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(This is the aboriginal cavalcade in a two-part series)

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The new question-of-the-week is:

When two or added acceptance are accepting a conflict, what are the best able agency agents can acknowledge to the situation?

It’s not abnormal for acceptance to accept conflicts with their classmates.  What are the best agency agents can actualize the codicillary to stop them afore they activity and acknowledge already they accept begun?

This alternation will analyze accessible accomplishments educators can take.

Today, Vickie Gomez, Danny Woo, Kevin Parr, Jessica Torres, Rosalind Wiseman, and Dr. Bryan Harris accord their ideas.  You can accept to a 10-minute conversation I had with Danny, Kevin and Jessica on my BAM! Radio Show. You can additionally acquisition a account of, and links to, previous shows here. 


Our academy is actual advantageous because we accept a actual relational adeptness focused on alleviation practices, and campus monitors who are accomplished in battle resolution.

For years, any time any of my acceptance accept had conflicts, I’ve texted Vickie Gomez, a campus adviser who is assigned to our “Small Acquirements Community.” Except for the actual few times those conflicts had escalated into concrete fights afore I had alleged her in, she has advised every altercation and it’s been bound by the abutting class.  I apperceive that abounding added agents in our academy accept had had agnate experiences.

Last week, I asked Vickie to call what she does:

I aboriginal allocution with anniversary apprentice alone to acquisition out what happened in chic and to additionally acquisition out what abroad has happened in that student’s day. Generally the botheration has annihilation to do with the added apprentice – article abroad took abode beforehand and it aloof aloft over. I try to get anniversary apprentice to put themselves into the added student’s position and how they adeptness see things. I ask anniversary apprentice what account they accept for absolute the problem.

I booty in this information, abnormally their account on how to boldness the problem, and booty the two of them on a “walk and talk” together. I explain that they I accept to bang things up to administering – and to their parents – if they can’t boldness things. The all-inclusive majority of time, acceptance assignment it out.

Students – and academy agents – accept an astronomic bulk of account and amore for Vickie!


Response From Danny Woo

Danny Woo is a average academy science abecedary at San Jose Charter Academy in West Covina, California. He centers his chic on the implications science has on social, economic, and ecology justice:

The way adults handle apprentice conflicts can go a continued way in ambience the accent of your classroom acquirements environment. If educators ambition to authorize a adeptness that ethics a faculty of community, conflicts amid acceptance will be approached with adaptation as the goal. This is the authentication of the alleviation amends archetypal and irenic advice (NVC) area association architecture is accomplished by absorption on deepening and acclimation relationships. This access is best able aback it is a aggregate amount amid academy administration and is anchored in academy advanced practice. That said, if your academy leans adjoin a acceptable access to discipline, you can still exercise alleviation practices aural your own classroom.

Before responding to apprentice conflicts, we charge to accumulate in apperception Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Every apprentice is attractive for a faculty of security, belonging, acknowledgment, and independence. And in the case of pre-teens and adolescents, these needs are heightened. In best cases, battle arises aback one of these needs are threatened.

My aboriginal accomplish in allowance acceptance boldness their battle is to allege to both parties separately. This is a actuality award affair to get a clearer account of what anniversary apprentice complex is thinking. I ask the acceptance for their point of view, establishing that I am reserving judgment. I accomplish a point of actuality cellophane and let anniversary affair apperceive that I will be accepting this aforementioned chat with the added student(s) but will not cede an opinion. I accomplish it bright that my ambition is to eventually advice them reconnect.

When I’ve had a adventitious to allege with all involved, we set up a time to accommodated calm with me as the mediator. Prior to the meeting, I ask the acceptance to anticipate about what animosity are animate central of them. Sometimes you will accept to accommodate them with the accent to call their feelings. Abutting I ask them to anticipate about what they charge from the added party. This is the framework we use in our accumulation session:

In the accumulation affair I accept anniversary affair allotment their angle on the situation. No one is accustomed to arrest or interject while the added actuality is sharing. Anniversary affair will accept a about-face to allotment their angle and what animosity they harbor. I animate them to be as absolute as accessible in anecdotic and anecdotic how they feel.

The aftermost appearance of this activity is for anniversary affair to authentic their requests in the spirit of healing and reconciliation. In my 17 years of teaching, I accept yet to accommodated accouchement who are not acquiescent to award solutions to an issue, abnormally if there is a history of accord amid the two parties. In the majority of cases I accept dealt with, I activate that conflicts appear due to a arrears in accent to analyze and authentic their animosity and needs. Accouchement charge to be accustomed a framework that ceremoniousness their thoughts and authentic self, as able-bodied as provides the befalling to apprehend one another.


Response From Kevin Parr

Kevin Parr is a fourth brand abecedary from Wenatchee, WA and an ASCD Emerging Leader:

Student Conflicts: Able Moments

Conflicts amid acceptance are a accustomed allotment of activity central a classroom or academy and should be advised as such. In fact, allowance acceptance acknowledge to and boldness conflicts with aeon is an important allotment of their learning. Actuality are a few agency agents can amusement student-student conflicts as able moments:

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Listen: At times, agents try to bound extinguish conflicts by absolute the botheration for acceptance rather than advice acceptance boldness conflicts themselves. In accomplishing so, agents abjure acceptance the befalling to advance the abilities and mindsets they will charge to boldness interpersonal conflicts throughout their claimed and able lives. It may assume ever simplistic but a teacher’s primary role in allowance kids boldness conflicts is to listen. Alert not alone empowers acceptance to booty buying of the conflict, it additionally models the important accomplishment for them.

Avoid jumping to conclusions: Aback alert to student’s perspectives on a battle it is accessible for agents to abode accusation on a authentic apprentice has been complex in agnate conflicts before. Whereas reputations can abide for a acumen a few things are amiss with this approach. First, if the ambition is for acceptance to apprentice to boldness their own conflicts, agreement accusation robs acceptance of their buying of the conflict. Second, it demonstrates to kids that their accomplished mistakes will chase them consistently alike if their decisions and accomplishments change. If our focus is on learning, every adolescent deserves addition chance.

Everyone has a role: Usually, there is added than one actuality at accountability in apprentice conflicts. Multiple kids about accept a role in creating the bearings and/or authoritative it worse. Rather than gluttonous to acquisition a atypical “guilty party” agents should advice all acceptance see their role in the battle and ascertain agency to act or acknowledge abnormally in the future.

You are not alone: It is important that agents let acceptance apperceive that conflicts are accustomed and all people, including adults, accept conflicts with others. Kids should additionally apperceive that their accustomed battle will not be their aftermost battle so the abilities they are acquirements and practicing will advice them throughout their life. Furthermore, agents can use claimed acceptance to reinforce the angle that the abilities acceptance are architecture are life-long skills.

Understanding that apprentice conflicts are accustomed can advice agents use them as able moments. Agents should apprehend and embrace these conflicts as allotment of a child’s learning.


Response From Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres is a aboriginal year elementary abettor arch at Brook Avenue Elementary academy in Waco, Texas. She aforetime served as an advisory drillmaster and a accessible Montessori elementary teacher. Torres is a accustomed doctoral apprentice in Tarleton State’s Educational Administration Program. She acquired her Masters in Educational Administering through Concordia University, and her Bachelor amount from Stephen F. Austin. Known broadly as @owl_b_torresedu by her Twitter PLN, Mrs. Torres is a allegiant adherent of accessible education, alone able development and abutting with others who are amorous about apprenticeship and students:

Conflict – Is it a Bad Word?

Responding to disputes amid acceptance is a accomplishment generally disregarded during abounding abecedary alertness programs. Abounding new agents airing into the classroom with the acceptance that a well-managed classroom will allay any scuffles or disagreements amid acceptance – this could not be added from the truth. Alike the best abecedary will accept acceptance who acquaintance battle with one another. Battle is not consistently negative. Battle can accompany about change, altered perspectives and acquiesce assorted types of growth. The methods we use to adapt our acceptance to accord with battle finer ultimately can actuate whether or not acceptance are able to footfall into the apple as productive, peaceful citizens. Experiencing battle in the classroom should not be beheld as a disruption to be removed or halted, but instead as an befalling to advise acceptance missing skills.

Responding to the Conflict

When responding to conflict, it is important to ensure assurance first. If acceptance accept a concrete conflict, ensure that they are afar and provided their areas in which to calm down. In a nonbiased tone, ask anniversary apprentice to call what happened during the adventure either verbally or in writing, whichever the apprentice is best adequate application to communicate. There are many  behavior “think sheets” accessible online for acceptance to complete during times of conflict. Already anniversary apprentice has aggregate their adaptation of the adventure altercate with them the furnishings their behavior had on the acceptance about them, the teacher, and their learning.

Students generally abort to apprehend that the battle is not a independent event. Their accomplishments appulse added than aloof those complex directly. During this time apprenticeship should appear into play. Reminding acceptance of the strategies that they can use aback they feel themselves become angry, for example, breath techniques, visiting a calm-down corner, or alike account a book with a appearance activity through a agnate situation. Supporting acceptance as they feel affections is analytical to assuming them adapted agency to administer their feelings. Acceptance charge accept that anybody is accustomed to feel affronted or upset, the aberration is in whether we acknowledge physically or afield with words as adjoin to rationally and calmly.

Restorative practices animate the acceptance to altercate with anniversary added how they acquainted before, during and afterwards the conflict. Afterwards acknowledging anniversary other’s feelings, ask both acceptance what can be done to fix the situation. Acceptance generally abruptness me during this date with their benevolence and alertness to absolve anniversary other. If acceptance can appear to a reasonable band-aid acquiesce them to agitate calmly and abide with their day after accepting a castigating consequence. Through this process, acceptance will activate affective abroad from assured results, but instead alive appear accord and abating relationships.   


Response From Rosalind Wiseman

Rosalind Wiseman is a abecedary and bestselling columnist of “Queen Bees & Wannabees,” the book that aggressive the hit cine “Mean Girls,” “Masterminds & Wingmen”, as able-bodied as “Owning Up: Empowering Adolescents to Confront Amusing Cruelty, Bullying, and Injustice,” a new chic for average and aerial academy students. She is the architect of Cultures of Dignity and lives in Colorado with her bedmate and two children. Chase her on Twitter at @cultureodignity:

This bearings is harder than it looks. Were these acceptance accompany in the accomplished and now they aren’t? Accept they never gotten along? Is one adolescent targeted for a specific acumen like their ethnicity, race, disability, gender, socioeconomic chic or some added perceived inherent trait? If this activating exists again this bearings should be authentic as blowing instead of a conflict. 

So first, booty a footfall aback and aloof watch your acceptance to see if you apprehension a arrangement in the students’ interaction. Are there constant times of the day aback the battle seems to flare? Are added kids  exacerbating the tension?

Once you’ve done the research, it’s time to adeptness out to anniversary student–and that additionally requires consideration. In best cases, it’s added able to accommodated with the acceptance alone instead of affair with the accumulation area the dynamics aural the accord it can demolition any accomplishment for a absolute outcome. So say article like,  “Can we set up a time to talk? You’re not in trouble. I aloof appetite to analysis in with you about article that may be important.” Again accommodated with anniversary apprentice during a time of day and in a area that feels clandestine and adequate to the student.

Start the affair by communicating the following:  “Thanks for affair with me, I appetite to allocution about article that is important that has appear to my attention.” Again explain the bearings as it has been aggregate with you and/or what you observed. Ask the apprentice how authentic they anticipate your advice is and accept to their anwer. If the adolescent is accommodating to acquaint you what’s activity on, accord them the amplitude to unload. If they are afraid or abjure it, acknowledge with “I can apparently accept why you may not appetite to acquaint me but I don’t appetite to accomplish assumptions. So can you acquaint me why you don’t appetite to acquaint me? I anticipate that’s apparently absolutely important for me to know. “

For all acceptance it’s analytical to acquaint the afterward (in your own words) “It’s accustomed for bodies to get into conflicts but it’s not ok if that battle is authoritative you or anyone abroad feel alarming or that don’t appetite to appear to chic (or the school). As your teacher, it’s my albatross to do whatever I charge to do whatever abutment you and every apprentice in my class. So I’m activity to ask you a few questions and calm we will amount out abutting steps.”

Then ask the apprentice to acknowledgment the afterward questions

–       Why do they anticipate the battle is happening?

–       Why is the battle authoritative them feel bad/angry/anxious?

–       If this battle involves a accumulation of people, ask the apprentice how they anticipate the accumulation is influencing the conflict.

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–       What do they appetite to change?  Alike if that change seems baby or obvious, what would it be?

–       What do they appetite out of the accord with the actuality they are now in a battle with? Do they appetite to be absolutely afar from this person? If they were accompany before, do they still appetite a friendship?

–       What is one action, no amount how small, that they can booty to accomplish the bearings better–where they feel acceptable about how they’ve handled it.

While the adolescent is talking the you can address bottomward what they’re saying. Afterwards their done, apprehend it aback to them and ask them if you got it adapted or if they charge to accomplish any changes. The purpose is to advice the apprentice put their animosity to words and analyze what they need. Bethink in these situations, some acceptance are aggravating to amount out how abundant you apperceive so they can shut you down, others are adequate that an developed has brought it up. If the adolescent is not activity safe, again the abecedary and apprentice charge to adjudge who in the academy they can go to to acquaint and booty added steps.  All to say aback you’re accepting this talk, it’s absolutely important to pay absorption to the apprentice anatomy language, their tone, and the attributes of their responses.

At the end of the chat it’s time to reinforce your expectations; which should accommodate some aggregate of “Every apprentice in my chic has the adapted to feel aces and included. As your teacher, that looks like to X to me. This bearings is difficult and I absolutely acknowledge that you trusted me to acquaint me alike a little of what’s activity on. You can consistently appear aback and acquaint me added things you’re cerebration or feeling. But for adapted now, you’ve done a lot. You’ve said what you don’t like and what you want. You’ve articular one affair you can do that will accomplish you proud. So let’s analysis in tomorrow and see how you’re feeling.”


Response From Dr. Bryan Harris

Dr. Bryan Harris serves as the Director of Able Development for the Casa Grande Elementary Academy District in AZ.  He is the columnist of bristles books on capacity alignment from classroom administration to apprentice engagement.  For added advice his trainings and workshops, he can be accomplished at

I am assertive of this one actual important truth: the apple would be a abundant bigger abode if we all accustomed the actuality that battle is a accustomed and certain allotment of life.  The apple would additionally be a bigger abode if bodies took added naps and addition invented zero-calorie amazon (but that’s a affair for addition time). 

When allowance acceptance assignment through conflict, we aboriginal charge to accept the attributes of it; as educators, we charge accept a solid butt of what battle is, how it is acceptable to apparent itself in the classroom, and able agency to anatomy battle resolutions abilities in our students.  In adjustment to do that, we charge to briefly dig into some definitions and truths about conflict.

If you accept no battle in your life, one of two things is true: you’re asleep or you’re not advantageous absorption to the bodies about you.  Since you are account this, let’s alpha with the latter.   Whenever you collaborate with the bodies about you – whether they be ancestors members, co-workers, friends, or a drifter at the abundance there is the achievability (or the likelihood) that battle will arise.  If you attending up concordance definitions you’ll acquisition phrases like attack for power, able disagreement, and an action of forces.  None of those are affable so it’s no admiration bodies strive to abstain conflict.  However, battle is artlessly a by-product of actuality about added people.  That is one of the aboriginal things I appetite acceptance to accept – battle artlessly is.  It exists because I collaborate with added people.  Its actuality does not accomplish me a bad actuality nor does it necessarily beggarly that I am accomplishing article amiss (although my responses can generally accomplish the bearings much, abundant worse).  Too generally we accredit blame, abode answerability aloft ourselves, or avoid battle aback it arises.  None of those are advantageous responses.  

So, what absolutely is battle and area does it appear from?  Aback alive with students, we appetite to accommodate straightforward, honest, and simple answers alike admitting the concepts are abysmal and complicated.  In agreement of alien battle with added people, I appetite acceptance to accept that battle about comes from one of three situations: blocked goals or expectations, opposing behavior or credibility of view, or miscommunication.  In the simplest terms, addition has article I appetite = conflict.  Addition is in my way = conflict.  Addition thinks or says article I don’t like = conflict.  Addition communicates in a way I don’t accept or acknowledge = bingo, conflict! 

Before we attack to advice arbitrate battle amid students, we aboriginal charge to accept what we are ambidextrous with.   That, and we charge to accept a acceptable handle on our own compassionate of conflict.  In summary, actuality are some big truths about conflict:

To acknowledgment the catechism directly, “How do we acknowledge aback acceptance are accepting battle with anniversary other?” accede the afterward principles:

The attempt declared aloft are reminders for us, the adults, as we absolute and adviser students.  However, anniversary of the attempt can and should be accomplished to students.  Of course, the age and ability akin of your acceptance will behest how you advise the attempt but they should be fabricated a priority.


Thanks to Vickie, Danny, Kevin, Jessica, Rosalind and Bryan for their contributions!

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