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White Wash Dining Room Table Furniture

The attractive color strategies that run during your home, have been elegantly captured in the white wash dining room table. You’ll love the tranquility of exquisite classic feel with a hint of modern touch. The abundant selection of color may be accomplished with matching recliners or compare the dining table with a good bench. This unconventional yet useful statement part will make an impression you forever. Manufactured from solid mango real wood dining table.


White Wash Dining Room Table Furniture Set

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The white wash oak dining room set, bring a lovely touch of rustic elegance to your house. This white wash dining room table set can make a striking centerpiece for your living room. Made of distressed, reclaimed real wood with scissor jack port style feet, this white washed oak dining room furniture provides just enough border to your design style. This table was created to last being created from reclaimed real wood and steel, rendering it a sustained fixture at home for a long time to come. The white wash dining room table dimension 46.75″L x 25″W x 17.5″H and weighs about 75lbs to correctly fit your home. Please be aware that as this item is created using reclaimed solid wood, it is normal for there to be inconsistencies and regions of wear in the top of product. Areas like this in the final contribute to the type and personality of that, nor constitute a defect in that. For best care and attention, we advise that care be utilized when putting moist, greasy or extremely hot or chilly items on the top. Much like any lumber item, the top is at the mercy of staining or harm in case a coaster or similar security is not used.

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