Inside Mount Curtain Rod for Easy Window Installation
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Inside Mount Curtain Rod For Easy Window Installation

STEP 1: Identify Curtain Rod Length

To find out how long your curtain rod should be, calculate the interior width of the window and add 4 ins to the total measurement.

STEP 2: Identify Bracket Placement

We chose to place our curtain rod 1-1/2” outside of the window on each side. This positioning will make sure it will have zero space between the drape and the window.

Additionally, decide the vertical placement of the brackets. This tends to rely on length of your drapes. Dangling the inside mount curtain rod above the window could make the window show up bigger than it is.

STEP 3: Place Inside Mount Curtain Rod Sockets Screw Holes

Put the bracket on the right side over the center of the mark. Utilizing a level and also a pencil, draw the holes where the screws will go.

STEP 4: Drill and Secure Inside Mount Curtain Rod Set

Pre-drill holes for the screws by using a 1/8” bit. Place the screws in to the pre-drilled holes, halting about 1/4” away from the surface of the window frame. Slide the bracket on to the screws. Tighten up the screws in order to safe the bracket to the window frame.

STEP 5: Level and Secure Other Bracket

You can put rod in to the right-side bracket and also start using a level to look for the placement of the left side bracket. Arrange the inside mount curtain rod over the center of the 1-1/2” mark you created before. Use a pencil to mark the holes where the screws should go. Take away the rod, and do it again steps 4 to protect the left-side bracket to the frame.

STEP 6: Dangle Curtains

Slide the drapery panels on to the curtain rod.

STEP 7: Secure Curtain Rod

Hang the rod onto the inside mount curtain rod. Secure the rod to the brackets by tightening up the set-screw on the back side of each bracket.

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