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Living Room End Tables with Storage Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Living room end tables can make your living room more sophisticated, and searching for them can be hard especially when you want to have the one with storage. In this article, we have the comprehensive list that can inspire you to choose or make your own end tables, as included in the design ideas for living rooms.


Living Room End Tables for Great Decoration

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First is end table with side rack. This end table tops the list of our end tables because of its unique appearance. This end table is equipped with a cute side rack that will be able to contain thin stuff like newspapers and magazines. The slim style will make your living room look stylish and modern, and the newspapers or magazines will not ruin the appearance of the table because they are neatly stored, yet still visible to the eyes.

The second one is oval-shaped end table. The round edge that is quite rare amongst living room end tables makes this oval-shaped end table unique and brand new. Due to its design, oval-shaped end table that comes with a drawer will be perfect to store trinkets like keys and small things.

The next option is wavy posts end table. This end table that makes some room after the table surface is not exactly common to find either, and it will make a good design for living room end tables. Because it’s wavy in the posts, it will give the impression of richness and luxury, yet still neat and stylish. The storage for this end table is located in the lower part of the table that almost reaches the floor, a simple surface that can be filled with books up to the upper surface of the table.

Furthermore, consider about round end table. As we know, end tables often only contain small storage, but this round end table will give you more room to store your things as the drawer is located along the round part. There are three drawers that can be used freely, and the round design is cute and everlasting.

And the last ides is middle storage end table. Aiming to be edgy, this end table includes some drawers too, but they are located in the middle as opposed to the lower end or the upper end. The futuristic design is also combined with wood material so it will give you a homey feeling. The capacity is also quite great in sum. This table is the rising star amongst the living room end tables.

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