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Tips and Tricks to Make a DIY Chevron Wood Coffee Table

Building your furniture might save you a lot of money. You can use various techniques to create something that appears to be beautiful, sophisticated, and stylish for a meager cost. In this case, you may want to try to make a chevron wood coffee table, and here’s a simple guide to help you build it.

A Step By Step Guide To Build A DIY Chevron Table
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A Step By Step Guide To Build A DIY Chevron Table 

1. Determine The Size of The Coffee Table That Suit Your Needs

One of the benefits of DIY is you can make your table any size you want. To get the proper measurements, you can use the couch in your living room as a reference. The spacing should be around 35.5 cm to 45.7 cm between the table and the couch. It’ll be close enough for drinks to be reached but far enough away to avoid injuring your knees.

The average height of a coffee table is 40.6 to 45.7 centimeters. Because couch heights differ, strive for a chevron wood coffee table with the same height as your couch or 5 cm higher or lower. It should be at least half the length of your couch, and it’s much better if it’s two-thirds the length. The table should be 45 to 61 centimeters wide.

2. Tools And Materials You’ll Need

A Step By Step Guide To Build A DIY Chevron Table

It’s better to prepare everything before starting the process of building the table. The tools that you need will be a measurement tape, a miter saw, a drill, a square sander, and a brad nailer. Meanwhile, the materials are sanded plywood, pocket hole screws, wood glue, wood filler, wood stain, black or white latex, felt pads, and sealer.

3. Quickstart Guide To Build A Coffee Table

A Step By Step Guide To Build A DIY Chevron Table

Begin by constructing the foundation. On both the long and short side foundation pieces of chevron wood coffee table, drill 3.8 cm pocket holes. Then, wood glue and 6.3cm pocket hole screws are used to join the sides to the legs. For the bottom shelf, mark and drill pocket holes 5.8 cm from the ends and 15.2 cm around the board, then fasten it to the bottom.

Cut the tabletop frame and use wood glue and brad nails to secure the plywood tabletop. Cut your chevron pieces and glue them on. On the tabletop, mark the middle and draw a horizontal and vertical line. Each end has a 45 degree miter cut.

Sand the coffee table and apply wood filler. The nail holes and small gaps between the chevron pieces were filled with wood filler. After that, use the stain then the latex. Then, seal the chevron wood coffee table’s surface with a sealer. To avoid scratching the floors, add felt pads to the legs.

You can build a coffee table with a unique chevron pattern to add style to your living or family area. There are three simple steps to take to make a coffee table. First, figure out the table’s size that you want. And then, prepare all the tools and material that you’re going to need. The last is to follow all the steps in order. 

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