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Bowyer-Chapman, a die-hard fan of the actualization who is a accepted bedfellow judge, afterwards told me that he acquainted the arena was acid annotation on both the ancestral bigotry of “The Bachelor,” which has never had an African-American star, and the way television warps people. The contestants “became caricatures of themselves in agency that were the arctic adverse of what usually happens on ‘Drag Race,’ which is about award the actuality of yourself and showcasing it,” he said. The actualization reveals, Bowyer-Chapman argued, that behindhand of gender and orientation, “we all accept added in accepted than not.”

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Drag has been featured in accepted ability for decades. Movies like “Kinky Boots,” “Tootsie,” “The Birdcage” — alike “Mrs. Doubtfire” — accept showcased men, some gay, some not, who dress and accomplish as women. But best tended to amusement annoyance as aerial jinks. Annihilation about the abutting lives of queens has hit analytical accumulation absolutely like “Drag Race,” not alike the 1991 documentary “Paris Is Burning,” which followed the atramentous and Latino annoyance brawl ambit in New York during the 1980s. “It is a accepted movie, but it didn’t ability anybody the way a account television actualization does,” said Lady Bunny, a annoyance queen in her 50s who is generally admired as one of the allegorical abstracts of American annoyance culture. “Many bodies accept never had any alternation with a annoyance queen, and about apperceive what it is,” Bunny continued. “Anytime Middle America gets a aftertaste of a association that they’re not accustomed with, it does adapt the L.G.B.T. experience.”

Charles has said that he feels he is above analysis — he’s atramentous but he’s not; he’s gay but he’s not. These days, aback addition says that, it’s usually met with a affable eye roll, the affectionate aloof for out-of-touch elders. The claimed backroom of this moment are about absolutely authentic by naming. There’s amplitude for every pronoun, every abutment and every politically actual portmanteau. But Charles belongs to a altered generation, one that fought so adamantine for afterimage that they feel they’ve becoming the appropriate to abandon all political breeding and adore the chaos of reinvention, co-opting and angle accent above recognition. Aback “Drag Race” aboriginal began, it seemed like a fun window into an underground culture, but over the nine years it has aired, the actualization has acquired to reflect America’s alteration accord to anomalous rights and acceptance.

Drag, to Charles, is about the corruption of our compassionate of gender, and by extension, ourselves. “We queens booty on identity, and it is consistently a amusing statement,” Charles explained to me. “It’s all nudge, nudge, wink, wink. We never accept this is who we are. That is why annoyance is a revolution, because we’re biting identity. We’re biting everyone.”

Anyone accustomed with absoluteness television will admit the apriorism of “Drag Race”: Loosely modeled on “America’s Abutting Top Model,” hosted by Tyra Banks, the actualization appearance 12 (or so) contestants who accumulate to attempt for the appellation of America’s Abutting Annoyance Superstar and a banknote award-winning that varies per division but can be as abundant as $100,000. To actuate who will beforehand to the abutting round, the queens are accustomed busy challenges, like creating haute-couture aerodrome looks from blemish or starring in music videos. “Drag Race” is absorbing in the way that every actualization that structures itself about transformation is: There’s a affable adventure that comes from watching a banal allowance metamorphose into article out of Architectural Digest, or the conception of an impossibly busy meal in beneath an hour, or a generic-looking man morphing into a attractive and beautiful woman.

In 2009, the year that the aboriginal division of “RuPaul’s Annoyance Race” was broadcast, the buzziest absoluteness shows on television tended to be the best bogus and cattiest — “Survivor” or “The Hills.” “Producers were aloof attractive for the awful ancillary of the animal experience, and I absolutely didn’t appetence to be a allotment of that,” Charles told me. Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, founders of the assembly abode Apple of Wonder, talked him into it. The leash had been accommodating aback the 1980s, aback Barbato and Bailey were in an electro bandage alleged the Fabulous Pop Tarts. Charles appears in one of their videos in a skin-tight bobcat dress. They produced Charles’s VH1 array actualization in the 1990s. “I knew they admired annoyance the way I admired drag, and they would bless the art of drag,” Charles said. Tom Campbell, arch of development at Apple of Wonder, told me that the abstraction for the actualization was to actualize a antagonism that would benedict the abutting bearing of annoyance superstars by replicating all the above milestones of Charles’s career — model, television personality, performer. “This was his about-face to accord aback and actualize his legacy,” he said.

At first, “Drag Race” wasn’t an accessible sell. “Everyone acquainted like it was too much,” Barbato said. Alike aback Viacom’s L.G.B.T. channel, LogoTV, best it up, Charles had to action to apprehend his eyes for the show. According to Charles and the producers, in the aboriginal division Logo resisted including a queen alleged Tammie Brown, who alleged to apperception a cantankerous amid Marlene Dietrich and Prymaat, the dame in the “Saturday Night Live” account “Coneheads.” Charles acquainted it was important to reflect the oddballs of drag, a basic of the culture.

Despite airing on a alcove cable channel, the actualization begin a loyal admirers that included an aristocratic assembly of celebrity admirers who appeared consistently as bedfellow judges, including Lily Tomlin, Debbie Reynolds, Vanessa Williams, Margaret Cho, Amber Rose, Rosie Perez and Khloé Kardashian. It was the most-watched actualization in the history of Logo. Last year, the actualization confused to VH1 and grew significantly: The ninth division averaged about 1.2 actor admirers per episode, added than bifold that of Division 8, according to abstracts calm by Nielsen. In 2016, Charles won an Emmy for host of a absoluteness show, and in 2017, he won afresh and the actualization best up two more. Time annual afresh alleged Charles one of its 100 Best Influential Bodies of the year.

“Drag Race” has become a basic of avant-garde television for the way it skewers expectations and attitudes about gender, abundant as a actualization like “black-ish” works to claiming stereotypes about atramentous families in America. That isn’t to say contestants on “Drag Race” don’t altercate or barter petty insults, as in added reality-TV shows, but the affairs doesn’t leave admirers with the aforementioned existential alarming about the approaching of altruism as, say, any of the “Real Housewives” franchises. In Division 5, for example, a adversary alleged Jade Jolie criticized her competitor, Alyssa Edwards, for accepting aback fat. In a cutaway reaction, Edwards artsy an eyebrow, recoiled in atheism and managed to absolutely defang the insult with a audible word: “Backrolls?” — signaling that the chat was both antic (she is rail-thin) and so adverse that it could not be taken seriously. Some bristles seasons later, “backrolls” still ancestor up on the actualization as a affectionate of venomless meta-reference.

Each division is absorbed with a faculty of optimism in the face of adamant adversity; Charles believes that is axial to the gay and anomalous experience. “There is a acquaintance here,” he told me. “It has to do with the aggregate acquaintance of actuality outsiders and authoritative a alley for ourselves.” The brotherhood Charles describes is evident: Alike afterwards their division ends, “Drag Race” contestants assignment together, animate together, biking together. Their Instagrams are abounding of photos of one another. The alikeness feels real, and it’s what initially bent my absorption and admired the actualization to me.

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Amid the amaze and allure of drag, the actualization doesn’t abstruse the abandon and alarm that accompanies the activity of the marginalized. On the aboriginal season, a adversary alleged Porkchop declared actuality attempt at while continuing alfresco a gay bar. In Division 8, Kim Chi, a shy Korean-American queen accepted for busy outfits, talked about ambuscade her bright annoyance persona from her parents out of abhorrence of awkward them. Trinity K Bonet talked about active with H.I.V. Last season, Cynthia Lee Fontaine arise that if not for a last-minute change in her schedule, she would accept performed at the Pulse bistro in Orlando the night of the accumulation cutting there; one of her friends, Martin Benitez Torres, blind of the change, came to see her and was dead in the massacre. Aback I asked Charles if there was a advised accommodation to animate the actualization with apparent political messaging, he befuddled his head. “It’s inherent in our experience. We don’t accept to do abundant to animate a alertness into the show. It is such a allotment of our story, and we airing with it.”

As “Drag Race” matures, it continues to acquisition a broader and adolescent audience. Charles told me that some of the best committed admirers are women, abnormally teenagers and women in their 20s and 30s. “There is so abundant programming by amusing media, and how you accept to assemble your faculty of cocky in band with how anybody abroad is amalgam their faculty of self. I anticipate they see our actualization as a handbook for a navigation, and think, How can I rig this agent belt area I don’t accept to go bottomward that thing?” That activation feels accustomed to him because he went through it himself at 13. He looked like a girl, with aciculate cheekbones, a bendable countenance and a red Afro that he let abound so big that it flopped down. “When I aboriginal started accomplishing annoyance in clubs, it was like the bleared account that bodies had of me became clear,” he told me. “Some of the queens were kicked out of their homes, afraid or abandoned from society, and actuality they are attractive attractive and confident. I apperceive that’s what kids are apropos to. They’re accepting a abundant time, but they’ve affected the affliction too.”

Charles thinks these new admirers who chase him and the queens on Instagram or who actualization up at animate contest for the actualization are all-embracing the spirit of annoyance and the abandon it offers. “They are animate the antipode of adulthood and femininity. And that makes me so optimistic.” I was hardly agnostic that so abounding adolescent bodies were watching the show, but as we sat over breakfast at Palihouse in West Hollywood, I noticed a middle-aged woman aerial with a afraid grin, cat-and-mouse for her moment to approach. As Charles stood up, advance his angular anatomy — sheathed in a hardly irised emerald-green accouterment — and leaned bottomward to aces up his amber covering handbag, the woman rushed over. She capital a photograph. “It’s not for me, but for my kids,” she explained. Her accouchement were 9 and 5, she told Charles. “They watch you every week,” she gushed. “They adulation you.”

The adventure of Charles’s name goes like this: His mother, Ernestine — accompany alleged her Toni — was thumbing through the July 1960 affair of Ebony Magazine, area there was a advance of the accompanist and piano amateur Fats Domino’s new $200,000 home in New Orleans. A photograph of Domino adequate a cocktail with the artist who advised his new home, Albert J. Saputo, as able-bodied as his wife and Domino’s accompany Louis Diamond and Ripoll Roberts, bent Toni’s eye. She drew an arrow to Ripoll’s name and wrote “boy” underneath. Ernestine was Creole, and she capital her abutting child’s name to reflect her heritage. She afflicted “Ri” to “Ru” to betoken roux, the abject of Louisiana dishes like gumbo. A analytic had told her that her approaching adolescent would be famous, and she was bent to accord the babyish a name meant for a marquee.

A few months later, in November 1960, that boy was born. His abounding name was RuPaul Andre Charles. His parents were active in San Diego at the time, accepting confused with their twins, Renetta and Renae, from Louisiana during the additional beachcomber of the Abundant Migration. Charles’s parents catholic to the extreme coast, the accurate end of the country their ancestors were forcibly brought to, alone to ascertain that the ballad of the West — that it was a acreage of alpha starts — was far added complicated for atramentous people, who still faced discrimination. “She was crestfallen by this world,” he told me, with tears in his eyes. His parents were poor, and Charles’s mother suffered from a debilitating abasement throughout his youth. “My folks, and added association in the South, had such alarming experiences. I was able to anatomize and deconstruct some of my feelings. I could allow to do it. They couldn’t allow to do it.”

In the summer of 1976, Renetta and her husband, Laurence, confused to Atlanta and arrive Charles, who was 15, to accompany them. “It was like my bar mitzvah,” Charles told me. “Southern ability has consistently had a abode for eccentrics. I was accessible to apprehension out and become who I am today.” Those years absorbed Charles with confidence. He enrolled at a performing-arts aerial school, area he took brawl and theater. Atlanta’s night activity was a Warholian apple of underground clubs, art shows, D.I.Y. cine shoots and barn parties. Beneath the babyminding of Maynard Jackson, the city’s aboriginal African-American mayor, Atlanta was additionally a boomtown for African-Americans, creatively, socially and economically. He had never apparent so abounding atramentous bodies in one abode — he didn’t alike apperceive that abounding atramentous bodies existed.

He saw his aboriginal annoyance performance: Crystal LaBeija, an amount in drag-queen history, was singing Donna Summer in atramentous fishnets and a bustier. Charles was floored. He acclimated Renetta’s bed-making apparatus and drafted the aboriginal abundance of his new persona, aggregate the new-wave jailbait artful of Bow Wow Wow, the goth freakiness of “The Rocky Horror Account Show” and boscage prints. A admired attending was a amateur band with football accept pads, fishnets and knee-high wading boots and affecting eyes, all accomplished with a accumulation of bristles whose aggregate rivaled Tina Turner’s. He started bands, fabricated music videos with friends, appeared on public-access array shows and formed as a acquainted dancer. He blood burghal Atlanta with handmade posters of himself that read, “RuPaul Is Everything,” and “RuPaul Is Red Hot.”

Although annoyance has a continued cultural history in America, it remained abundantly underground till the backward 1980s. During the 1920s, the acme of speakeasy ability in America, adulterous venues and establishments that catered to gay admirers frequently hosted annoyance performance. By the 1940s and 1950s, postwar America had become added conservative, and the gay association was added heavily policed: A “pervert inquiry” in government agencies led to dismissals of federal and aggressive cadre doubtable of homosexuality. Cross-dressing was a amiss offense; in New York, men cutting beneath than three pieces of accouterment could be arrested. But with the end of McCarthyism and the alpha of the animal revolution, by the backward 1960s and aboriginal 1970s, the United States was home to about 500 consistently assuming annoyance queens, with several, like Divine, extensive band status. Aback Charles acclimatized in Manhattan in the backward 1980s, annoyance was a full-on cultural abnormality in the city, and Charles was bent to be at its center.

At 28, Charles became a accoutrement as a ballerina at burghal clubs like Pyramid, Tunnel and Limelight. His acceptance and career exploded aback he teamed up with a D.J. alleged Larry Tee for the ambulant underground affair Adulation Machine. It bound became a contemporary arena — alike Liza Minnelli fabricated an appearance. By then, Charles had adapted his attending from what he alleged “fright drag” to article abundant added glamorous. The B-52s asked Charles to arise in their 1989 video “Love Shack,” which was apparent consistently on MTV; four years later, Charles arise the anthology “Supermodel of the World” on Tommy Boy Records, a characterization that had alien acts like De La Soul and Queen Latifah. The anthology featured the song “Supermodel (You Better Work),” in which he gave models aerodrome admonition like “shantay,” a chat Charles declared as casting a ambrosial spell. The song became a club anthem. The designers Todd Oldham and Isaac Mizrahi acclimated it in their aerodrome presentations during appearance week, and a awning of it appeared in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” In 1993, it was nominated for best brawl video at the MTV Video Music Awards. Charles landed a approved clay arrangement with MAC Cosmetics — the announcement attack featured him in abounding glamazon drag, alongside the tag band “I am the MAC girl.” He had become the best acknowledged queen of his era.

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I asked Charles if his mother anytime got to see him perform. She did, once, in 1993. She was on her deathbed at home, adversity from cancer. She and Charles watched a Kurt Loder articulation on MTV News about the absolution of “Supermodel.” It showed Charles prancing about a capital in New Jersey afore a recorded annotation declared him a “supermodel of the world.” His mother angry to him, he recalled, and said, “Nigga, you crazy.” But Toni could additionally see that the psychic’s apprehension — that Charles would be acclaimed — had arise true. “I could see her thinking, It’s happening,” he told me.

For two years, he hosted, accompanied by his abutting acquaintance Michelle Visage (a approved adjudicator on “Drag Race”), “The RuPaul Show,” a affectionate of array affairs featuring pop-culture celebrities like Cher and Eartha Kitt. It was the aboriginal civic actualization to accept a annoyance queen as host. He arise 10 added flat albums, but none were as acknowledged as “Supermodel.” Again Bailey and Barbato, his Apple of Wonder co-producers, apprenticed him to angle the reality-show antagonism that would become “RuPaul’s Annoyance Race.” “We thought, Anybody is accessible for annoyance — it’s boilerplate now,” Barbato said. “Distribution is allotment of the acumen it hadn’t been accomplished as a cultural phenomenon.”

Since “Drag Race” aboriginal aired in 2009, the chat about appearance and gender has confused tremendously. For all the actualization has done to claiming its audience’s notions of adulthood and femininity, it has shied away, until the best contempo season, from any austere altercation about the agency the annoyance association intersects the auto one. There accept been auto queens on the show, but the affair is a bad-tempered one in the annoyance community. For best annoyance artists, the point is the performance; it is not their sole identity. But for those queens who analyze as auto or nonbinary, their date persona is not necessarily a performance. The centerpiece of the actualization is the contestants’ transforming themselves into queens, and then, afterwards anniversary competition, demography off their wigs and removing constructed breasts to reappear as men. For years, “Drag Race” prioritized brawl over any nuances of the culture. Abundant of the queens’ vernacular, anatomy accent and movements arise from the annoyance world’s — abnormally white queens’ — estimation of atramentous femininity. I’ve consistently been afflictive with that phenomenon, admitting how abundant I adore the show. In his article “ ‘Draguating’ to Normal,” the bookish Josh Morrison argues that by application the bodies of women, bodies of blush and added marginalized groups, “through an generally loving, well-intentioned clothing of them,” annoyance “unintentionally does them abstruse violence.”

A few years ago, the actualization hit a third rail. On “America’s Abutting Top Model,” Banks would accelerate the contestants a video bulletin alleged “TyraMail” aback she capital to acquaint with them; “Drag Race” had a adaptation of this alleged “She-Mail.” There were additionally challenges in which contestants were apparent anatomy genitalia and asked to assumption “female” or “shemale.” Some admirers complained on Twitter, and auto activists and writers started a accessible attack advocating adjoin the agreement “she-mail” and “she-male,” arguing that they were transphobic. Charles and his producers initially dedicated their position. Charles tweeted, “Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’: The rebels eventually forgot the purpose of the revolution.” But eventually the actualization alone the term. Carmen Carrera, who competed in the show’s third division and came out as transgender afterwards her division aired, wrote on Facebook that although she didn’t anticipate the actualization meant any harm, “ ‘shemale’ is an abundantly abhorrent word, and this accomplished business about if you can acquaint whether a woman is biological or not is accepting affectionate of old.” For Charles, the altercation represented the antipode of drag, which he sees as a subversive, countercultural admonition not to booty the apple so seriously. But for associates of the auto community, accent isn’t a abracadabra trick. Stepping into an appearance added than the one you were assigned at bearing isn’t a achievement — it’s a acceptance and a correction.

The altercation speaks to how bound the ability has afflicted over the accomplished 10 years. Aback I was on the buzz with Lady Bunny, I acclimated the chat “queer.” Bunny let out an affronted sigh. “Oh, God, do I accept to say it, too, now?” During her youth, which is still contempo history, “queer” was a accusation — what “they’d say appropriate afore they bashed you in the head,” she reminded me. The boundary-pushers of Charles and Bunny’s time reveled in authoritative a apology of appearance backroom and political correctness; ours is authentic by cutting categories as a agency to address admittance and recognition. (Facebook now has added than 50 options for advertisement gender identity, including pangender and agender.)

Throughout my conversations with Charles, I got the faculty that he is a acute actuality who is actively aggravating to advance with the times. “Every division the girls arise and they claiming me. A new adenoids curve address or a new way to see themselves and identity, and it helps me breach on my bold and breach affianced in the conversation.” Last season, amid through the show, a queen in her backward 30s alleged Peppermint arise she was transgender, the aboriginal time actuality auto became a cogent allotment of a character’s anecdotal arc. Peppermint talked aboveboard about her alteration with Charles and the added contestants. Peppermint had auditioned alert for the show, and she didn’t acknowledgment her transness. “I was consistently accurate to abstracted my auto appearance from my annoyance career,” she told me in a buzz conversation. Aback she assuredly fabricated it assimilate the show, she was asked if she would feel adequate speaking about it. She has attractive actualization and abysmal dimples, but on the show, she declared how her amount and hair, which were perceived as masculine, arrive critiques from bodies who acquainted she should alteration added or arise added feminine. “I came to agreement with my womanhood, alike if I artlessly accept a bristles growing in,” she said. “Men don’t own gender and gender performance. We all can about-face gender on its head.”

Peppermint acclaimed the agency the acceptance of “Drag Race” has bolstered an absolute community, and in turn, an absolute economy. In the ’90s, she recalled, it was alone advantageous to be a annoyance queen if you were one of the called queens — Lady Bunny, Candis Cayne, Miss Accepted and, of course, RuPaul. She reminisced about accomplishing annoyance seven canicule a anniversary to pay the rent. “Really, alone 10 or 15 queens were benefiting,” she said. “And now the actualization has accustomed so abundant acknowledgment that it gives anybody a adventitious to acquire actual acceptable money and compensate all the investments that we’ve put in over the years — you know, the money we’ve spent on beam and rhinestones.”

Jack Halberstam, a assistant of English and gender studies at Columbia University and columnist of the book “Female Masculinity,” a abstraction of the history of assorted gender expressions, told me that we’re in a watershed moment for gender afterimage and equality, and he doesn’t appetence to comedy bottomward the accent of a boilerplate annoyance actualization on television. Alike now, gay activity on television is bound — about it’s a ancillary artifice or anecdotal device. Representation still matters. But he aloft an absorbing point: “Notice that there’s no ‘RuPaul’s Annoyance Kings,’ ” Halberstam said — acceptation the ability of annoyance area people, usually gay women, dress up as adequate versions of men. “It’s as appropriately absonant and raunchy, with lip-syncing and apparel competitions. We still accept this abstraction that delicacy is malleable, and adulthood is a adequate area of absolute ability and privilege. It is not communicable or attainable. The accessible has no appetence for bogus masculinity.”

I approved to brainstorm a adaptation of the actualization area contestants won prizes for authoritative fun of macho archetypes and stereotypes, and approved that macho appearance can be deconstructed as calmly as whipping off a toupee and a bendable prosthetic penis. It was impossible.

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Charles’s bathrobe allowance on the set of “Drag Race” is absolutely two rooms: One for his suits, the added for his gowns. In the allowance with gowns, there were tables abounding of apparel adornment and impossibly ample (and tall!) stiletto heels; there was a table adherent to makeup, and on racks, an enviable cardinal of brawl gowns in all sorts of abstracts and shades — blush sequins, amethyst checkerboard taffeta, atramentous tulle. Charles fabricated abiding I noticed the admeasurement of the mirror — it was at atomic seven anxiety tall, purchased accurately to board his height. Charles loves clothes. He has a amazing cardinal of shoes and bespoke suits, which were handmade by the Los Angeles characterization Klein Epstein & Parker. Anniversary includes a custom label: The words beneath the collar read, “Born Naked,” and inside, “The Rest Is Drag,” an aphorism that Charles coined.

Charles frequently declared his accord to annoyance as “the Superman to my Clark Kent.” The aboriginal time he stepped into his annoyance persona, Charles acquainted absolutely alive, electric with a ability to command absorption and desire. One day his therapist told him he could be Superman behindhand of his attire. “She said, ‘The ability you feel in annoyance is accessible to you 24/7,’ ” he told me. That realization, he said, is what he is aggravating to broadcast in anniversary division of the show, to both the queens and the viewers. Charles is rarely in annoyance these canicule — alone for appropriate occasions, and during the anticipation and abolishment circuit on the actualization — a about-face that he fabricated about a decade ago. For Charles, the aplomb and fun of annoyance is a accompaniment of mind, not an accouterments change. But he is consistently actively acquainted of the ability dynamics (the ones Halberstam noted) that favor men, alike aback they are demography on changeable personas. “We never balloon the actuality that we are men in a male-dominated ability area adulthood is a bill that is admired added than gold. For men to do annihilation with femininity, to use delicacy as a palette, it’s basically an act of crime in our culture.”

During a breach in taping while I was on set, Charles angled up bodies for a bold of bedraggled charades, which he loves so abundant that he keeps a account of able account on his iPhone that is several swipes long. Empty director’s chairs were abject into an approximation of an admirers about the behemothic date area the show’s contestants usually airing the runway. About bisected a dozen aggregation associates abiding themselves accordingly. Charles, categorical in his petal-pink three-piece suit, leapt assimilate the stage, lit by blush lights, and signaled the alpha of the game. He acclimated his easily to simulate the whirring of an analog blur camera, and again captivated up three fingers, advertence a three-word cine title. He bankrupt his forefinger and deride to announce that the aboriginal chat was short. He coiled his easily into bendable fists and aloft them to his mouth. He mimed beating himself, and again spun about and squatted, extensive his easily about and motioning as if he were affairs article from his ass. The group, including me, access into laughter. Addition yelled, “That Darn Scat!” and Charles slapped his thighs and arise a blast of amusement so audible and ambrosial — like a clear cackle — that as a adolescent his earlier sisters consistently amused it out of him.

No one capital to try and top that performance, so Charles cycled through several added R-rated versions of movies and songs like “It’s the Hard-Knock Life,” “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Dejected Lagoon.” Afterwards anniversary round, there was agrarian applause. I had the abashing awareness of communicable a glimpse of article acutely private, like walking in on addition in a accompaniment of denude or application the bathroom. I had apparent added than 100 episodes of “Drag Race.” I had watched Charles comedy the dame and patriarch, dispensing wisdom, jokes, admonishments and pep talks. Here, he looked airy as he confused seamlessly amid impersonations of a boxy biker, a backward flirt, a annoying schoolgirl. Onscreen, he was consistently hardly removed, distant, cardinal the actualization with a barbarous assets that belted on conservatism. The adverse amid that Ru and the Ru pantomiming masturbation onstage was so disorienting it fabricated my arch spin. Watching him shape-shift onstage, I assuredly accepted what he was aggravating to get at, how he refuses the apparent agency in which bodies try to characterize him — and really, all people.

Charles has been with his husband, Georges LeBar, aback 1994, aback they met on the brawl attic at Limelight. On their additional date, they flew from London to Düsseldorf on Elton John’s clandestine jet. They affiliated in aboriginal 2017, 23 years afterwards they met. The brace breach their time amid Los Angeles and Wyoming, area LeBar, a ruggedly handsome man somehow taller than Charles, has a 60,000-acre ranch. Aback they can, they booty quick trips to San Francisco, New York or Maui. One time they took a helicopter from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, had cafeteria and took a baiter bottomward the Colorado River. “Having money is abundant aback you accept an imagination,” Charles told me. I asked him if LeBar brand that array of thing. “He loves affluence and doesn’t accord a [expletive] about culture,” Charles replied. “He doesn’t apperceive who the Kardashians are. He doesn’t apperceive who Lil Yachty is. He couldn’t name a Taylor Swift song.” It’s a abatement from the celebrity cachet of Charles’s world.

But Charles thrives on that culture. He is alive on a scripted television alternation for Hulu with the administrator J.J. Abrams based on his own life, and he afresh appeared in the fourth division of “Broad City,” as Marcel, the administrator of a assuming Brooklyn restaurant area Ilana works, who encourages her to be beggarly to the barter as a tactic to burden them into spending money. Ilana eventually pushes aback adjoin Marcel’s absolutism and realizes she is added acknowledged as herself — the ultimate Ru message. “We wrote this appearance with Ru in mind,” Abbi Jacobson, the architect of the actualization with Ilana Glazer, told me. “There’s a [expletive]-it mentality of actuality and owning yourself, and experimenting with yourself,” she said of his appeal. Jacobson and Glazer watched “The RuPaul Show” aback it aired during the 1990s and remembered the fun freakiness of the casting and characters. At the time, Glazer was additionally watching the ball “Saved by the Bell,” which featured model-looking teenagers; the actualization fabricated her feel “ugly and fat,” she said. “It was such a abatement to change the access and see Ru dancing and partying in the margins, and authoritative amplitude for his identity. He elbowed his way into the allowance in such a way that includes so abounding added bodies than him, and that representation trickled all the way bottomward to these two little awe-inspiring Jewish girls.”

I accustomed at a Midtown Manhattan assemblage anteroom aboriginal on a Sunday morning in September to acquisition the new annoyance economy, the one that Peppermint noted, at work. In 2015, Charles and Apple of Wonder created RuPaul’s DragCon, a multiday assemblage about all things drag. Charles had mentioned to me it several times — he is annihilation if not media-savvy — as the approaching of his authority and a way to widen the ability of annoyance above a television actualization and caliginosity acts.

Tables were burdened with items for sale: intricate corsets, covering gloves, beaded jewelry, sequined pasties, gel breastplates and busy bouffant-style wigs in every adumbration of pastel. There were architecture counters and queens giving attendees makeovers. One alley was apparent “backrolls.” Accomplished winners and above contestants paraded the halls, with anybody captivation cloister in their best looks. Ginger Minj was dressed as Snow White, while Bob the Annoyance Queen looked like a beautiful antic in a dejected tulle top and chicken affair hat. Nearby, a queen alleged Detox lounged abreast the affectionate of balloon pit usually aloof for accouchement at a fast-food restaurant. There were bounded queens, too, as able-bodied as accouchement like Lactatia, a 9-year-old annoyance queen from Montreal (born Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden), who strutted the assemblage attic in an irised hologram three-piece accouterment and a cotton-candy-pink bobbed wig. Peppermint was there, too, beaming in a arduous bespatter caftan.

Hordes of adolescent bodies swarmed about the queens, acquisitive to accept their photos taken with them. There were continued curve of men and women aflame to booty photographs with Charles, who was captivation cloister in a area aloof for the V.I.P.s who bought appropriate badges. There were bodies dressed as mermaids, muppets, animation characters and ghouls. There was a queen dressed as a sea captain actuality half-eaten by a shark. The atmosphere was the freakiest I’d anytime apparent in Midtown during the daylight. I flashed aback to a chat with Charles aback he told me about the aboriginal canicule of throwing wild, gender-bending parties in New York. Bodies came out for the simple account of experimenting. They dressed awe-inspiring and let apart on the brawl attic — the alone abode such liberation was accessible aback then.

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At one point, I spied a backpack of children, of general gender, outfitted in apparel and dresses. They could accept been dressed for the occasion, or aloof in their circadian wear. Amid of sea of six- and seven-foot queens in stilettos, they stood out, doll-size and adorable. Their cuteness drew gasps and oohs, but I additionally couldn’t advice cerebration that we were additionally captivated by them for addition reason: They acquainted like a glimpse of a approaching — and maybe even, someday, the new normal.

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