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12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

In order to create the neatness in the bedroom, storage space can be made in unexpected places, both vertically and horizontally. In fact, sometimes it blends with other functions.

Bedroom Area Management And How To Organize It

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

The bedroom is the most appropriate space for storing objects that are personally used. In addition to beds, cabinets or shelves is furniture that must be in the bedroom. In those places, clothes, bags, and important documents are stored. Whether you realize it or not, the objects that have been stored will pile up. In the end, you will be confused, where else the objects will be stored.

There is nothing wrong if you consult the interior designer about your storage needs in the bedroom. Because, the making and placement of these storage spaces are related to the tastes and habits of the bedroom owner. According to Lisa, Raysa Home interior designer, if the furniture is created in a built-in, then the utilization of area can be maximized, for example corner cabinets that can accommodate many personal trinkets. “In fact, you can ask for a ‘secret’ storage area that only you know where the location it is”, Lisa explained.

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Storage Space Management And Inspirations To Apply It

However, to accommodate maximum storage needs in the bedroom, some of these creative ideas are worth considering. For example, on a queen size bed or 160cm x 200cm, it means there is an empty area of 3,2m2 underneath. Well, under these beds can be made three drawers on both sides of the bed. In this drawer supplies of sheets, handkerchiefs, and towels can be stored.

In the bedroom, there is generally a sofa or bench. It can be used for the storage space of bags or books that are being read. Whereas above the headboard area can be used as a vertical storage space for storing CDs, photos, or collection of glasses.

Alternatively, take advantage of the existence of a wall. Make shelves or niche in a possible place, for example in the wall area above the bedroom door, above the work desk, or behind the door.

Or, if you like simple things, prepare several boxes in various sizes to store temporary items. These boxes can be moved according to the desired location, for example under the table or near the bedroom door. Choose the colors and patterns that are attractive so that it adds beauty in the bedroom.

Don’t Hesitate To Open Privacy

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

The bedroom is a very private space so not anyone can enter this room. That is why the owner of this room feels safe if his favorite objects and personal properties are stored here. In fact, in this room, he felt quite safe if the objects were all stored in the closed wardrobe, but instead left open. That is why he specifically designed the appropriate storage space for the objects he stored.

  1. Favorite shoes displayed nicely in the gallery, lined up vertically in the middle of the closet. There is an advantage in this arrangement because it makes it easier for the owner to mix and match the clothes he chooses.
  2. In addition to being neatly stored in a box, storing a collection of necklaces as a dress complement can be hung on a mannequin. Put the mannequin on the dressing table so you don’t have to bother taking it and storing it again. Its presence also gives a feminine impression to the room.
  3. Drawers with partitions are ideal storage places for small objects, such as neckties, socks, and handkerchiefs. Some perfume and cosmetics supplies are also stored here.
  4. Scarf, shawl, and pillowcase have almost similar shape, ie fabric that if folded and stacked will be rather difficult and slippery when you take it. Keeping them in a drawer equipped with a row of wooden hangers as a place to hang these items, is a brilliant idea.

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House 12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House 12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House 12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Tips: Bedroom Clean Up Schedule

Routinely, schedule events to clean up in the bedroom. Sort clothes that are rarely or even not used anymore because they are outdated or don’t fit anymore. Store it outside the bedroom or donate it to someone else or a foundation that needs it.

  1. Store according to its function

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

The wardrobe is not only used to store everyday clothes, but also storage places for a variety of complementary accessories such as ties, scarves, waistbands, and shoes. To keep your accessories collection neat and beautiful, provide a special storage area consisting of multifunctional hanging poles. This aluminum pole can be used to hang various dangling accessories, such as ties and scarves.

For perfume and other make-up equipment, you can store it in a storage space that is not easily accessible by the sun so that it is not easily damaged. Underwear that is more personal can be stored in a drawer so that it is not visible from the outside. By categorizing storage according to the object, your accessories always look neat.

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  1. Under bed storage with drawers

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Do you like modern and simple Japanese-style interiors? This bedroom can be an inspiration. A Japanese bedroom is identical to a mattress laid on the floor. In this bedroom, the bed is made as a sign for the sleeping area. The mattress is placed on the center of the bed as the main furniture, then equipped with a small bedside table to complement the sleeping area.

To be more efficient, the bed is made with drawers so that it can be used to store personal items. This drawer uses wood-patterned coatings that are darker than the floor coating, thus creating emphasize as a multifunctional storage area.

  1. Folding door for small bedroom

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Small bedrooms often make it difficult for you to design a closet. Especially if the closet is L-shaped, the corner area will make it difficult for you to access from both directions. For this reason, try designing a door closet with a sliding system. This system will make it easier for you to open and close the closet. In addition, the door closet that can be folded out will certainly make it easier for you to access the closet on different sides. This design will feel simple for a small and limited bedroom area.

  1. Beautiful boxes in a closet

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

For the all-simple, a closet without a door will certainly facilitate activities. But the drawback, all the contents of the closet can be seen from the outside. If you rarely rearrange the closet, the bedroom will certainly look messy with all kinds of personal items that are not neatly arranged.

There is one solution, namely using a container box as a place to store various personal accessories. This box is available in the market with very diverse sizes, materials, motifs, colors, and models so that it can be tailored to your needs and tastes. Separate items by their type, then place them in these boxes. And your bedroom will always look neat.

  1. Fold, roll and store it

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Socks are one type of clothing that is not enough if we only have one pair. Most people surely have several pairs of socks with various colors, motifs, and materials to match the clothes to be worn. For this reason, we need a sock storage area to keep it neat.

Ini adalah salah satu cara untuk menyimpan kaus kaki yang dapat kita terapkan. Lipat satu pasang kaus kaki, roll mereka, kemudian menempatkan mereka dalam wadah keranjang cantik. Kita bisa mengelompokkan kaus kaki sesuai warna atau bahkan menyimpannya secara acak. Semuanya tergantung pada selera. Tempatkan wadah ini dalam laci atau lemari, sehingga kaus kaki tidak tersebar di mana-mana.

  1. Let’s hide the cord!

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Almost all electronics today use cord that will certainly be dangling irregularly behind the desk. This scenery will certainly disturb the beauty and tidiness in the bedroom. Well, if you don’t like this scene, what if we just hide the cord?

Make space on the wall panel where you hang flat-screen television. This space is used to store electrical plugs and electronic cables from the TV. In addition to maintaining the neatness of the bedroom, this small space will also hide the electrical socket from the reach of children and the possibility of exposure to water.

  1. Multifunction vanity chair

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Vanity chairs are generally square or cylindrical shape with solid legs and covered with upholstery. We can use this shape to create a compact, multifunctional storage. The shape of storage can vary, such as chest or drawers. Both of them certainly have advantages and disadvantages.

Drawer-shaped chair will make easier for us to pick up an item in a sitting position, but it certainly requires a large amount of space to open the drawer. The chest-shaped chair does not require a large space but you must stand first to open the lid. Which one do you like?

  1. Simple wall storage

12 Bedroom Storage Ideas: Solutions For Small Spaces | Raysa House

Most people like to spend time for themselves in their bedrooms. Here, you can freely express yourself, do your favorite hobbies, and decorate the room with your favorite knick-knacks. In this inspiration, a simple, chic shelf is present to meet the residents’ needs about storage space in their bedroom.

The irregular size of rack holes gives the impression of dynamic and modern without exaggeration. Accents of red, green, and yellow on some parts of the shelves add more cheerfulness in the bedroom. The occupants can freely display their collection of books, accessories or toys.

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