Paint Colors Ideas for Living Room Wall Decor

When you enter the room, you will know its style instantly. How do you know quickly? Furniture, wall, windows, and color are what you will see in living room. However, color is the easiest part to recognize then determine the room style. There are some paint ideas for living room that very easy to apply. It is easy because color is able to fit in any style. If you want some differences, enhance color texture which can be bold or soft. The next section will explore some recommended colors for living room.

The Choices for Paint Ideas for Living Room

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You cannot deny that white is the most common color at all. Normally, you use white to show simplified style which is less complex pattern. This color is also good for more advanced style such as classic, retro, country, and renaissance. Speaking of renaissance, this style is popular in Europe, especially, Italia and French. You may take some paint ideas for living room from this era.

Choose white as color for living room is easy, but you have issue for application. White will be put on the wall, which means every part in living room should fit with this color. Window curtain might be white, dark, or in bright accents. Be careful not to put offensive or aggressive color such as red in living room.

Another option for paint ideas for living room is bright blue or green. For your information, color represents feeling and human expression. It is part of color psychology. Blue is good choice in order to embrace warm, calm, and peaceful atmosphere. Meanwhile, blue is color of the sea, which is calm from outside and bringing peaceful person.

Using dark color for living room might not be good choice, unless you use proper room style. Dark color is not quite pleasant for eyes, especially when the room is lack of lighting fixture. You need to adjust room with adding more lamps in order to increase lighting condition. Of course, this matter depends on what kind of style you use in paint colors for living rooms. Some designs require dark accent in order to enhance artistic aspect.

Previous ideas about paint in living room are only in single color. It is rare to use two colors at once for wall, especially in living room. If you apply for bedroom, two colors seem normal. However, paint ideas for living room are also applicable with two colors. You can paint half of wall with first color, and the rest is in the second one. Therefore, living room will look extraordinary.

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