Affordable DIY Gold Drapery Rods Ideas

This article is just not a lot about WHAT I intended for gold drapery rods, it is more about imagining creatively – and about rethinking the most important thing to invest your dollars on for your house.

In the earlier homes We have invested a lot of money on window treatments. In regards to our own house, we used to stick to the “Let’s Do This Right” mentality. As in, when we purchased “correct” curtain rods (and top quality home furniture and many others), i was Mature Adults doing clever purchases that would last.

HA! Ends up Mature Adults will not get into financial debt furnishing a house, they actually do without or even find a way to get fine things without spending money they do not have. So ?. Novel idea. Quick forward to this property, wherever I join more to the High-Low idea. Several things are really worth purchasing, but gold curtain rod with crystal? That is a really un-fun way to spend my really small decorating bucks.

Looking into some other serious, a year ago I dangled Ikea curtain panels in our master bedroom on truly, really cheap, rods I purchased at Big Lots. It did not move perfectly:

Indeed, the rings can be a different colour than the rod, but more importantly, all three flimsy rods bent in just a couple of months. So frustrating!

A while back I created a long rod for my living room area out of pvc pipe and loooove the idea. I love that it does not have any seam similar to a regular extension rod, I enjoy the entire appear, and i also like the price tag.

  • PVC can make great gold curtain rod with crystal, however the only problem is that it is actually plastic material and is likely to sag in the middle with no support bracket. At this point I utilized wood dowel rods.
  • A 1/2″, 48″ long dowel rod (found in the solid wood trim area of Lowes or HD, or even at craft shops) is no more than $2 each. Spray painted – BOOM – instant gold double curtain rod brackets. Congratulations , you just need to determine what you need for a finial for the end, which means your drapes do not slip away.

I walked around my house searching for a little something circular which i can make in to a finial. Kitchen? Absolutely nothing. Craft materials? Nothing at all. Playroom? Ahhhh, here we go.

  • The ping pong balls, large numbers of which litter my basement with this very second, are inexpensive and lightweight. To drill a hole in the ball, I put it on a non-slip surface (rubber jar lid gripper on a cutting board) and very carefully used an awl to stick a hole inside it (the ball will be slick therefore i little by little pushed the awl in to the plastic and after that applied pressure). Then I used a very large drill bit (about the size of my dowel), put inside the pilot hole, to very slowly but surely drill a hole. Not go quick or maybe the drill bit may slip and also possibly have a run-in with your hand.

Once i drilled holes in every my “finials” I painted them to match the dowel rods.

I dangled clip rings on the dowel rod, put the gold drapery rods on the curtain rod brackets, then applied Gorilla Glue, run across the side of the hole in the ball, to install the balls to the dowel, holding each of them into position for a couple moments till adhered. The rings on the rod permanently, however the curtains are really easy to unclip and also take down to wash necessarily.

Price break down per curtain rod, not including paint

  • 2 ping pong balls, $4.70 for 6 = $1.57 for 2
  • 1 poplar dowel rod, 7/16″ x 48″, $1.48

OVERALL not finished rod per window: $3.05!

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