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Wooden Barrel Coffee Table

This wooden barrel coffee table is manufactured out of half a reclaimed whisky barrel, with a hinged oak cover. This can look great in your living room or conservatory and is for certain to be always a discussing point. The oak top is hinged to permit storage but still gets the charred within the barrel which includes been sanded casually to avoid transference of the charred oak. Although our version with an oak and wine glass lid is enjoyed, we often get advised that individuals prefer to have safe-keeping or conceal their pieces and bobs away, but still have a sensational and unique whisky barrel coffee table, which means this crate and barrel wooden coffee table is simply perfect for that.

Crate Oak Wooden Barrel Coffee Table

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Once a fixture in a Tennessee distillery, now a fantastic piece of furniture for your home. This re-purposed aged-oak Whiskey barrel includes a spacious tabletop, hinged to uncover a generous storage space. Includes original barrel, oak tabletop and bottom hand-stained for rustic elegance.

A reclaimed white oak whiskey barrel is altered into a rustic and appealing diy wooden barrel coffee table. Table top is laminate 36″ size round, dark and reversible to mahogany, decided to go with that you like best, mounting brackets are included to fasten table top. The table stands 36″ high and barrel is 24″ in size. Also included, are four dark solid wood 24″ saddle seating stools. This table and stools will be a great accent part for your home or business.

Each wood whisperer barrel coffee table will vary somewhat in proportions and fine detail as each barrel is exclusive having formerly been made by hand by the Cooper. The color of the metal straps can vary greatly from the image, it’ll depend the way they look after the original corrosion has been casually sanded off.

This wooden barrel coffee table is very heavy because of the stable oak barrel bottom part and oak and cup lid. Treatment should be studied when raising the cover as it is heavy and requires support. You will discover two stays mounted on the cover but this won’t soften the drop because of the weight of the oak and cup lid, they’ll however contain the lid available to a 90 level angle. The most notable will close quickly though once forced to close so health care should be studied when concluding it.

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