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How Much Does A Wood Fence Cost for Privateness

How Much Does A Wood Fence Cost Building Brisbane

The type of wood selected directly affects the how much does a wood fence cost. As a fence category, wood is the most hard to assess because of the width of choices. The majority of wood privacy fence materials use some type of wood as the main components. If you pick a cheaper choice like cedar, the price is comparable to wood fence cost Vs chain link. Nevertheless, even this kind of wood offers different prices depending upon how the treated wood fence.

  • A standard cedar plank prices less than $1.50, however one treated red cedar plank can be as much as $8.
  • If you would like the perfect looking materials, redwood is your better option. It prices more than double the best quality cedar plank, though. Be ready to spend about $17.50 for every piece.
  • Presuming you utilize cedar plank, a six-foot wood fence cost per section will cost $7 to $15 if you handle the installation by yourself and approximately double that if an expert handles the work.

Wood fences offer better protection and privateness than chain link fences. Nevertheless, they might require more of a financial investment because of the increased crews and material prices. The toughness for wood is also lackluster, although staining or painting it may improve its durability and extended life. Lastly, installing a gate in a wood fence is an costly proposition.

The most common reason for installing wood panel fence is privateness. A wood fence height 6-foot divides one house and patio from the home and backyard of a neighbor. Wood fence panels may also add an extra covering of protection for those installing a swimming pool in their backyard. Some home owners use wood privacy fence panels as a way to separate different areas in their back yards too. They are able to make a screen between a garage area and the backyard or maybe between a guest house and the backyard.

Wood is one of the most frequently used fencing materials, and it can be very durable if handled properly. Types of wood fence are often produced from pine, redwood, cedar, or some other woods which are long lasting when damp. Although it generally has a natural appear, wooden fencing could be stained or colored any kind of tone.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Low-cost and can also last for many years with proper treatment.
  • Cons: Requires frequent upkeep and staining.
  • Average cost for each foot: $5 to $10

Cost Considerations for Wood Fence Installation

A amount of key elements go into calculating the final of how much does a wood fence cost. For instance , the full length as well as height of the fence, the kind of wood used in structure, and also the price of the gates and other features or enhancements for example post caps and lattice work. Due to this range, you possibly can have a wood fences and gates constructed that fits into several prices from high-class wood fence options to much more simple, cost-saving options.

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