7 Days To Make Clean House Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

The phrase “clean is healthy” is correlated in terms of home maintenance.

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

Home is the longest place we have lived in. In fact, children and elderly people spend their whole time at home. For this reason, homes must be made in the healthiest and most comfortable condition as possible. There is no other way, the house must be cleaned and handled regularly. No matter how beautiful you decorate it, it is useless if you are not concerned about cleanliness, thus making the occupants sick.

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Caring for a house should be a habit, not a task that is done at certain times. The way we care for the house from day to day will also be reflected to the house condition itself. So do not be surprised if someone says that the house condition is a homeowner reflection. Don’t want to be labeled as a dirty person, right?

This time raysahouse.com discusses ways to clean and maintain the house. There is never too late to take care of your house. Start now, and make this as your habit!

7 Days How To Turn Messy Into Comfort

Change your task-delaying and disorderly habits, and feel the changes in your life.

The house should be a spring for all family members. When outdoor life begins to make you feel pain and sorrow, a house is a place where we can find calm and harmony. We cannot control everything that goes on outside, but we can create a comfortable place behind the walls of your house.

Comfort is not always born from luxury things. Even a simple house can be comfortable if you can manage it properly, cleanly and regularly. Not difficult, right? It seems easy indeed. But in reality, oh my, it’s so hard!

Irregular life will greatly affect your habits. However, when it’s appearing for the first time, you will continue to let it be and ignore it. The main reason is always due to lack of time and energy. But, is it true you always do not have time and energy to just put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, throw dirty tissue into the trash, fold back clothes and store them in the closet? You will think “later on” or “after this task is finished, I will tidy up”. In fact, everything will continue until you don’t know how to stop that habit and you’ll start all over again.

Before rearranging all that has happened, the first thing that must be arranged is your attitude or habits. All efforts will be useless if your old habits are still within you. Start with small things. Like, putting newspapers and magazines on the bookshelf, and billing papers in a drawer. Make that attitude as your habit and be consistent with it. Without you realizing it, the habit will continue to the greater things.

As the first step for a bigger step, “Fix your house ‘just a little’, at least until it looks good enough for guests to see it.” As suggested by Sandra Felton in her book Arranging Houses, Arranging Hearts. As the house condition becomes tidier, we will feel more comfortable. And you will continue to spread that comfort to the entire space.

If you want to create comfort in your home, a day will not be enough to make it happen. Barty Phillips in his book Minimum Space, Maximum Living, writes that the length of time depends on how many items are “stockpiled” and how spacious the house you have. A week is the fastest time to clean it up.

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

So, prepare yourself. We will start to create a comfortable dwelling!

Home cleaning tips: Get rid of useless items

Dispose of useless items, and feel the result. What are the criteria of items that you should dispose of?

    • All items that you and your family member have never wear or used during the past year.
    • All items stored as a memento.
    • All items that you think “might be needed”, in fact, it might not be needed because you will not find it when you need it.
    • All items that are too small.
    • All items that have been broken, including children’s toys and furniture
    • Drugs that have expired
    • Brochures, delivery menus, newspapers, and magazines that have expired
    • Don’t forget to read all the documents carefully before you throw them away. Among the piles of important items, documents such as birth certificates or passports can be wasted accidentally.


Days 1 & 2: Repaint The Walls

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

  1. Wall as the most dominant element, has an important role to bring the atmosphere into the room. If the walls of your house already look unattractive, call a handyman to repaint the walls that you think should be repainted. If you are skilled, you can repaint the walls by yourself or with a partner.
  2. Take off all curtains and vitrases that have been shabby, replace them with clean or new ones. You can bring dirty curtains and vitrases to the laundry.


Day 3: Living Room, Family Room

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

  1. Get rid of unused and broken items. Try sorting and disposal items carefully, starting from the room that can be seen by guests. Among these items are:
    • Old books that are not read anymore.
    • CDs and DVDs that are damaged or will not be played again.
    • pillows that are thin and worn.
    • chairs that are too big or broken, and will never be used again.
    • cheap art items that are easily forgotten.
    • all unused paperwork.
  1. Check the furniture condition. Is it already shabby, needs to be washed or repaired? If the sofa and carpet are dirty, call the sofa washing service. Use their services to clean the sofas and carpets.
  2. Arrange the living room and family room with items that you have been chosen.

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Home cleaning tips: You need to know

  • You will never change your life until you change what you do every day. The secret is in your daily routine activity.
  • Orderly habits cannot be made in one night, must be consistent until you enjoy when doing it and it’s become your lifestyle.
  • Avoid placing items in boxes that are not labeled or stacking items “temporarily”. This will produce “junk”, and maybe we will never see those items again, not even when we need them.
  • Before you buy items that are “cute” or “reasonably priced”, think carefully where we will put them.
  • Don’t store anything in your house that you don’t know what it’s used for or can’t beautify your house.


Day 4: Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

  1. Like the third day, on this fourth day, you also have to sort the items that must be removed.
    • cracked and chipped items
    • bottles containing residual dregs at the bottom
    • unused shopping plastic bag, keep it only half of the existing amount
    • kitchen utensils that you never use
    • shopping coupons, delivery menu invoices, expired vouchers, broken pens
    • soap, shampoo, and toiletries that are no longer suitable for use
    • dull towels, torn and shrunk sponges
    • expired medicine
  1. All expired items are thrown in the trash.
  2. Clean the dirty bathroom wall. Clean the residual fat/oil on the countertop.
  3. Just fill the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom only with the items you need.


Day 5: Bedroom

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

  1. Sort items that you don’t need. Clothing needs special attention because from the wardrobe area many hidden items must be removed. For example:
    • clothes that are too small or loose
    • baby equipment/supplies belonging to children’s that have not been used anymore
    • unpaired socks
    • torn T-shirts
    • worn/distressed T-shirt
    • toys and books that are broken and unused
    • everything that hasn’t been used for a year
  1. If your bedroom uses AC, and you haven’t done routine monthly maintenance, just call the AC service to handle your air conditioner.
  2. Arrange the bedroom with the items you need and have been chosen.


Day 6: Terrace, Garden, Facade

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

The sixth day is a time to explore the exterior area. Trim/prune plants, cut irregular branches, remove dried leaves, rearrange your garden to make it look more presentable. Add new plants, if necessary.

  1. Repair the broken trash can, or replace it with a new one.
  2. Usually, on the terrace, there are shoe racks, plant pots, and doormats. Tidy up all these items, get rid of unnecessary and disturbing items.
  3. If the fence needs to be repainted, repaint it!


Day 7: Where Should I Carry It?

7 Days To Make Clean House, Healthy House In Simple Ways | Raysa House

After all the “rubbish” from your home has been collected, the next problem is, where should I bring all of that stuff? Try to find information via the internet where several institutions in your city accommodate non-food items. Also, where the recycling centers address. Your furniture, toys, and books that can still be used, a very good idea if you donate all of it to an orphanage. Don’t forget to contact the foundation/center/institution before you donate your goods.


Home cleaning tips: One in one out rule

If the fixing and cleaning process has been completed, you should discipline to follow the rules “one in, one out”. That is, for every new item you buy, remove one existing old item from your collection.

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