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Easy DIY Curtain Rods With Crystal Ends Ideas

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Of all the projects We have discussed in the last five years, the most popular is my super cheap DIY curtain rods with crystal ends. They might not be fancy but they are a really great option to high-priced curtain rods – specially when you are working with an extra wide window. It is actually awesome how inexpensive curtain rods could be once you stick them together your self by using a several basic items from the hardware store. Whenever you are able to create cute, functional curtain rods up to 10 ft long for less than $15, this can be a key win.

Four years afterwards, my curtain rod with crystal ball continue to be going strong, but a single small detail remain nag at me. The lack of finials.

Not really a big issue, but I must admit they were looking a bit naked. So finally I decided to do something to fix the issue.

You can purchase curtain finials on their own. But the affordable ones typically cost $10-$15 a pair and it looks incredibly ridiculous to purchase silver curtain rods with crystal finials that can be more expensive than the whole curtain rod. That intended a DIY work was in order. Therefore i began wondering how to create some easy finials that might be cheap enough to enhance the cheapest gold curtain rod with crystal ends ever, but still look elegant. And I finally found a better plan.

The finials can be created from cupboard knobs. The nice thing about utilizing cabinet knobs is there are a million different styles available so that you can select the precise look you would like to match your space. In addition, once you know best places to shop they are super cheap. I shared my favorite resources for cheap cabinet pulls and also knobs here. You will find loads of designs for under $3 each plus some are as little as $1 each!

But how to install them? I considered using a powerful glue, however since the curtain rod is made of a hollow pipe, it might be really difficult to line up the knobs as well as pipe precisely. Rather, I attempted a brand new product I would heard good things about and yes it worked perfectly! It is called Sugru and it is kind of a mix between play doh and glue. It is moldable and can be mounted on all kinds of stuff. And it just so happens, it really is ideal for transforming cabinet knobs in to curtain finials.

I used some mercury glass knobs which i purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. Sugru is available in many different colours; I selected dark-colored to match my curtain rods with crystal finial. This can be seriously ridiculously easy to do. In case your knobs have an attached screw just like my own, form a small ring of sugru around the screw right at the base of the knob. When there is no screw, you can just push a little ball of sugru in to the base of the knob. I was able to connect 4 finials using a single small pouch of Sugru.

Next push the knob to the end of the curtain rod.

There will probably be a few sugru that squishes out between the curtain rod and finial. Just wipe off the excess using your finger. And that is it. So easy.

This is a really small modify, but these curtain rods with crystal ends finally truly feel done!

Obviously you can totally change the look of the curtain rods depending on which kind of knob you select. You can go subtle with a metal knob in the exact same finish as your curtain rod. Or maybe create a splash with something large and bold.

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