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Over Bed Hanging Curtain DIY with Step by Step

The roof design and style on middle ages structures did not do significantly to maintain out pests, therefore upright posts on Over Bed Hanging Curtain were used to drape curtains over the top of the posts and straight down each side. As time passes, the drapes on the canopy began to be utilized more for personal privacy than intended for utility. Nowadays, draping curtains around the bed can also add a feeling drama to the space, however, you does not have to buy a canopy bed to produce this effect. You are able to hang up curtains from the ceiling to surround your bed using smooth curtains for a little bit of love.

Things You will be Required for Over Bed Hanging Curtain DIY

  • Tape measure
  • Curtain rods
  • Ceiling-mount drapery rod brackets
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Number two Phillips screwdriver bit
  • Cordless drill
  • Self-tapping zinc-plated hollow-wall anchors
  • Drapery ring clips
  • Curtain rod finials
  • Screwdriver
  1. Calculate the length and width of your bed furniture. Include the headboard and also footboard within the measurements if relevant.
  2. Buy curtain rods to fit your bed’s length and width dimensions. You will need a rod for every side of the bed and another for the foot of the bed. The rods could be a little bit longer and also wider than your current bed if you prefer a piece of space between the drapes and the bed.
  3. Purchase ceiling-mount drapery rod brackets to match your curtain rods. The standard bed length could be between 75 and 84 ins, so buy about three rod brackets for every side of the bed furniture. For queen and king-size beds, buy 3 brackets for the width.
  4. Put marks on the ceiling where you want the drape rods to hang on each side of the bed furniture. You can ask a helper to hold the rods against the ceiling. Make use of a carpenter’s level to be sure the rods are straight and definitely will hang up parallel to the length of the bed. Draw the center of the rod on the ceiling. Put a mark at each end of the rod. Make sure the end marks are 4 ins from the rod ends.
  5. Check the range between each mounting point to make sure they’re equal ranges apart. This assures the rods will hang up straight. Check the range from the back walls to each mounting point to make sure the brackets sit at exactly the same points on each side of the bed furniture.
  6. Keep the ceiling mount drapery rod brackets against the ceiling at each mounting point. Draw the bracket mounting holes on the ceiling.
  7. Place a number a couple of Phillips electric screwdriver bit in to a cord-less drill chuck. Put in the end of the bit in to the open end of a self-tapping zinc-plated hollow-wall anchor.
  8. Screw the anchor in to the ceiling. In case you reach a ceiling joist, press against the drill to bolt the anchor in to the joist.
  9. Set up half of the curtain or drapery ring clips on to the drape rod. Glide the center bracket and ring on to the rod. Install the rest of the half of the drape or ring clips. Glide the end brackets on to the rod and set up the rod finials on to the ends of the rods.
  10. Request your helper to keep the curtain rod against the ceiling. Make use of the screws that came with the anchors to safe the brackets to the ceiling.
  11. Tighten up the setscrews on the side of the curtain rod brackets to hold the rods from moving. Do it again the steps to hold the rod on the reverse side of the bed furniture.
  12. Request your helper to keep the curtain rod between the 2 installed rods at the foot of the bed furniture. Draw the installation bracket locations while you did with the brackets on each side of the bed furniture. Make use of the anchors and replicate the steps to attach the rod at the foot of the bed furniture.
  13. Hang drapes from the drapery ring clips if appropriate. Over bed hanging curtain is finished.

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