Side Tables for Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Most homeowners choose the regular and rather boring side tables for living room – the one that comes in a square shape and the standard medium dimension. However, do you know that there are actually so many different options of styles, shapes, and designs for the side tables you can choose for living room? And no, you don’t always have to spend a fortune because some of the unique tables can actually be made on your own, if you are crafty enough.

Some Stylish Options of Side Tables for Living Room

small wooden side tables with storage for traditional living room accent table wood top side tables for metal legs small side table living room wooden side tables with wicker rack for traditional living room end table

First of all, you need to ditch the idea that all side tables for living room should be square and made in a medium dimension. You are free to choose whatever shape or design that you like the most. There are circular side table, coming in either compact and small or big and wide measurement. Make sure to choose the table that fits your room dimension and space layout. You don’t want anyone to constantly bump against the table.

You can also use the small rectangular bench type table, especially if you have a rather wide and big sofa. Some homeowners are creative enough to actually make use of their outdoor wooden bench as the side table. Some have polished the table, while some keep the original color and condition. Either way, it is up to you. Making use of the old and unused items is definitely great living room ideas on a budget. Who says you always have to spend a fortune for your decor project?

Don’t forget that you can also make use of the unique design and model. A wooden log can be polished into a stylish side table. You can turn an unused wooden crate that can create a unique focal point as well as stylish look. If you have a little experience in lumber work or carpentry, you can turn an unattractive log into a functional table with sculptures in the support area. Clearly, the ideas about side tables for living room have no limits or boundaries.

What if you have limited space? What if your living is rather small? Then choose a side table that works for you! A multifunctional table with sliding layers underneath is pretty handy. When you need an additional surface, simply slide a layer out (from underneath the table). When you no longer need it, slide it back in. Choosing the right side tables for living room shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what you want and what you can expect from it, don’t you?

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