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All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

Fire pits are one of the popular home design addition. This attractive inclusion brings warm, add color, and dress up your outdoor property with mesmerizing flame. At the same time, it serves as a gathering place while enjoying barbeque or s’ mores. In this case, building a round natural gas fire pit is one of the best options. It’s dripping in beauty and functional as well. Before you build one, let’s take a look at what this particular outdoor build is.

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Why Natural Gas?

All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

Before we go further about the pit, let’s say you got two fuel source options for the fire pit. The propane and natural gas. Both are different and have distinct benefits. The propane fuel is easier to use, have minimal installation, portable, and doesn’t generate smokes like wood fires. However, using it means you need to put the tank close enough to the fire pit. You can either hide it or use the underground gas line as connectors.

But why using natural gas? Many homeowners prefer natural gas because the fuel is always available and doesn’t need any refill. At the same time, the fuels burn clean, easy to use, and mostly used for permanent installation. This is where your choice is getting more interesting. Nowadays, the round natural gas fire pit is available in many different models and installations. It creates possibilities to have a portable fire pit as well.

Another reason is that you got a constant fuel source. You have the liberty to use more or less fuel to set the fire. Here, you got to make a bigger fire for more warmth or lower it down. At the same time, when the pit is connected with the gas line, then it is a great saving time and money method. All because you don’t need to refill the fuel again. If you want to build one, consider hiring professionals to install the gas line and hook it up to the fire pit.

Why Using Round Fire Pit?

All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

Talking about the shape, most likely the two popular fire pit shapes will be square and round. Of course, both of them have distinct characteristics and benefits. They also have a different range of designs. In this case, it’s best to choose the model that fits with the home layout or design. The round natural gas fire pit is quite popular because the shape encourages engagement between guests. The shape mimics a traditional campfire that suitable for many house styles.

At the same time, the circular build brings even distribution of heat. This style goes well anywhere, at some point it adds rustic and cottage vibe, easily to be placed in a nook, and soften the appearance with the curvy shape. But is it bad to use a rectangular one? No, at some point you should match the shape with the surrounding. The rectangular have strong angles and straight lines, a perfect addition for modern styled architecture.

Building Considerations

All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

Ready to build one? As mentioned before, natural gas needs to use a gas line for constant fuel. The fire pit is also available for DIY, but it is inadvisable for a novice because of the flammable construction. Thus, you better hire a contractor or professional for this project. Other than that, there are some considerations you should know beforehand. The first and the most important is the local authority’s approval to build a round natural gas fire pit.

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Local government, house deed, and homeowner association may have restrictions for the fire pit construction. It can be the size, material, location, or fuel type. So, make sure you got it right. It’s also wise to consider the size that comes with great accessibility. The ideal dimension will be 36 to 44 inches wide and the height around 12 to 20 inches tall. In this case, you can measure the right dimension that will be comfortable for everyone to use it.

The location is very important to consider. Don’t ever build the fire pit in hazard-prone areas that also have bad winds. Make sure you got at least 10 feet from property lines and other flammable structures. It is wise to place the fire pit 15 feet away from other residences. Consider using fireproof materials such as bricks, masonry blocks, stone, etc. And lastly, don’t forget to invest in the fire safety gear such as the fire extinguisher.

Outdoor And Backyard Fire Pit Design

All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit | Raysa House

As outdoor living is getting popular, the fire pit design has almost endless possibilities. The round natural gas fire pit also does the same. All in all, almost all the selections come with different charms, looks, and follow the trends. If you are going to build the permanent fire pit, most likely you got to choose an in-ground or raised design. Most of the time, the construction will incorporate decorative paving stones or fire-resistant brick.

Other than that, some design takes smooth river rocks within the pit. It creates eye-catching touch to the mesmerizing fire pit. In this case, your fire pit design will heavily depend on the surrounding. Many people prefer to place it within their deck design or place it as a stand-alone fire pit in the backyard or garden. In this case, you got all the choice in your hand. Many designs and models can be found on the internet.

You got some ideas that incorporate bowl shape, traditional brick round fire pit, one that made of metal, the idea that incorporates wooden barrel looks, round natural gas fire pit that has wooden framing, etc. You can consider the style too. Do you want a contemporary design, modern, rustic, or simple? It is also great to reflect the design and material with the surrounding furniture like simple wooden chairs.

Adding a fire pit to your backyard or outdoor landscape is not a bad thing anyway. Come in many different shapes and types, this particular addition will upgrade your property. The rounded fire pit with natural gas brings great warmth, light, and curve to your area. Whatever you make it from or whatever the design is, one thing for sure, you will enjoy long hours for cozy conversations and enjoy barbeque while wrapped in the warm surrounding.

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Here you are at, article above All You Need To Know About Round Natural Gas Fire Pit published. Lots of people attempting to find details about round outdoor natural gas fire pit and certainly one of these is you, is not it?

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