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Castro Convertible Coffee Table Value

This beautiful castro convertible coffee table increases for a celebration. As a coffee table its top is 16 in above the bottom. With a move of an castro trademarked lever on the lower this table now goes up to a typical dining table elevation of 29 in tall. Unfold it’s fastened leaf to now increase it’s top to 48 in square.

Mid-Century Modern Castro Convertible Coffee Table, Circa Later 1950s

castro convertible coffee table with solid wood castro convertible coffee table design black vintage castro convertible coffee table 09

This vintage castro convertible coffee table is made extremely well, very durable and heavy! The spider style table legs are produced from wood and are planting season filled. The durable, easy to keep up laminate top surface is at excellent condition. The flexible metal systems and facilitates below have been lubricated and move with realistic ease. An easy task to adapt with a side crank on the lower of the table.

Classic mid-century modern design, suitable for use within live-work areas, small apartments, art rooms, vessels, dorm rooms, plus much more. Studio room apartment dwellers may use this as a castro convertible coffee table by day, crank the lever and turn the very best, now there is a table that comfortably seats 4-6 people.

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