a richness for this room that simply themed spaces do not have. This space shows the story of the people who live here.

This room beautifully mixes various themes essential to the home owner by featuring items that tie back to an unique decorating style. You will see that themed objects in this living room are all simple and graphic. All those are qualities that speak to the entire decorating style of the room.

That is what you wish from a decorating style; to inform your story and also to unify various themes so your house appears fascinating as well as feels cohesive.

Here are some other gorgeous rooms that follow our illustration and also have subtle nautical details without being theme. They evoke a nautical or beach visual through use of color, texture, and some themed objects, however the theme does not overwhelm the room.

Decorating Themes-Modern-Iron-Chairs-Decoration-With-Best-Corner-Cupboard-Furniture-And-Wooden-Floor-Ideas Beautiful-carpet-stair-treads-in-Staircase-Beach-Style-with-Hallway-Paint-Colors-next-to-Handrail-alongside-Decorating Themes-wall decor ideas Decorating Themes-living room wall decor ideas

Most of us wish to live in a house that shows our character and lifestyle. Just understanding how to accomplish this objective can be overwhelming. To get started on, we have created three of the most popular design trends to add in into your house. In the end, the magic is in the details.

Plants and Natural Accents

House plants have come back in design and style with a power. Luckily, you do not need a full blown greenhouse to deliver nature into your house. Group lush green plants in pots and baskets of numerous sizes and textures in the bathroom, kitchen or perhaps around the fireplace. Do not have a green thumb? Bring in nature inside of your house with color in shades of green. Search for towels, dishes and also accessories with bold tropical prints in shades of green. Or perhaps make your own island haven with botanical print bedding, pillows and window curtains. Play up the natural vibe with faux wooden blinds or shutters.

Metallic Finishes

Luxury metallic finishes are all around you. Shimmer and also shine are actually appearing in surprising spots just like wallpaper and carpeting. Put in a little bit of elegance to every room with rose gold as well as copper accents. Select a lamp base, legs on a kitchen cabinet or perhaps frame a mirror in these nice finishing. Bring copper to the kitchen area with cooking and decorative accessories like measuring cups, copper bottom pots, utensils or even a tea kettle. Search for drapery hardware in a metallic finish as a cozy change from wood.


Geometric patterns – everything from very simple motifs to bold and colorful patterns – bring drama to every space. Make a focal wall with wallpaper in a large-scale design in shiny colors, or perhaps create a big statement by painting a bold geometric pattern on your floor or ceiling. On a smaller size, think about adding a kitchen backsplash or perhaps shower stall with graphic hand-painted tiles or perhaps hang curtains or shades in a geometric print.

Your Decorating Style Is More Than Just a Set of Themes

There is one other important part of my definition: “A defined set of elements mixed strategically.”

The secret to a wonderful style is utilizing themes without being so literal. That is where style elements come into play. Style elements is a couple of actions removed from the theme. They are just like the essence of the theme-the colors, textures, symbols, or even artifacts that conjure the theme.

Deciding on a decorating style is not like selecting a party theme. For one thing, it is a much bigger dedication and will impact your purchase choices for many years ahead. It is also not something you decide on, it is something you develope.

The only solution to have a decorating style that suits you completely is to create  your own by combining and also matching style elements and implementing them strategically in your house.

I understand that sounds easier in theory, that is why I made How to Find Your Decorating Style-a collection of my best sources and posts regarding selecting a decorating style.

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Here you are at our website, content above Why Is Decorating Themes Considered Underrated? published. Many people trying to find details about decorating themes and definitely one of these is you, is not it?

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