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Smart DIY Small Curtain Rods For Windows Decor Ideas

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We have this big window seat bench in my living room area. I really like how it delivers plenty of sunlight and also brings another sitting area in the room. I have been wanting to include a few curtains to the big windows but did not would like the curtains to dam any sun light because we’d like all of the light we can get in our living room because there is ABSOLUTELY NO over head or even ceiling illumination (what were the contractors of our own house thinking?) I desired these curtains to become purely ornamental and also provide no function other than to frame the windows. Copper has become a current trend in interior design and also believed it might be exciting to include copper by making several small curtain rods for windows to hang a few pretty curtains.

I really like how the two of these curtain rods came out. It was an extremely easy project that you can do it in an mid-day.

I had been exploring how to make a copper curtain rod out of copper piping and found this kind of handy guide, however I had to modify the idea to produce my curtain rods.

This is what you will have to make short curtain rods created from copper piping.

  • 2 2’x 3/4″ copper pipes
  • 4 3/4″ copper fixtures, I used these ones. (You need to use whatever ends you would like, I believed these were great looking)
  • Copper spray paint
  • 2 packs of 3/4″ rod brackets
  • Screwdriver
  • Leveler

The initial step you will have to do is spray paint two painted coats on the rod brackets and also screws that are contained in the package. While these are drying out all you should do to put together the curtain rod is take the fixture ends as well as screw all of them or maybe fit them over each of the ends.

* I found out that many of the fixtures ends do not usually fit even if it is exactly the same size as the copper pipe. In case you expertise this, continue to learn. Otherwise, you are able to skip this.

I exhausted for over a hours hoping to get a few of the fixtures to suit over the ends of the pipes and it was not functioning. Feeling disappointed I returned to Home Depot to switch the fixtures for ones that could suit and to my fortune they out of stock of my end fixtures. After speaking with a pipe expert at Home Depot he suggested me to get hot the fixtures on the stove and by doing this I will be able to get to fit. I returned home and attempted it and yes it freaking work, so I am going to share how to do this.

Switch on one of your stove tops on high. Place the end where the pipe should go in to face down on the stove. Allow the copper fixture heat up for about 5-6 minutes.

Put some leather safety gloves on and pick-up the end fixture using pliers and get the fixture from the stove top and place it on a few cardboard boxes (which means you do not melt or even burn your counter top).

Fit the pipe over the fixture and also take your hands (using the safety gloves on) and slowly but surely twist the fixture on the pipe. You might like to wait around a minute or two following the fixture has cooled down, I can still feel plenty of heat from the fixture through my safety gloves. Work at it till the fixture is perfectly on each side of the pipe.

The heat will probably change the color of the copper, so it is going to look like this later on. No worry, it is an easy task to clean copper.

Put some vinegar in to a separate cup and then let the fixture soak in the vinegar for a couple a few minutes. Please take a damp cloth and pour salt on it and also rub the fixture until it gets clean.

When you are completed assembling the curtains rods you will ought to determine where you want to put your rod brackets to support the curtain rod.

I dislike screwing things in the wall, simply because I usually make a few mistakes and also have to put many holes for getting it correct.

I get the simplest way to get this done is to make small curtain rods for small windows and discover where you think it looks fantastic, mark the spot where you need to place the screws in the rod brackets, screw the screws to retain the rod bracket, after which take a stick and place a leveler over it and mark where the other side has to be to be leveled. Mark that spot and after that screw the screws in. Place the curtain on the rod and place the curtain rods for small bay windows in the brackets and you are finished!

I have more ideas for this space like: including pillows, tearing out the rug and create a few bench seats, painting the walls, and also placing several white trim. However till then I will simply enjoy these types of cute curtains and classy small curtain rods for windows.

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