Short Decorative Curtain Rods for Beautiful Living Room Decor

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An extremely frosty Hello to everybody out there. I really hope you are all staying inside and also warm these days. I actually ran all of my chores last night, therefore the twins and I tend to be inside all day long right now. We have been heavy cleaning, re-arranging, and also focusing on blog projects throughout the day. How smart way to keep our brains off the sub-zero temperatures outside!

I have already been attempting to hang drapes in the living room area for a couple months, and today feels like a safe time. The twins are usually walking on their own – no more holding on to anything at all within reach as they stumble around. However here’s the obstacle: my spending budget. Under zero situation was I prepared to spend more than $60 for this project.

It began about Two months ago once i discovered drapery panels for $25 at HomeGoods. $25 for just two! Sold! They are really short drapery panels, which can be perfect since I did not wish to weigh down my big living room window with a very long drapery rod and also heavy curtains. In addition, with the heavy-duty shades, I have no requirement to ever “draw the blinds.” I would like to hang decorative curtains. Do not need be functional.

I was off to a excellent start. I quickly began searching for short decorative curtain rods. Sometimes I was purchasing at the wrong shops, or perhaps these basically do not exist. Seriously. The only real short curtain rods with finials I can get were 1/2-inch in diameter. This was not the style I got taking. I desired something at least 1 inches in diameter.

Off to Home Depot. There is a collection of “create your own” short curtain rods diy from Martha Stewart. 1-3/8 inches end caps were $3.97 for a set of two, and brackets were $7.97 for a set of two. I had been ready to pay a little more for heavy-duty wooden brackets since I realized I might have two kids pulling on the drapes and also testing the strength of the short curtain rod brackets.

Then I started out taking a look at drapery rods – considering I can just cut one in to two shorter pieces. However one drapery rod was $20. This may be a price range breaker. Then I asked myself, “What is the difference between a drapery rod and a wooden dowel?” Not much. Therefore i purchased a 1-1/4 inch wooden dowel for $4.10. That is 1/5 the cost of a regular drapery rod!

I had taken the wooden dowel to work and had one of the men in the shop cut it in to two 17-inch pieces and also drill a hole in every end. I spray colored the dowels white, and I got two DIY short decorative curtain rods for a small fraction of the price tag. I had taken everything home, screwed the end caps in to my dowels, and dangled my drapes. Accomplished.

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