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Blue Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Expressing room with blue brings attractive and tranquility at the same time. In design, blue is opposite side for red. As you know, red tends to be aggressive and bold, but blue is calmer and peaceful which is suitable for living room. There are some applicable blue living room ideas. Before trying to pick blue as the main color, it is better to know some properties regarding color arrangement. Blue is not just for wall, but also applied on furniture, tile, curtain, ceiling, etc. Each of sections in living room will have partial involvement for blue accent.

More Designs in Blue Living Room Ideas

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The simplest and easy way to implement blue is wall painting. You can pick bright blue with warm tone as similar to white. You may not recognize easily before entering the room. This bright blue is suitable for minimalist and modern living room. As one of blue living room ideas, simple painting tends to be more popular for common residential area.

If you want more complex arrangement, try to put navy, dark, and midnight blue on living room. Wall color is navy and the sofas often use midnight blue. Dark accent will be implemented for tile and carpet. This is bold combination and you will see more than one blue in the same room. Keep in mind that navy blue has more portion in order to reduce high-energy consumption for lighting. As a matter of fact, dark room takes much energy to keep which is important before implementing blue living room ideas.

As mentioned above, blue color is not just for the wall. You can use white as primary color for wall, but the furniture is in blue accent. Add blue carpet, sofa, and ottoman bench to increase elegant atmosphere. You may consider putting blue for curtain to cover window. Paint ideas for living room have to adjust with overall style. Some designs are not good for blue because it is too rigid and can ruin the essence of style. For example, you may see that some old styles use dark tones such as brown and purple.

Keep in mind that blue consists of many variations which are difficult to determine one by one. You may pick blue that looks very bright, but not in other eyes. Blue is proper replacement for white to bring peaceful personalization when you treat guests at living room. Therefore, blue living room ideas are what you need to keep the room at utmost impressive level.

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