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Living Room Window Treatments Ideas to Decorate a Living Room

Having a good-looking window is easy, what is hard is keeping it the way we want. There are many ways for your living room window treatments using chic and elegant choice. If you are still confused of which treatment to apply and which gets along with very well with the decorative style of the living rooms, here are some recommendations to consider.

Living Room Window Treatments with Styles

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Painting the window is the fundamental treatment when it comes to ideas to decorate a living room. Paint with the colors you prefer on the mullions, the frames or the sills. If there may be a suggestion, try to choose pop and dreamy colors for the windows to highlight the view and of course to attract the attention from people. If you want to have a dramatic and exotic shades wrapping up the window, pick out dark colors such as black or dark brown. It is always a better idea to make the color correspond with the style of your room décor.

After treating the windows, here come the layers dressing up them. Choosing the curtain materials is most likely to have much more contribution to the whole living room window treatments. That said, picking out the right one is quite complicated that it seems.

Sheer is one of the favorites. This material allows us to protect our privacy while still having a chance to get some light-traffic area in the room. Using sheer for the window can create a beautiful and blustery ambience from the ceiling to the floor at the same time. To make it fancier, choose sheer with patterns or textural variation with pastel colors to make it neutral

The next and alternative way in living room window treatments is making opaque panels. These panels are usually made out of thick material such as suede fabrics, silk leather, chenille weaves, jacquard, velvet, or silk damask. By using one of these materials, there no way for the light to get in. these materials can make the room look so rich and elegant and they are really suitable in any theme of room décor. Choose an eye-catching color to make it spread the impact all over the living room.

Living room window treatments should be done carefully and thoughtfully because the desired result can be reflected by how colors, materials, and styles you choose can make one perfect combination in the room and the eyes.

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