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Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

In the world of furniture and design, beadboards are commonly found to bring classic, rustic, and country vibe. In most cases, the design is applied in the country home style, kitchen cabinetry, and backsplash. Another area that also uses this styling is the kitchen island. As it brings beauty and charm, the beadboard kitchen island is gaining more popularity recently. If you are interested in this country-style, here what you need to know beforehand.

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What Is Beadboard?

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the beadboard is a row narrow wood which installed vertically on the wall or any kind of surface. The main purpose is to add protection or texture to the facade. Just as the name implies, beadboard is also known as Bead because the plank has some indentations or ridges on it. The installation of beadboard mostly come with horizontal molding strips that serve to cover off the seams.

What Is It Made Out Of?

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

In the current days, there is a high option of beadboards you can found in stores. Not only about the pattern or styling, but also the materials. Mostly, the traditional style or model of beadboard are made from solid wood. In this case, you can see more than enough wood alternatives you can choose from. At some point, there is also some beadboard kitchen island that uses more durable yet inexpensive panel materials such as MDF and Vinyl.

At the same time, worth noting that the beadboard also has several styles. The pattern is the same, but mostly the v-bead are made at different distances or width. In this case, you can choose or try the 2 and a half inch V-bead style or the 1 5/8 inch style. The two options come in the same pattern, but the slightly different bead width creates a distinct appearance. The wider boards tend to look less stuffy when used in a large space.

How Much It Cost?

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

A very frequented question is about the cost or price range. To create a kitchen island with beadboard, you don’t have to spend too much on it. However, the price will highly differ when it comes to the panels’ material. A solid wood panel can cost around $1 per square foot upward, depending on the finishing and the wood specie. It is also available in many different kinds of specifications, pre-treated, unfinished, ready-to-paint, etc.

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You can also make a beadboard kitchen island with MDF panels which is very popular for its cheaper and less labor-intensive installation. Approximately, the cost for this plank will be around 0.50 to 0.75 dollar per square foot. Other than that, there are Ply-bead panels which cost around $0.50 to $16. Your options are bigger than you thought. You got panels made of PVC or Vinyl which can cost anywhere $0,75 to $2 per square foot, to fiber cement that cost $7.45+/ square foot.

How To Install And Paint?

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

Another thing you should know is the beadboard vertical slices installation. Worth noting that beadboard also very commonly used for kitchen backsplash to the bathroom wall. But if you want to use it for kitchen island, then you should make sure you got the right size. Then, it is better to consider the material and how to install it. Most of the time, you got the option to place it using glue and nails. Then, you have to line up piece by piece.

If you are a beginner, consider using the MDF panel for beadboard kitchen island. It is rather easier to put on and paint as well. But if you want the authentic wood, then you can go ahead take the solid wood panel. When you are going to install the panel, don’t forget the molding to perfect the seams. You can choose the corner strips or the baseboard molding if needed. But most likely, it is best to use molding to create cleaner and neater corners.

After you got them installed, then you can paint it if needed. Depending on the beadboard material, you may or may need to paint the whole surface. Some products offered as pre-finished or painted, so you only need to install them. It is also worth knowing the appropriate paint for each material you are using. The MDF and Fiber Cement boards are the easiest to paint. It is recommended to consult for the best paint for the material specialist.

Beadboard For Kitchen Island Ideas

Understanding Beadboard Kitchen Island (What, Ideas, And Price Range) | Raysa House

Beadboard kitchen island designs come in many different colors and inspiration. As many people know, adding this particular narrow beadboard panel is a great way to bring the rustic, country, and traditional looks to the room. You can either install the board on the kitchen wall, backsplash, or island. Which comes with the same effect. But the kitchen island with beadboard is a great addition and a magnificent focal point in the room.

One of the great use of beadboard in the kitchen island is using white panels. White is commonly used for this vertical patterned board. But when the installation blend with the room style, the board successfully adds textural variety. If you incorporate the design with faux brick backsplash and dark wooden flooring, your kitchen island will be the main focal point that brings contrast without sacrificing style.

While using white is very common, this vertical beadboard also comes in different colors. Including the natural dark wood or you can color it with interesting shades. Combining the solid mahogany countertop with dark panels will be perfect for the beadboard kitchen island. You can even paint the boards with striking colors to create a more authentic island. There are more ideas and design inspirations you can find from the internet.

It can be said that this design is a great option for those who are looking for a country or rustic vibe. The ridges or indentation pattern of the wood plank will create texture to the surface, including to the kitchen island. The beadboard itself comes in many different types, costs, and materials. Making it have greater versatility. With the price of around $0.75 till up to $12.35 per square foot, this investment is not a bad idea.

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