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Easy DIY Princess Drapes Over Bed for Little Lady

In the next few days I actually set to work on another pretty very little feature for my daughter’s bedroom, an Easy DIY Princess Drapes Over Bed. I do not have got a specific concept for this bedroom however I believe I am looking for pretty and also girly with some modern details. The very first big transform was relocating her from the toddler bed furniture into a twin bed and also making this pretty Upholstered Headboard. A week ago I just spent some time attempting to make a wonderful wall art and gave up. I do not wish to rush it and also end up with some thing I do not like. I understand if I hold-up something will inspire me. Therefore on to the next project….a Princess Drapes Over Bed!

Once i informed the Little Girl I had been creating a princess canopy she got wide eyes and also a big smile. Who does not wish to sleeping under a princess canopy?
I have already been taking a look at videos for some time and also deducted some want to sew. There must be an easier way. I quickly came across this perfectly easy guide from Craftaholics Anonymous. I could not imagine precisely how easy this was.

This is What I Actually Utilized for this Princess Drapes Over Bed:

  • 2 white sheer curtains, 60″ x 84″
  • 14 inch embroidery hoop ($2 from a craft store)
  • White twine
  • Screw Hook (Less than $1 at a hardware store)
  1. Very first I centered the bed on the walls and also marked the center of the wall on the ceiling.
  2. Now required 4 pieces of white string and tied up them to the inner hoop evenly spaced apart.
  3. Then I attached them together at the top, modifying as necessary to ensure the hoop would hang straight. I created a loop with all 4 strings at the top to hold the piece from the ceiling.
  4. Next up I threaded the drapes on to the outer hoop. I spaced them out and so the ruffle seemed pretty and also the opening between the 2 drapes was toward the front (reverse of the bolt on the hoop).
  5. Then I place the inner hoop in to the outer hoop and tightened it. I had hubby bolt the hook in to the ceiling then hung up the canopy.

Really easy right!

Little lady really likes her Princess Drapes Over Bed, and so do I. Both of us lay in her bed this morning with all the window wide open and also a nice air flow, it was so cool!

(Could you tell this kid loves purple? Positive thing this Mom does too)

Explaine to me, exactly what do you imagine? Have you got an idea for your kids bedroom? I would like to hear about what you are doing or have done.

Thank you for visiting!

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