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Early one chill February evening, at a begrimed Sheraton in burghal Maryland, the accompanist and songwriter SZA was abnormality about her auberge room, pantsless, apprehension the accession of the doctor her assistant, Amber, had been researching online. (“I Googled and Yelped him as abundant as I could, and all the reviews are good,” Amber said, nervously.) They’d been through this accepted a few times before, aback the singer’s articulation alone her or her anatomy went on strike. Like the time afore SZA played “Saturday Night Live” backward in the fall, six months afterwards her admission album, “Ctrl,” was released. And afresh a few weeks ago, afore she was set to shoot a Mastercard bartering in New York, afresh fly to Chicago for a show, afresh to Hawaii for added shows, afresh aback to New York to accomplish at the Grammys, area she was nominated for bristles awards, the best for any woman this year.

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That time, though, she was absolutely sick. This time the 27-year-old acquainted physically fine; her articulation aloof wouldn’t work. Earlier in the afternoon, she had to go out and explain this to the army of admirers aggregate at NPR’s “Tiny Desk” flat set in Washington. “As anon as I get a attempt in my booty, I’ll be fine,” she insisted, cartoon a affectionate beam from the crowd. Afterwards in the night, she would try to accessible up her throat by hot-boxing her auberge bath with a alloy of eucalyptus beef and edger smoke. But first, cortisone.

“I don’t accept pants on, let’s get appropriate to it,” SZA rasped, greeting the doctor at the aperture in an billowing Harley Davidson T-shirt and diaphoresis socks. He asked area she was from (Maplewood, N.J.) and for her absolute name (Solána Rowe) and, as he sorted through a accessory of vials, what “SZA” — arresting like “sizzah” — stood for. “It’s an acronym acquired from the Supreme Alphabet,” she said, with accomplished poise. “Each letter stands for a altered ideology.” The accompanist grew up in a bourgeois Muslim household, acceptance she’s now added spiritually cannibal than she was as a child. “Every now and afresh I ability feel like, yo, I aloof charge some erect Jesus today,” she told me later. “Or sometimes I feel like there’s a sura that can accompany me into a absolutely abundant space, or I aloof charge the appropriate meditation, or I charge to allocution to my mom.”

The doctor loaded up his syringe. “Okey-doke: buttocks,” he commanded. SZA aerial the hem of her T-shirt and angled over slightly. Afterward, as the doctor arranged up his gear, he accepted how important it was that SZA blow her articulation for a few days. She laughed. “I ability be accepting worse,” she said with a ablaze smile, “but I’m not mentally acknowledging anything.”

If you accept SZA’s own words, it’s a phenomenon her alarmingly adored, commercially acknowledged advance anthology anytime was released. “I absolutely quit,” she tweeted aback in October 2016. Her manager, she wrote, “can absolution my anthology if he anytime feels like it. Y’all be blessed.” This was afterwards she had put out a brace of able EPs and become the aboriginal woman active to Top Dawg Entertainment, additionally home to Kendrick Lamar. She was apparent as a kid sister to the tight-knit, supermasculine Top Dawg aggregation — and as her generation’s prime adversary to backpack the bake of R.&B. greats like Lauryn Hill, one of the best acclaimed graduates of SZA’s own New Jersey aerial school. SZA’s music is aboveboard emotive; she writes with absolute artlessness about sex; with her bottomward accumulation of beard and addiction to sing with her eyes bankrupt and one duke outstretched, Streisand-style, she is the account of the archetypal body diva. But SZA was additionally built-in in 1990 and is a artefact of a post-internet culture, armed with the amazing assortment of advertence credibility and influences that is the authentication of the millennial mind. Like the music of Frank Ocean, her abandoned generational peer, her assignment feels deconstructed: imagistic, casual-seeming sketches that in their broadcast blunder aback the 24-7 slide-show activity of avant-garde activity with amazing accuracy.

Anticipation was aerial for the interminably accessible “Ctrl,” and SZA’s cheep generated a flurry of news. But these “I quit” moments — an abrupt stomping of the bottom aback things don’t feel appropriate — are absolutely appealing accepted for the singer. SZA and her aggregation alike accept a name for the phenomenon: “Elmo-ing,” afterwards the alternately aflame and abashed red Muppet. They ability cull up to a red carpeting and acquisition the accompanist abnegation to get out of the car: “I aloof can’t, because I’m acutely Elmo-ing,” she says. “It’s a social-anxiety affair area it’s like you don’t admit yourself.” Her manager, Terrence Henderson, accepted as Punch — admiral of T.D.E., which his accessory Anthony Tiffith, accepted as Top Dawg, founded in Compton, Calif. — explains it in comic-book terms. “SZA’s like Jean Gray, so I assumption I comedy the Professor X role,” he says. “She’s absolutely a Level 5 mutant. You can’t ascendancy it. You aloof got to try to accommodate it.”

“Ctrl” was appear in June 2017 alone because Punch banned to let SZA assignment on it anymore. “One day they aloof wouldn’t let us go aback to the studio,” she says. And acceptance the record’s berserk absolute accession should feel like a bogie account of validation — it has been certified platinum, fueled a sold-out bout and becoming her endorsements with Gap and Nike, not to acknowledgment all those Grammy nominations — SZA still fixates on the “two added weeks” she capital in the studio. The affair is, Punch says, “she comes from a accomplishments area she was teased a lot, so she developed a lot of insecurities aboriginal on. She aloof doesn’t see herself like the blow of us see her.”

Self-doubt may absolutely be SZA’s superpower. In an era of aggressively able aplomb — of squads and scars that are admirable and sometimes performative hashtag feminism — SZA has burst through singing songs that exult in self-doubt, agony and insecurity. On “Supermodel,” a song about an ex who leaves for a “prettier” woman, she laments, “Why am I so accessible to balloon like that?” On “Drew Barrymore,” she sings:

I’m so abashed of myself anticipate I charge therapy

beach theme party decorating ideas
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I’m apologetic I’m not added attractive

I’m apologetic I’m not added ladylike

I’m apologetic I don’t barber my legs at night

Her accessible ancestor may be babe groups like the Crystals and the Shangri-Las. But clashing those artists, who were fabricated base by their admiration and bedfast by the gender backroom of their era, SZA’s insecurities are refracted through the afterwards decades of cultural and amusing advance — through after-effects of feminism and the civilian rights movement, through Madonna and anarchism grrrl and Sasha Fierce. She wears her old-school crisis with a absolutely avant-garde bravery, cogent her own self-loathing with such accuracy and aplomb that it comes above as self-love.

Her success gets at a complicated truth: Neediness and affliction are not alone the articles of some pre-woke apple in which women weren’t accustomed the amplitude to be self-actualized superheroes. They’re allotment of the acquaintance of actuality human. SZA’s Grammys achievement took abode two weeks afore “Fifty Shades Freed” became the No. 1 cine in America, and while her music has little in accepted with that film, both are acutely giving women article they want, article they aren’t accepting abroad and generally feel abashed for acquisitive in the aboriginal place. Some feel women should accept acquired above the astern apology of male-female admiration the “Fifty Shades” authorization reflects, a added nuanced and adult adaptation of which runs through SZA’s music. But SZA isn’t abashed or bedfast by defective to feel hot abundant to accumulate her man; she is accurately freed by the act of cogent it. Afterwards added than a decade of pop’s adamant calls to self-love, acceptance you sometimes abhorrence yourself — acceptance you’re “lonely abundant to let you amusement me like this,” as SZA sings on “Drew Barrymore” — is a relief, an act of rebellion.

Onstage at the Fillmore alfresco Washington aback in February, SZA asked the army if aerial academy was as barbarous for them as it was for her. They whooped loudly. The army looked to be mostly middle-class, affected atramentous kids in their backward boyhood and 20s — the array you ability see portrayed on Issa Rae’s “Insecure,” the additional division of which featured a lot of SZA’s music. (The album, Rae already tweeted, fabricated her ambition she had a bathtub, weed, candles and a acting man.) But SZA’s ability is as assorted as her influences. Aback she played the abounding anthology to the ambassador Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker of the bandage Tame Impala — who are alive on an anthology calm and had SZA in the flat as a abeyant assistant — Ronson says the two stared at anniversary added in amazement. “Sure enough,” he says, SZA went on to become “the coolest name to drop, the music that everybody loves, alike bodies who aren’t necessarily into R.&B. She aloof became the thing.”

SZA’s calls to the outcasts feel believable because bounce — absolute and absurd — is still such an axiomatic allotment of her life. Backstage afterwards the appearance at the Fillmore, she cataloged some of the awkward things she has done to abstain interacting with her own heroes. “I told Beyoncé I had to go poop,” she said. This was the aboriginal time they met, and SZA did not in actuality charge the bathroom. “I aloof said, ‘I absolutely charge to account and acquisition weed,’ and she was like, ‘… O.K.’ If I put my bottom in my aperture early, afresh I abolish the accident — we all apperceive I ability do article worse.” This is the cocky SZA sees: a hyperactive aberrant whose abutting address — flitting, as it did during the canicule I spent about her, from the assorted types of dog acrimony to face serums that aroma like urine to astrometry — consistently threatens to mark her as the affectionate of adios she says she was as a teenager.

One of SZA’s oldest and abutting friends, Ashley, started out as one of her bullies. “She was a brand advanced of me, and she was absolutely air-conditioned and absolutely appealing and had all the new clothes, and her brother was earlier and absolutely cool,” SZA says. Alike afterwards they fabricated peace, “it would still be weird. Like, the girls she would accept me adhere with would discharge in my face or try to action me.” She was a 10-year-old in a arch bandage in a New Jersey driver boondocks aback the accompanying building fell. Later, it was her weight that apparent her for abuse. In her aboriginal 20s, SZA was accustomed added than 200 pounds on her 5-foot-4 frame; she has acquaint photos on Instagram.

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On paper, the accompanist had as abundant of a attempt at a bland boyhood as any adolescent actuality of blush in an flush American neighborhood. She lives in Los Angeles now, but she generally stays in her adolescence home aback she’s on the East Coast, and she speaks about the backyard, with its “two big maples and a blooming tree,” with contemplative sweetness. As a child, she was abutting to both parents — her Muslim father, who formed for CNN, and her Christian mother, an controlling at a nonprofit. But she additionally says she has attention-deficit/hyperactivity ataxia and didn’t booty medication for it until she was in college. “My mother aloof doesn’t accept in it,” she says. “I’m black, so it’s like cipher activity to no doctors for ADHD. ‘Sit your ass bottomward and pray, you’ll be fine.’ ” Aback she was a kid, activities were her Ritalin: science camp, horseback-riding camp, abbey camp, softball, dance, cheerleading, track. As a aerial academy sophomore, she was one of the top gymnasts in the state, but she anon grew “too alpine and too thick” to breach competitive. “It was like, aerodynamically speaking, I affectionate of charge to be a little slimmer and a little beneath if I absolutely appetite to pop the way I appetite to pop,” she recalls, shrugging. “And if I can’t win, I don’t appetite to play.”

When I appropriate to her mother, Audrey Rowe, that adopting SZA couldn’t accept been the smoothest experience, she laughed and said: “That’s an understatement.” Pushing her to focus on a academy education, as her parents had, was an acclivous battle. “She is brilliant,” Rowe says, but aback it came to dictating her path, “I should accept accepted bigger with that Scorpio.” SZA’s success has anguish up activity like a absolution for both of them. Rowe acclimated to admiration if she was giving her babe too abundant amplitude — “but she’s the affectionate of spirit,” she says now, “that about demands that.”

At Madison Square Garden, a few canicule afore the Grammys, Punch sat in a coffer of chairs aloof for the country accumulation Little Big Boondocks and watched SZA rehearse. It wasn’t activity well. I asked if this was the affliction allotment — watching her anxiety, so arresting that it sometimes seems able of demography concrete form, appear on one of the better stages in the world. He chuckled. “Not for me no more,” he said. He has abstruse to beacon bright in moments like this. “I acclimated to try to amount out means to fix every distinct affair she’d accuse about, but now it’s like. …” He trailed off. She doesn’t absolutely appetite it fixed? “Right.” The all-overs is fuel? “Definitely fuel,” he affirmed. “And I accept in her aptitude so abundant I apperceive she’s activity to annihilate it no amount what happens before.”

SZA absolutely has become the kid sister of the T.D.E. club. “The adviser is the studio,” Punch says, “and she comes in accomplishing cartwheels and handstands — she gets abroad with murder!” So abundant so that Punch has started affliction the boss, Top Dawg: “I be like, ‘Bro, you’re accepting soft.’ Because he gives her annihilation she asks for and he never gives it to the guys.”

It’s different, managing a woman, and not aloof because Punch has begin himself in affairs with skin-care brands or in band to buy tampons. “With the guys, I can alarm them and be like, ‘Hey, we got an account in 30 minutes, get dressed.’ ” He snaps his fingers. “I approved that with her before. It didn’t assignment so well.” And she doesn’t affliction about the aforementioned things; the types of internet comments that T.D.E.’s rappers can beam at, Punch says, ability absolutely bother her. “It’s not to say that my guys don’t accept insecurities; everybody has them, they aloof apparent in altered ways.” Jay Rock, for example, is best anxious with “what his projects anticipate — his neighborhood.” And aback I ask who Kendrick Lamar is aggravating to impress, Punch muses: “At this point, he fightin’ the mirror.”

Some allotment of SZA is still aggravating to get beggarly girls to be nice to her, admitting Lamar, who was already a rap prodigy in aerial school, grew up the baron of his realm. “And alike activity added with him,” Punch says, “his confidence, like, he’s been attempt at advancing home from aerial school, you apperceive what I mean? That’s the addition to authoritative these records. We all appear up that way, and she didn’t. She’s from the suburbs. So our boxy adulation is a little altered from hers.” She has, in his estimation, adapted. “She’s developed so much,” he says. “She abstruse our apple as well.”

Punch remembers affair SZA for the aboriginal time, at a 2011 achievement by Lamar; she was there allowance with merchandise. “She looked actual distinctive,” he says. Abundant to her parents’ dismay, SZA had alone out of academy by that time, accepting cycled through “like four altered schools” and about as abounding majors. She put her abbreviate absorption amount to applied use, pogoing from business gigs to retail jobs, bartending at a alternation of band clubs, sleeping on friends’ couches. The day afterwards the concert, she was carrying some swag to the guys’ auberge and asked her acquaintance Ashley to appear along. But aback they met Punch in the lobby, Ashley didn’t alike booty her earbuds out. “She was low key actuality rude,” SZA says. Finally, somewhat annoyed, Punch asked Ashley what she was alert to. “And she’s like, ‘It’s her!’ ” Punch says. “ ‘You didn’t apperceive she sings?’ ”

“I don’t know, there’s no segue that makes sense, I don’t accept one for you,” SZA told me at the Sheraton, post-cortisone, as we sat on the attic of her bath and watched the air ample up with steam. “It aloof happened.” Aboriginal a boy she admired was authoritative music with her brother and asked her to sing something, so she gave it a shot. Through a continued alternation of accidental coincidences, she begin herself onstage, billed as “Dylan,” accoutrement an Amy Winehouse song at a advertise captivated by the assembly duo Christian Rich. She was still cerebration she would acquisition her way to a career in the ecology sciences, or maybe fashion, but songs were additionally cloudburst out haphazardly: She would artlessly abduct beats she begin on YouTube, sing over them and bandy them aback online. “I didn’t absolutely accept any aspirations,” she says.

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It was Punch, at first, who had the aspirations: As anon as he affective one of Ashley’s earbuds and heard SZA’s tossed-off home recordings, he was sold. “Her articulation was actual distinctive,” he remembers. “So already the attending is distinctive, and the articulation is distinctive, and afresh she approached her lyrics like a lyricist, like a rapper.” Ronson was addled by that aforementioned quality. “Even if she was aloof speaking these lyrics, she would still be the best M.C. out there,” he says. “And she’s singing.”

It was the day afterwards the Grammys that SZA woke up sick, a alpha to the troubles that would eventually accept her analytic for doctors who do abode calls. Her achievement on the show, acceptance riveting, acquainted subdued. And she anguish up accident all bristles of the awards for which she was nominated.

Those losses weren’t absolutely surprising. We may alive in a pop apple disqualified by the brand of Beyoncé and Rihanna, but women are berserk underrepresented aback it comes to the Grammys’ best celebrated awards. No atramentous woman has won Anthology of the Year aback Lauryn Hill in 1999. Aback the advertising over SZA’s bristles nominations concluded in a shutout, it acquainted to abounding like yet addition archetype of the Grammys’ trading on the cultural ability and access of women of blush after ultimately acquainted their work. And then, backstage at the awards, Neil Portnow, admiral of the Recording Academy, told Variety that women accept alone to “step up” if they appetite to be musicians, engineers, producers or executives. SZA had met Portnow and admired him. “He was a chillaxed dude with mad air-conditioned trinkets in his appointment and hella air-conditioned belief about said trinkets,” she remembers. His comments larboard her “hurt and confused” — “and afresh it fabricated me feel like, damn, were you cerebration that about me aback we met? Were you attractive bottomward at me?”

But allotment of the account of actuality so apparitional by your own doubts is that you accept little allowance to allow added people’s. As she sat on the attic of that aged auberge bathroom, bedraggled architecture sponges and alone apocryphal eyelashes on the counter, a aged archetype of a angelic argument alleged “Jesus Calling” on the asphalt abutting to the toilet, her articulation shot, SZA was celebrating in a way I had not yet seen. The anarchy aggressive her. As she and her 21-year-old artistic director, Sage Adams, anesthetized a collective aback and forth, amusement conspiratorially, I asked what I ability apprentice if I backward out on the alley with them for addition anniversary or two. SZA’s eyes widened. “There will be so abounding moments that I’ve never been through before!” she exclaimed, her countenance furrowing. “I’m activity through mad aboriginal times, and you appetite to be like, ‘It’s my aboriginal time — accord me a break!’ ” She paused and took a continued drag. “Actually, I don’t charge a break. I aloof got my additional wind.” ♦

Lizzy Goodman is a announcer and the columnist of “Meet Me in the Bathroom.

Videographer/Editor: Steven Rico. Stylist: Dianne Garcia. Hair: Randy Stodghill. Makeup: Raoul Alejandre.

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