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Hidden Compartment Coffee Table Plans

An extremely customizable hidden compartment coffee table, is made of a blend of American walnut and glass. The drawers include unseen self-closing slow-motion slides which shut delicately and silently. You can find a big selection of walnut lumber veneer and lacquer colors.

Best Hidden Compartment Coffee Table Collections

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The qline safeguard coffee table with hidden compartment can be produced to any sizing you need, and made of any wood varieties. Based on a normal Shaker design, the clean lines go with almost any design of style, from traditional to contemporary. Filled with ample storage space in its concealed drawer, the coffee table with hidden compartment solves your storage space needs and contributes the wonder of hand-crafted furniture to your house. Whether you are covering the excess remote-controls, your heirloom silverware, or you want to to carefully store your shotgun or other firearms, the hidden gun compartment coffee table supplies the perfect solution.

The coffee table hidden compartment has eight systems for various size magazines and will be offering the probability to make a weekly varying table top. Thus the coffee table demonstrates the style and passions of its owner. One program includes a solid wood panel that can be used to put a vase of plants, a coffee glass or remaining unused. Nevertheless the hidden compartment coffee table is also available with complete timber inlay. Underneath is space for various catalogs or periodicals. The frame is constructed of black powder covered metal and the inlay of dark-colored frake or ebony real wood.

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