Airplane Coffee Table Furniture

The accompanying pieces are made of dismantled or recovered air ship parts, bringing the skies into your home. Check them out—plus a few extras at the end, which didn’t come directly from the runway, but are just as cool.

Best Parts of Wing Airplane Coffee Table

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This airplane coffee table or cocktail table is perfect airplane furniture for any aviation themed room. Of course, it is an ideal gift for a pilot or for decorating an aviator man cave. We also think that this airplane wing coffee table is so cool that anyone would delight in its unique airplane propeller coffee table design. The airplane coffee table uses a wood and mdf base for the cocktail table. The wood outline is then shrouded in sheeted aluminum, and to finish the bona fide flight look completed with bolts. This airplane metal coffee table will definitely add some high flyin’ design to your living space. Sorry the air crew to bring coffee is not included. He thinks it looks fabulous and so do we! This custom airplane wing coffee table is a perfect fit for his beautiful home.

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