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The Easy Ways Installing a Dimmer Switch

The most problematic thing about lighting that people need to face is it cannot be controlled at its shining level. It is very inconvenient in the morning if the lighting is very bright making the eyes hurt. Nowadays, people are installing a dimmer switch to overcome it. Before that, people should know that there are a couple of easy ways to do the installation.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

1. Make Sure the Electricity is Turned Off

To avoid short circuits or the possibility of being electrocuted, people can make sure that the electricity is turned off. It will help them to be safer and calmer in installing the dimmer switch without having to worry about electric current flowing. In addition, they also do not need to go back and forth to switch the electricity on and off during the installation.

2. Removing the Old Switch

After that, remove the old switch from its place. Be careful with the wires behind the switch, do not break or damage the wiring embedded in the wall. Because if those happen, people must fix it first before continuing the installation. Moreover, by removing the switch, it can help people to see the wiring more clearly.

3. Install the Dimmer Switch according to the Instructions

Before installing, people can see the instructions for installing a dimmer switch on its package. Make sure the wire from this tool is connected to the wiring behind the switch, try not to get it mixed up or not installed. It affects the dimmer switch work is not being used properly later and needs to be fixed again.

Next, there are tips for installing dimmer switches. People can wrap around the wire to reduce the risk of the wire coming loose, then tighten it. It ensures tightness rather than just sticking it together. Furthermore, people can connect the wire in a U shape before tightening it with the screw.

4. Returning Everything to Their Original Place

After the installation, people must return everything to its original place including the old switch. Also pay attention to whether the wire from the dimmer switch is installed correctly, neatly, and not mixed up. Then this tool is also perfectly attached to the wall. It aims to prevent the risk of people being electrocuted because there are wires that are still dangling out.

The Easy Ways Installing a Dimmer Switch

Then ensure the success of installing a dimmer switch and it works properly, people can turn on the electricity and then try the dimmer switch. If it can work properly, it means the installation was successful and the dimmer switch is ready to use. In daily use, do not let people use this tool with wet hands to avoid electrocution.

The use of dimmer switches to control the light emitted by lamps is very important for people. Because they will no longer be bothered by lights that are too bright. It will affect too on the eyes’ focus because very bright light will interfere with the focus of the view. More than that, dimmer switches can control how much bright people need.

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