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Mid Century Modern Furniture Seattle

With regards to vintage mid century modern furniture seattle, ready yourself for swooping, parabolic styles, side furniture and dining desks docked on pencil lower legs, and brilliant upholstery that most importantly reads: durable. Credited in large part to these easy-to-love attributes, used mid century modern seattle furniture has looked after a stamina that competitors that of every other style–pre or post 20th-Century. For individuals who find themselves attracted to the organic and natural lines and unadorned planes of old-fashioned seattle mid century modern furniture, we’ve divided a brief overview of the style below, including its personal traits plus some of the up-and-coming developments that will make sure your home feels newly modern and not time capsule-like.


The Fundamental Guide to Mid Century Modern Furniture Seattle

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For individuals who dream in tones of cool California berry trees and shrubs (think sunburst orange and creamy avocado), like their teak-oiled biceps and triceps accented with a lttle bit of smart brass, and crush on anything Eames: meet Mid-Century Modern. A term used to classify furniture created between 1945 to 1970, mid century modern furniture seattle style includes from sparse Scandinavian bits to unique Brazilian masterpieces decked out in pillow-padded casings and butter-like hides. From the care-free, simple and easy style that brinks on boho, but because of integrated components of Danish Modernism, never veers into overly split or how-exactly-do-I-clean-that? place.

Equally as the tendency towards biomorphic figures attempts to split up Modernism’s more sterile elements, restored attention has been paid to the Mid-Century’s more organically-inclined items. Regions of interest include rattan (think throne-like peacock seats and Paul Frankl stacked bamboo dining tables), fibrous textiles like Scandinavian area rugs, and a revived give attention to designs by Mexican and South North american manufacturers like Percival Lafer. The press has nudged incredible woods like rosewood and jacaranda to core level, and has us thinking about new ways to level in consistency (interpretation: don’t tremble that sheepskin rug at this time!)

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