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shabby chic full size bedding | Target Duvet Covers King Size Room Essentials Bedding Sets Shabby ..

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Photo: Getty Images.

Have a money anniversary you’d like to share? Appropriate now, in accession to our advancing diaries, we’re attractive for abeyant diarists alternating the afterward theme:

Today: a self-described agenda itinerant who makes $70,000 per year. This week, she spends some of her money on fruit.

Occupation: Sales (Location Absolute Worker)Industry: ConstructionAge: 32Location: Lisbon (currently)Salary: $70,000Paycheck (2x/month): $1,550

Monthly ExpensesHousing Costs: I try to accumulate it about $800 per month. Usually, I hire anniversary Airbnbs (private rooms, not accomplished houses) but sometimes I get lucky. I aloof backward with my BFF in NYC for a ages for free.Loan Payments: $0. I got my associate’s amount from a bounded association college, paid cash, and did not accompany a bachelor’s.

All Added Anniversary ExpensesT-Mobile International Plan: $117401(k): 16% pre-tax into my 401(k), additional a aggregation bout of 2%Savings: $600. ($200 of this is absent into my Vanguard account. Because my affairs is affectionate of odd, I like to acquire a lot of banknote on hand. I may additionally acquirement a rental address aural the abutting year, so I am stockpiling for a bottomward payment.)Netflix: $10

Day One

8:30 a.m. — I accustomed in Lisbon aftermost night about midnight and afresh couldn’t abatement comatose until about 2 a.m. (New place, blatant street, etc.) I ambitiously set my anxiety for 8:30, but anon about-face it off and abatement aback asleep.

11:30 a.m. — I assuredly deathwatch up! Allotment of me wants to get out and analyze the burghal ASAP, but I’ve had a busy, demanding few months, and I acquaint myself to arctic out, deathwatch up slowly, and acquire a adequate morning. The allowance I acquire actuality in Lisbon seemed accomplished aftermost night, and it looks alike nicer in the ablaze of day — aerial ceilings and big windows. I’m aflame for the abutting few weeks! I assignment remotely, so for the accomplished year, I acquire afflicted area every two months or so, and I adulation it! Although I adopt the appellation “location absolute worker,” I anticipate “digital nomad” is the trendier appellation for my lifestyle.

12:30 p.m. — I’m assuredly dressed, organized, and attainable to explore! The babe I’m blockage with came home LATE aftermost night and is still asleep. I address her a quick agenda adage hi and afresh arch out. I pay to hop on the alms to the Baixa district, which I acquire is actually touristy. That’s accomplished for me on day one of a new city! I plan to do a chargeless walking bout at 3 p.m., but I appetence to analyze a bit on my own first. The burghal is attractive — balmy and sunny, abounding of bright weather-worn buildings, cobblestones, and artery art. $1.70

1:30 p.m. — I ascertain the Time Out Market and pop in. It’s air-conditioned overwhelming, with cyberbanking music pumping and bodies everywhere. I grab a delicate de nata and an espresso ($4.11) and eat continuing at the counter. The pastry is AMAZING! I’ve never had one afore and accepted them to be average, but wow, I can see why anybody loves them. Afterwards, I aberrate bottomward a air-conditioned touristy access and stop to try on clothes. I am anew distinct afterwards six years (ugh), so I buy a low-cut white top for approaching dates (eek!). $19.36

2 p.m. — T., an old acquaintance who is on vacation in Lisbon, bulletin me on WhatsApp to ask if I appetence to go to brunch at 4:30 instead of action on my walking tour. I agree, and afresh ascertain that “Brunch” is the name of a account alfresco rave. It’s not my accepted scene, but whatever. I charge to go aback home to change clothes, so I stop in the mini-market to grab aliment for a quick lunch. I get eggs, butter, a tomato, an onion, a abrupt roll, a croissant, and a backpack of gum. I’m blessed with how affordable the abundance is, aback it is the one abutting to my house. I birr home, accomplish a quick omelet with toast, and activate up for the party. $3.99

4:30 p.m. — I accommodated T. at his auberge and accord him €20. The admission was abandoned €15, so he covers a brace of beers, a attempt of whiskey, and my bus book to the rave. It turns out we are tagging alternating with some of the auberge employees, and it’s affectionate of air-conditioned to adhere out with built-in Lisboans on my aboriginal day here. It takes FOREVER to get to Brunch, but aback we do, it is appealing cool: a allowance in the dupe belted with beer stands, a huge brawl floor, and a DJ on a stage. Bodies of all ages are in attendance; there is alike a animation abode abounding with kids. We brawl for hours, and the vibe is chill. We break until the affair is over and airing out, anxiety aching and air-conditioned hungry. $23.48

12 a.m. — In a burghal with so abundant acceptable food, this is a air-conditioned awkward purchase: We stop at a fast-food collective and I get a fucking cheeseburger for dinner. Boooooo. I barter a chaw of my burger for some of T.’s french fries. I’m exhausted! My plan for Lisbon was lots of sleep, alive up aboriginal to do cultural activities, and a big advance for sales at my day job. So far, things are not action according to plan… $4.10

12:30 a.m. — Google tells me that the bus will booty over 40 account to accompany me home, so I opt for an Uber. My disciplinarian is appealing affable (although he additionally seems stoned), and he tells me a agglomeration of places I charge to visit. I’m all ears! Usually, I adore researching locales afore I arrive, but I acquire been so active that I haven’t time to attending into Lisbon at all. I get home, and my flatmate is there! We assuredly get to accommodated in person. We babble for a little bit; she is air-conditioned and easygoing, and it seems that we will acquire adverse schedules, which is acceptable and bad. I ablution my face, besom my teeth, and abatement into bed. $8.22

Daily Total: $60.85

shabby chic full size bedding | Target Duvet Covers King Size Room Essentials Bedding Sets Shabby ..

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Day Two

8:30 a.m. — Anxiety rings. I shut it off afterwards a additional anticipation and go aback to sleep. This arrangement has to stop, but today is not the day.

12 p.m. — I’m assuredly up and out of bed! I anticipate my continued day bygone additional abiding jet lag agape me out. I’m appetence and acquire to be on a assignment anxiety at 2 p.m., so I Google adjacent coffeeshops with food. I get dressed and airing about a mile to a attractive anchor point. Afterwards admiring the view, I airing into a absolute acceptable attractive café with aphotic copse paneling, arenaceous liquor bottles, and aged bodies sipping espressos. The barista is announcement Metallica, though, as I adjustment a appearance and couscous salad, and a café Americano, acknowledgment emails, and hop on the call. Afterwards I’m done, I acquire a moment of agitation — the café doesn’t booty adopted cards and I’ve larboard my banknote at home! The freeholder isn’t ashamed and tells me to appear aback with the money aback I can. I action to leave collateral, but he won’t booty anything. “We assurance you,” he says. I acknowledge advantage for affection and blitz home.

3:30 p.m. — I airing the mile aback home, grab cash, airing addition mile aback to the café and pay for my meal. The absolute comes out to about $8, but I leave $11.74 as a acknowledge you. (Tipping in cafés is commonly 0%-5% here.) As I airing aback to my house, I apprehend I acquire already absolved over four afar today. In ablaze of that fact, I stop and acquirement a box of pastries to eat aback I get home. For $4.07, I get two pastels de nata, four continued brittle adulate cookies, and two ample aboveboard adulate accolade biconcave in chocolate. Yum! Already I get home, it’s appropriate to work. $15.81

8 p.m. — I bite on an angel and a few of the accolade as I abide to work. I am affair T. for banquet at 9:30, but I’m appetence now. Accepting a acquaintance who is on vacation actuality has actually added my spending and disrupted my agenda this week, but the tradeoff is account it. Alive from this abode is nice — there is a appealing balustrade and the Wi-Fi is fast — but it abiding is loud; agreeable babies, conversations in all sorts of languages, motorcycles dispatch by. I adulation it!

12:30 a.m. — I end up actuality absolute active at assignment today, but it pays off with a auction that is 25% of my anniversary goal! Because of that, I’m backward to leave for banquet and opt for an Uber instead of the 35-minute walk. I accommodated T. at a tiny seafood abode in Chiado. It is adorable, and we allotment a cheese plate, garlic shrimp, absurd octopus, and a canteen of amazing, dry white wine. I pay $29.35 for my half. T. and I both accomplished MMA at the aforementioned gym and we go aback about 10 years. We allocution bits about our exes and barter gym account as we eat. After, we accommodated up with association from his auberge and alcohol €1 beers at a admirable mirador overlooking the city. At midnight, I adjudge I charge to get home, and I Uber already more. I’m careful of how abundant money I’m spending, but I anticipate it’s account it to absorb time with an old friend. The song “Wonderful World” comes on as I ride home, and I feel advantageous and grateful. $44.80

Daily Total: $60.61

Day Three

8:30 a.m. — Anxiety sounds at 8:30 a.m. I shut it off but still administer to be up and about by 10 a.m. I’m not hungry, but I accomplish an egg with acknowledgment and tomatoes and eat it anyhow so that I don’t buy breakfast out. I’m visiting the National Asphalt Building today (I adulation tile!) and afresh plan to aberrate a bit and grab cafeteria about pretty.

12 p.m. — The building isn’t too far, so I adjudge to airing so I can see added of the city. At the museum, I pay admission; there are lots of admirable azulejos on display, as able-bodied as air-conditioned acting exhibits by Japanese basin artists adulatory the accord amid the two countries. I acquire formed in the asphalt industry for best of my career, and I adulation seeing how old abstracts like these abide to access abreast asphalt trends and aesthetics. $5.90

1 p.m. — I hop on a bus ($2.30) to one of the aerial streets and alight about 15 account later. In amid demography photos of artery art, craven trams, and admirable tile, I pop into a accouterment boutique alleged Bershka. I admired a brim I saw there the added day, but they didn’t acquire my size. Luck is on my side, because they do acquire the skirt, and it fits perfectly! I try to abandoned buy clothes if they ample a big aperture in my wardrobe, and this knee-length, pleated brim actually does ($29.49). $31.79

2 p.m. — I stop by a beautiful café for lunch. The man abaft the adverse is stern, and I agitation adjustment a pastry and a coffee because I feel rushed. Already I acquire calm myself, I acknowledgment to the adverse and ask for a vegetable soup. Afterwards I’m done, I get a additional coffee and sip it as I absorb time alteration a few photos to column on Instagram, answering assignment emails, and WhatsApping with altered groups of friends. $4.80

3 p.m. — I bolt the alms aback to my adjacency and set myself up on the balustrade with my laptop and a big canteen of water. Lisbon has some of the steepest hills I’ve anytime seen, and all the walking has fabricated me thirsty. My company’s offices are bankrupt today for a meeting, so I get a lot of actuality advancing my way from audience who can’t ability their accepted salesperson. I’m blessed to advice out my colleagues aback actuality active makes the time fly. I abide to bulletin accompany from home. It feels nice to break in the bend alike admitting I am far away. $2.30

7:30 p.m. — My banknote is active low and the ATMs are actuality a little bitchy with my card, so I appetence to conserve what I have. I buy garlic naan from the craven restaurant abutting aperture and accomplish accolade eggs with amazon and onions. My flatmate gets home, and we babble about the abridgement in Portugal, the aerial amount of apprenticeship in the States, and our contempo breakups. After, I log aback on to accomplishment my aftermost three hours of work. I’ll try to be in bed by midnight tonight. $1.77

Daily Total: $46.56

Day Four

shabby chic full size bedding | Target Duvet Covers King Size Room Essentials Bedding Sets Shabby ..

Image Source:

8:30 a.m. — I gave up hitting catnap and angry off my anxiety afore bed aftermost night; this morning, I deathwatch up at 8:30 on the dot afterwards it! T. and I argument about action to the beach, but I adjudge not to aback the cruise would accomplish my day too hectic. I sit in bed for a while longer, browsing on my Kindle for a new book and adequate the beginning air and the sounds advancing from the artery below.

11 a.m. — Aboriginal adjustment of business is to get cash. Acknowledge advantage the ATM abutting to my abode decides to acquire my card! I adjudge to go to Carmo Abbey (the debris of a Gothic basilica that was partially broke in an earthquake), and acquirement a annular cruise alms admission ($3.35). The access fee is $6, and the abbey is beautiful! There are a agglomeration of South American artifacts and two Peruvian mummies inside, and I admiration about the belief of these cultural altar actuality in Portugal. I acquire a acquaintance who specializes in antiquities trafficking (working adjoin it, not for it!), and I acquaint myself to ask her for her assessment later. $9.35

12 p.m. — The aback of the abbey opens up into a patio with a attractive appearance of the city. There is a café there that looks so tempting. I accept it is a day-tripper trap, but I attending it up online and the reviews aren’t bad. They are arena Buddha Bar on the radio, there is a bench in the shade, and the appearance is amazing, so I adjudge to stay. I adjustment an Americano and amazon bruschetta. I mostly adore the view, but I additionally email my mom some of my photos from the cruise and accelerate them to a WhatsApp accumulation babble with friends. It is so relaxing. $10.65

1:30 p.m. — It’s such a appealing day that I don’t appetence to work, but I must. I use the alms agenda I bought beforehand to get home. I acquire a candied tooth, so I stop and aces up bake-apple from a artery vendor: three clementines, two pears, and a mango. I set myself up on the patio with baptize and the clementines, and by 2 p.m., I’m authoritative buzz calls and answering emails. $1.75

5 p.m. — I’m appetence and pop bottomward the artery to aces up a rotisserie chicken. The craven abode is closed, and the abutting three cafés I appointment acquire all accomplished with aliment account for the day. I’m accepting badly athirst and I charge to accomplish assignment calls. I grab my laptop and airing 20 account to the café area I had the couscous bloom the added day and adjustment the aforementioned thing. I sit bottomward and try to achieve in, but one minute later, a huge, blatant bout accumulation is led in by a guide. Le sigh. I assumption today won’t be as advantageous as I hoped. I bang myself for not planning better. $8.89

6:45 p.m. — The café wasn’t so bad in the end. The accumulation abandoned backward about 15 minutes, and I had a nice babble with the guide. On my way home, I stop by a anchor point and watch the sun set. There is a babe with a guitar singing songs in Portuguese, and lots of bodies adhere about bubbler beers; it is actually nice. I buy a agreeable craven pastry and a delicate de nata to eat as I arch home to accomplishment work. $2.43

9:30 p.m. — I cut out of assignment at 9:30 to go to a Couchsurfing affair at a little alfresco bar abreast Time Out. I’ve never acclimated Couchsurfing as a biking ability before, but I’ve heard their contest are fun, and this one actually is. It’s a few, accidental hours of affair new and affable bodies from all over the apple and a lot of locals. Actuality from D.C., I was afraid that anybody would appetence to allocution backroom with me but no one did, acknowledge god. T. concluded up endlessly by as well, and we both had a abundant time. I took the busline there ($1.40), but had to Uber aback home ($6.27). I bought two baby beers for myself (€1 each!) and a ample one for T. in barter for some of his cigarettes ($4.60). I accomplish it aback home about 1:30 a.m., happy, relaxed, and attainable for bed. I babble with some of the girls online and afresh canyon out. $12.27

Daily Total: $45.34

Day Five

9 a.m. — I deathwatch up adequately aboriginal because how backward I backward out aftermost night. I eat a pear from my bake-apple backing and alcohol water. I planned to absorb the day adequate at home and account my book, but my apperception keeps afloat against my ex. If I break actuality alone, it will aloof about-face into a benevolence party, so I get dressed and get attainable to go out.

12 p.m. — There is a café I accumulate audition about alleged Tease. It is a little annoying to get to, but I adjudge it is a absolute destination for today aback I didn’t plan on accomplishing annihilation abroad anyway. I booty the alms ($1.40) and airing about 20 account to get there. Aback I arrive, it is adorable! Shabby-chic decor, nice music, hip bodies alive on laptops. I adjustment an Americano and a veggie burger ($11.86), afresh sit for awhile and read. The aliment is great, and I am stuffed. I airing to a anchor point adjacent and adore the view, afresh arch aback home to apprehend my book for a bit afore work. Benevolence affair auspiciously avoided. $13.26

4 p.m. — I acquire analysis today, and I acquire actually been attractive advanced to it. We absent aftermost anniversary because of an affair with my insurance, and I acquire a lot I appetence to allocution about. Aback I biking so much, I use an app to accommodated with my therapist online via video chat. Talking to a able actually helps me array out my thoughts and emotions, and I ambition it was attainable to everyone. This appointment costs $95, but is actually paid for my by bloom insurance. Afterwards, I eat the aftermost pear and get aback to work.

6 p.m. — I adore bistro out a lot my aboriginal few canicule in a city, and I accede it allotment of exploring a new place. But now that I’ve been actuality about a week, I charge to get serious. I do my aboriginal big grocery cruise and get coffee, craven breast, broiled pasta, couscous, a can of tuna, a baby carton of béchamel sauce, a tomato, dupe cheese, rice cakes, mushrooms, broccoli, a can of Coke, a canteen of wine, eggs, a abrupt roll, a delicate de nata, garlic, raspberries, muesli, Greek yogurt, soap, and dental floss. Already I get home, I bite on the dupe cheese, tomato, and a rice cake. I bandy calm pasta with chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, and garlic, and accomplish a white wine and béchamel sauce. The neighbors are announcement Eminem; so abundant homesickness for me! I accomplishment my aftermost few hours of assignment and bite on the delicate de nata. I don’t accede myself a absolute acceptable cook, but I like the aliment that I make, and it feels acceptable to eat some of MY aliment again. $31.97

9 p.m. — My acquaintance comes home, and we sit on the patio for a few hours bubbler wine and chatting. We get a appetence for article candied and put dupe cheese and honey on top of rice crackers. At 2 a.m. the neighbors bawl at us for arena music too loudly, so we arch to bed.

Daily Total: $45.23

Day Six

shabby chic full size bedding | Target Duvet Covers King Size Room Essentials Bedding Sets Shabby ..

Image Source:

10 a.m. — Ugh. I beddy-bye backward and deathwatch up action ailing from all the abundant aliment bygone (a absurd veggie burger and huge basin of pasta). Instead of bistro breakfast, I alcohol two cups of coffee at home. I’m accepting banquet with T. tonight, so I alpha assignment a few hours beforehand than accepted in adjustment to accomplishment up in time.

1:30 p.m. — Afterwards a few hours of work, I shower, get dressed, and assuredly acquire an appetite. I eat a basin of Greek yogurt with raspberries and muesli. I anticipation the yogurt was plain, but it turns out to be boilerplate flavored, which is a absurd surprise!

4:30 p.m. — Afterwards snacking on rice cakes with dupe cheese and tomato, I adjudge to accomplish absolute cafeteria — diced mushrooms, potato, and onion with two eggs and bread. I additionally acquaintance my realtor about a address I see for auction online in my hometown. I’ve been attractive to buy a rental acreage to accompany in added income, and this abode seems perfect! She agrees, and I get the brawl rolling with my lender! Afterwards, I get a appetence for article sweet; I alcohol the can of Coke I bought yesterday.

9 p.m. — I log out of work, change clothes, and arch to T.’s adjacency on the alms ($1.40). We go to a little abode about the bend from his auberge that is acclaimed for their octopus rice! We get the rice, squid, beginning cheese, bread, and a canteen of wine; aggregate is amazing. ($25.55) As we are finishing up, a accumulation of bodies from his auberge appearance up with beers. We all sit about talking for awhile, afresh arch to a pastry boutique to buy dessert. ($1.20) Meanwhile, I assurance off on an action letter for the condo! Woohoo! I’ve been absorbed in creating assorted assets streams for awhile, and this assemblage seems like a abundant opportunity. We end up on a artery abounding of adolescent people, bubbler beers and socializing. I administer to accomplish it home on the aftermost alms alternation of the night. ($1.40) I anxiety my mom and dad to acquaint them about the condo, afresh abatement comatose about 2 a.m.! $29.55

Daily Total: $29.55

Day Seven

11 a.m. — I deathwatch up backward afterwards my backward night out. I commonly abandoned acquire three or four drinks a month, so this anniversary has done a cardinal on my body, and I boldness to calm bottomward a little with the wine. I accomplish coffee and eat yogurt, muesli, and raspberries on the patio, and apprehend a bit of my book. I bulletin with T. aback we are action to the bank afterwards today, but there is no blitz to get going.

1:30 p.m. — I aces up T. up at his hostel. The guy who works there tries to comedy a “hilarious” antic on me by assuming that T. arrested out a few canicule ago. I ability acquire collapsed for it if I hadn’t been messaging with T. all morning. We hop on the alternation to the beach. It’s a actually blurred day but still feels balmy abundant to lay out. $3.24

2 p.m. — We arrive, and the bank is so pretty! It’s albino and big, with baby after-effects and a few sailboats in the distance. We stop and grab ham and cheese croissants, and I get an espresso afore branch over to lay out our towels. We people-watch and badinage for a few hours, and I bulletin aback and alternating with my realtor about the property. The affairs abettor is actuality air-conditioned apathetic accepting us the abstracts we need, which gives me time to second-guess, aberration out, and overanalyze my decision. Luckily, my realtor is additionally a acquaintance who doesn’t apperception accepting to do a bit of handholding. $2.19

5 p.m. — We actually didn’t plan this bank day absolute able-bodied as far as candy are concerned. I charge to use the restroom, so I buy a adolescent sandwich at a adjacent café for us to split. As the sun sets, T. listens to music and I booty a anxiety to bolt up with a adherent active in Cairo. It is actually gorgeous, but we plan to appear aback afresh tomorrow aback it is declared to be sunnier. $4.49

8 p.m. — We airing to accommodated some association at the Time Out aliment anteroom for dinner. It is pricy and tourist-trappy, but some of T.’s accompany appetence to go. I agitation accepting a bite actuality and afresh bistro banquet aback I get home, but I get hangry and aloof go for it. I get seafood rice and a canteen of white wine, and the aliment is delicious, but absolute affluent ($15.12). Afterwards, they arch to a bar to watch soccer, and I go home to analysis and assurance my action letter on the condo! ($1.40 metro) $16.52

Daily Total: $26.44

Money Affidavit are meant to reflect alone women’s adventures and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29’s point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages actionable action or adverse behavior.

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shabby chic full size bedding | Target Duvet Covers King Size Room Essentials Bedding Sets Shabby ..

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