Living Room Wall Decals Ideas to Decorate a Living Room

Seeking for inspirations on how to find the right living room ideas? Did you just hit a dead end because you feel like all the ideas are outdated and not unique anymore? This happens to a lot of people who don’t want to be usual, or don’t want the same ideas they see in their neighbor’s house, but it can be avoided if you read more inspirations and ideas for it. In this article, we will provide you ideas to decorate a living room by using living room wall decals, so, keep reading to find out!


Generating ideas for Living Room Wall Decals

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You can just apply textured wall decals. Have you ever wanted to have a material other than solid cement for your living room walls, for example stones and pebbles and woods—but it’s just not possible for the climate and conditions? If so, you can totally use this idea: using texture living room wall decals that are provided in some big stores. You can pick the one with the pattern of stones, or planks of woods, and your living room will instantly look more expensive and elegant than before.

Second is family monogram wall decal. This can be a little specific because you will need a designer to design your family emblem, but it’s really worth it if you have the money for it. The name of your family will be plastered to the living room walls, making it a grand acknowledgement to what your identity is actually. It also works as a tribute to your ancestors, and it does make your living room look majestic.

As alternative, indoor garden wall decal can be a perfect idea. If you like gardening, surely you want to bring a little of that passion inside your house. In fact, you don’t have to like gardening to like flowers—they are just pretty as they are right? This is why flowery living room wall decals are the right choice to decorate your living room. The pretty flowers will make your room less dull, as they are full of colors and they can light up the room just by collectively existing. And oh, the flowers don’t need high maintenance!

Furthermore, there are holy verses wall decals. If you are religious, you can also consider this option: putting the verses of your holy books to be the living room wall decals. It will help you remember God and good deeds, and you will have a positive image as well.

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