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Bar Stool Extenders Tips for Purchased or DIY

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Sitting too low at a kitchen table or bar is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Since you are not able to replace the bar height, you will need to change the bar stool height with either bought or do-it-yourself bar stool height extenders or furniture leg extender parts. The same applies to smaller sized bar stools like foot stools. Actually, you are able to lengthen the height of any piece of furniture with leg extenders.


Add Bar Stool Extenders or Leg Extenders to Raise the Height of a Stool


Purchased Wood or Metal Bar Stool Leg Extenders

Step 1

Set up the bar stool leg extenders based on the bundle instructions, if possible. For instance, the tubes that fit around the leg might have to be clicked or screwed on to the part that sits below the bar stool leg and increases the height.

Step 2

Insert a similar number of spacer parts inside every leg extender if your type of extender has this method. Some extenders have parts that can be inserted in to the leg tubes on top of the base part to increase the height of the leg even higher than the base part. Each one of these spacer parts lift the height incrementally.

Step 3

Fit a leg extender at the bottom of every leg of the bar stool. Make sure that the legs seat correctly. Various kinds of wood or metal bar stool leg extenders are designed for the legs of the bar stool to easily sit inside them and will fall off when you lift up the bar stool. Some extenders have a locking mechanism that will keep the extender item on the legs if the bar stool is shifted. If yours has this function, set up them so they lock on. Every type of extender will suit on to the bar stool leg in a various method. Follow the package instructions.


DIY Bar Stool Height Extenders

Step 1

Decide how high you wish your bar stool seat to be. Calculate from the bottom side of the crossbars of the stool’s legs towards the height you wish the seat of the bar stool to be. The crossbars can rest on top of the extenders to lift the bar stool. Therefore, this technique will never work if your bar stool does not have crossbars or the crossbars tend to be high on the legs. In cases like this you should buy commercial bar stool leg extenders amazon.

Step 2

Calculate the length through the ground to the bottom edge of the crossbars. Now measure through the floor towards the seat of the bar stool. Subtract this dimension from the desired height. Add this difference to the distance through the ground to the bottom edge of the crossbars. This is the way long your PVC pipe extenders will be.

Step 3

Trim a PVC pipe using a hacksaw to the dimension you have from Step 2 for every leg of the bar stool. The diameter of the pipe should be large enough so a leg of the bar stool fits inside. Trim the pipe ends so that the bar stool sits level. For instance, if the legs are straight, cut the ends level. If the legs angle outward, trim the pipes at an angle. This angle depends on your stool’s model. Additionally, you can add end caps to the pipe items that will rest on the ground to avoid chipping or damage.

Step 4

Fit a cut pipe at the bottom of every leg of the bar stool and press it to the crossbars. This kind of bar stool extenders will not remain on the stool’s legs if you lift it. In addition, if the PVC pipe is much bigger than the bar stool legs, the bar stool will be shaky. Consequently, select the PVC pipe appropriately.

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