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Living Room Curtain Color Ideas for Living Room Decor

Living room and curtain are two things that related each other. Curtain is linen to cover window in preventing direct glazed or sunlight form outside. There are living room curtain ideas that can be applied to make the room more elegant. In general, the design for curtain focuses on color and pattern. It is quite rare to find curtain with unusual shape, unless you install it through unorthodox methods.

Living Room Curtain ideas with Practical Application

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You may need to know some matters regarding living room style before choosing curtain. Firstly, curtain should have practical and artistic properties. You may install any curtain, but lack of practical is not good application. Usually, window in living room is big. Well, wide curtain should be big enough to cover all area.

Now, it is time to pick the most common design in living room curtain ideas. You cannot resist that white curtain is at the top list when asking people about curtain for living rfoom. White is flexible color with ability to blend in any room style. You can use minimalist concept for living room and white is the best choice at all. White is only color for curtain, but full of pattern. If you just hang plain and flat white curtain, it is not recommended definitely. Try white color with lace decoration. This design is very beautiful for classic room style.

Another option is dark color to make distinction between window and wall. Normally, people use white as wall color. In living room curtain ideas, dark brown and grey is good companion to impress the room. This color is good to keep sunlight in check. Besides practical, you can enjoy nature pattern on dark brown to enrich artistic aspect.

Other good colors for curtains for living room are green, blue, purple, and orange. Be careful not to put red as the main curtain. For your information, color determines owner personality. Moreover, living room is place to treat guest, so bold color might not suitable and looks offensive. Try blue as calm and peace personification.

Keep in mind, color is the main property in curtain design, but pattern or ornament in curtain also plays major role. You need to fit pattern with room style. Country style is good with nature or any related pattern. Do not use bold character for pattern. Instead of giving excellent atmosphere, bold character will ruin attention. Therefore, you need to suit the room and living room curtain ideas before implementing them.

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