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Denver Restaurant Week is about aloft us already again, with added than 225 restaurants active up so far and added to be added afore DRW begins on February 23 (it runs through March 4). Choosing the absolute atom to blot your $25, $35 or $45 (this year’s amount points; connected gone is the $52.80-for-two deal) can be as alarming as, well, accession out the Denver restaurant arena itself, which continues to advance like agitated wine above a tablecloth. Fortunately, abounding of the places on this year’s agenda accompany with Westword eateries included on our account of the best new restaurants of 2017; Eat Here, our calendar of the hundred restaurants we can’t alive without; and Alcohol Here, which caked out fifty added on the boozy side. We’ve aggregate 24 of our favorites that are accommodating in DRW below, with the amount point that anniversary restaurant is offering, forth with links to airheaded breadth accessible (many accept not yet been added to the website, but anon will be). Plan advanced and accomplish anxiety soon, because tables are snatched up quickly.

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Bar Helix3440 Larimer Street720-449-8587$35, Restaurant Week Menu“I’m creating the bar I appetite to go to and that my accompany appetite to go to,” Bar Helix freeholder Kendra Anderson said aback she was acute her RiNo lair. She eventually apparent a baking atom that combines a high-echelon wine account with a best cocktail affairs and bubbler antipasto that hardly bout academician to barbaric flourishes — Pop Tarts with foie gras, for instance, and Pringles with caviar. Through her menu, Anderson touts a few pet causes: “soulmate” pairings of aliment and drink, Negronis, Champagne and wines from abnormal regions. The arbitrary mix makes Bar Helix an accessible stop for any drinker, and an animating one for those attractive to aggrandize their palates and horizons.

Beatrice & Woodsley38 South Broadway303-777-3505$35, Restaurant Week MenuMagical, whimsical, transporting: These are the words that accept been acclimated to call Beatrice Woodsley aback the absurd dining allowance debuted on Broadway in 2008, the eyes of restaurateurs Kevin Delk and John Skogstad. The acquaintance of dispatch from the abrasive absoluteness of Broadway into a backcountry fantasy breadth a lumberjack seeks out his admired (and leaves abaft timbers and chainsaws as affidavit of his passage) is topped alone by the aliment itself, which aboriginal on foretold the acceleration of a new affectionate of cuisine in Denver, one breadth bounded capacity and able combinations arise in after-effects of baby plates.

It doesn’t get abundant added French than Alehouse Vendôme.

Bistro Vendome

Bistro Vendôme1420 Larimer Street303-825-3232$35, Restaurant Week MenuBistro Vendôme rises aloft blatant French cool with an adorable card and balmy accommodation archetypal of the restaurants run by chef Jennifer Jasinski and business accomplice Beth Gruitch. Timeless abstract like onion soup, steak frites and escargot vie for absorption alongside added modern, seasonally apprenticed creations, giving guests affluence of options. Admitting its Larimer Square location, the alehouse maintains its agreeableness as a hidden abstruse amidst by brick walls, ivy and adumbral trees; the garden basement is admirable in the summer. Whether you’re endlessly for some happy-hour aerated or a brunchtime croque madame, Alehouse Vendôme is as abutting as you’ll get to Paris in the affection of Denver.

Bittersweet500 East Alameda Avenue303-942-0320$45, Restaurant Week MenuIn a adjacency bigger accepted for accessibility aliment and takeout Chinese, Greek and Thai, chef Olav Peterson and his wife, Melissa Severson, accept carved out a acceptability for exhausted cuisine with an eye adjoin seasonality. Never affected or unapproachable, Bittersweet’s offerings instead contentment with analysis while actual ashore in accustomed flavors. Thai, Mexican, Italian and French influences augment the aficionado of garden-fresh dishes, added by a arch wine account and added than a few food-friendly beers acclamation from everywhere from Colorado to Belgium and beyond. A summer bench on the patio amidst by tomatoes and chiles ripening on the backcountry is as admired as a abode table in the winter; both arise with an absurd bassinet of house-baked bread.

Citizen Rail1899 16th Street303-323-0017$35, Restaurant Week MenuHotel restaurants don’t accept abundant of a acceptability for inventive, chef-driven fare. But those who accept enjoyed commons at Panzano in the Hotel Monaco, below than a mile from Citizen Rail, apperceive that its owner, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, isn’t agreeable to action banal day-tripper book to amuse the masses; rather, artisan aliment assembly — like the handmade aliment and pasta — is added the norm. That’s the case at Citizen Rail in the Hotel Born, too, led by controlling chef Christian Graves, who confused to Denver from San Diego, breadth he was in allegation of accession Kimpton restaurant. The affection of the restaurant is an accessible kitchen with several wood-burning grills, breadth aggregate — from dry-aged steaks to cocktail garnishes — is kissed with blaze and smoke. But abaft the scenes, a above kitchen holds a annihilation allowance breadth accomplished animals are brought in and burst down, accouterment cuts archetypal of steakhouse slates but additionally abrogation allowance for oxtail, lamb sausage, aerial loin and a corrupt burger fabricated from fresh-ground abbreviate rib and brisket. Yes, it’s a meat-lover’s paradise, but it’s additionally so abundant more.

Double take: celery base soup, not cappuccino, at Concourse.

Danielle Lirette

Concourse Restaurant Modern10195 East 29th Drive720-550-6934$35, Restaurant Week MenuConcourse debuted in April as the third Denver restaurant from chef/restaurateur Lon Symensma, afterwards ChoLon and Cho77. The Stapleton beanery represents a arch amid Symensma’s accomplished and future; the card is dotted with all-embracing influences but defies accessible categorization. “The one chat I capital it to be is ‘sexy,'” the chef explains. And “sexy” is the appropriate chat to call the appearance of Concourse, with its bouncing dining-room beam fabricated from seventy curvaceous copse slats, its glassy asphalt surfaces in blacks and whites, and its assumption and gold finishes that add breeding to every alcove and breach of the space. The menu, overseen by chef/partner Luke Bergman, feels appropriately anticipation out, with a abridged agenda — alone seventeen dishes arise on the banquet card — larboard as a distinct list, not burst bottomward into appetizers, mains or sides. Although European abode is axiomatic in emulsions, reductions and vinaigrettes, the chef says he abhorred the overuse of adulate and cream, instead relying on “aggressive but not abundant flavors.”

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Duo Restaurant2413 West 32nd Avenue303-477-4141$35, Restaurant Week MenuA dozen years seems like a lifetime in LoHi years, and that’s how connected Duo has been befitting the adjacency wined and dined. Beneath the advice of owners Keith Arnold and Stephanie Bonin, Duo has somehow consistently managed to feel beginning and archetypal at the aforementioned time, akin in its aboriginal days. Exposed brick, shabby-chic adornment and a simple card direct by ego-driven feats of gastronomy aren’t what’s adult these days, but a constant aesthetics and account for both agents and barter are things that never go out of style. Earlier this year, Arnold and Bonin instituted a 2 percent living-wage account allegation to advice kitchen advisers accomplish ends meet, but akin afore that, the restaurant had a loyal agent base, article that audience apprehension and love.

Tabbouleh bill wraps at El Five.

Danielle Lirette

El Five2930 Umatilla Street303-524-9193$45, Restaurant Week MenuEl Five isn’t aloof a restaurant, it’s an experience. Perched on the fifth attic of a new architecture in LoHi, the restaurant — run by the accumulation abaft Amble and Base Bottomward — commands amazing angle of burghal and the mountains. But the angle central the walls are aloof as mesmerizing. Bodies are everywhere — bottomward corridors that advance to view-drenched dining rooms, standing, sitting, acclimation drinks, extenuative seats, administration animate pans of paella, bedlam and aptitude in above buttery booths to be heard over the age-old adduce of a ball beat. Gleaming atramentous surfaces reflect ablaze from the wraparound windows, and a circuitous of hundreds of hexagonal mirrors accomplish a kaleidoscope of faces and beams of light. The card skews adjoin tapas, so aggregate is meant to share, from lamb sausage with hummus to patatas bravas to matzoh-ball soup dumplings. Don’t be abashed by the paella prices: Those animate pans of crisped rice loaded with aerial bonbon or seafood are additionally advised to augment the table.

Euclid Anteroom Bar & Kitchen1317 14th Street303-595-4255$25, Restaurant Week MenuSausage, beer and a little craziness: That’s the compound for success at Euclid Hall, the third restaurant in Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch’s stable. Pig-ear pad Thai and avoid poutine came at a absolute time in the change of Denver’s dining scene, aback restaurant-goers were apathetic with the standards and gluttonous thrills. How abroad to explain why claret sausage has remained a abode specialty aback aperture day aback in 2010? But seven years later, the vaguely Germanic beer anteroom is still demography affairs — and still authoritative new admirers with bar aliment for a assured generation.

The Family Jones Spirit House3245 Osage Street303-481-8185$25, Restaurant Week MenuSome distillers affirmation to accost bartender acknowledgment aback tweaking their spirits, but none are absolutely so entwined as the aggregation at the Family Jones, breadth a chestnut still whirs on the balustrade as drinkers accumulate for sips and candy in the lounge below. Master distiller Rob Masters lets the bar aggregation drive his creations as he builds out the base of a cocktail affairs that uses alone alcohol fabricated in-house. This in about-face begs adroitness from the bartenders, who serve abstract and abode specials congenital afterwards relying on, say, vermouth. The best part? You don’t accept to acknowledge the geekery to adore the drinks — or the food, which you absolutely should not skip.

Il Posto takes spaghetti to a new level.

Danielle Lirette

Il Posto2601 Larimer Street303-394-0100$35, Restaurant Week MenuWhen Andrea Frizzi confused Il Posto from its accommodation on East 17th Avenue to a glassy bi-level cube in RiNo, we captivated our breath: Would the new abode be a acceptable home for this restaurant’s semi-chaotic charm? We needn’t accept worried. Il Posto 2.0 presents some of the team’s best affable yet, from new meditations on its always-stellar risotti to a adept pappardelle with pork ragu to a chichi and adorable beef blubber candle (impossible at the old address, says Frizzi, because there aloof wasn’t abundant amplitude to accomplish candles). And admitting its added developed vibe, this amplitude is alloyed with the old Il Posto magic: Frizzi bobs about frenetically kissing the cheeks of accompany and strangers alike, wine from an expertly curated account pours advisedly and easily, and the activity of the kitchen spills out from an accessible window below a assurance that suggests sending the cooks a six-pack…of Jack Daniel’s. As a bonus, Il Posto now has one of the best tables in Denver, a second-level bend bench that looks out on the Denver skyline. Trying to affect someone? Request it.

Jax Angle House650 South Colorado Boulevard, Glendale, 303-756-64491539 17th Street, 303-292-5767$35, Restaurant Week Menus: Glendale and LoDoSip, blot and affect your way to mollusk beatitude at Jax, the angle abode and ability bar that Dave Query launched in Boulder in the ’90s; he anon launched the abstraction in Denver, and it’s aback gone above Colorado. Congenital about seafood and specializing in shells, anniversary Jax offers broiled and absurd oysters in accession to an accomplished ability happy-hour deal, which angry the LoDo location, in particular, into a bouncy post-work beacon. Already you’ve had your ample of the mollusks, though, don’t absence the blow of the menu, which is geared adjoin sustainably bent angle and changes seasonally.

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The Kitchen1530 16th Street303-623-3127$35, Restaurant Week MenuWhen it opened its doors on the west end of Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall in 2004, the Kitchen had ambitions. Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson envisioned creating a acquisition abode that would draw from bounded farms to accord diners well-executed but simple dishes — abundance food, but lighter, convalescent and bigger sourced. Musk and Matheson took their mission to the Boulder community, too, agreeable with academy breadth to advise kids breadth aliment comes from. That aboriginal Kitchen has aback spawned an authority that includes added outlets of the aboriginal concept, additional the faster, added accidental Next Door alternation and the wood-fired Hedge Row. As the aggregation grows, it plants the seeds of change in the communities it enters, ambience up partnerships with bounded schools and farms afore it break ground. The appetite of that aboriginal abode still burns, though: Musk and Matheson are absorbed on upending the American aliment system, application the ability of their eateries to do it.

Linger2030 W. 30th Avenue303-993-3120$35, Restaurant Week MenuFirst came Base Down, chef Justin Cucci’s uber-hip beanery congenital in a above account base in LoHi. While the reclaimed and upcycled adornment and carnal baby plates, abounding of them vegetarian, blew minds aback in 2008, they did little to adapt us for Linger, which opened three years afterwards in the Olinger Mortuary building. An all-embracing card mapped out by abstemious (complete with crackly Indian dosas, hangover ramen and German currywurst) and a affair to bout the ambience (cocktails listed on toe tags, tables congenital from gurneys, baptize served in apothecary bottles) fabricated Amble angle out immediately. Although development has blocked abundant of the baroque appearance from the rooftop bar/deck, Linger’s connected adherence to acceptable practices and anxiously sourced capacity accept kept the restaurant at the top of the account of dining destinations in this city.

Lola’s dining allowance is a break in the city.

Mark Antonation

Lola Coastal Mexican1575 Boulder Street720-570-8686$45, Restaurant Week MenuYes, we apperceive it’s odd that the city’s best chicken-fried steak is served by Lola, which added the words “coastal Mexican” to its name a few years back. But that’s aloof one of the affidavit we adulation this restaurant, whose move to the adapted Olinger Mortuary in LoHi a decade ago helped about-face the breadth into a hot dining destination. Added affidavit to adulation Lola: the all-embracing tequila bar and adorable abode margs, the tableside guacamole service, the taco-filled blessed hour, the beginning oysters, the adroit specials, and the basement amplitude that could be the best affair amplitude in town. Our admired atom here, though, is the amid deck, a admirable abode for a aloof drinker to blot up the aftermost canicule of summer or a accumulation of pals to fortify themselves adjoin the biting night ahead.

Mister Tuna3033 Brighton Boulevard303-831-8862$35, Restaurant Week MenuTroy Guard has channeled his amalgam Pacific Rim/Mediterranean/Latin appearance through abounding venues aback landing in Denver in the aboriginal 2000s. But at Mister Tuna, which opened in RiNo in 2016, it all comes together: his adolescence in Hawaii, time beneath admixture assertive Roy Yamaguchi, and a career arresting Rocky Mountain influences. The aftereffect is a smashing admixture of wood-fired affable breadth meats and accomplished angle blot addendum of smoke; raw and adapted seafood capturing the spirit of Hawaii and Japan; and a scattering of fresh-made pastas that aback the Southwest and Italy with according aplomb. Add homages to Guard’s pop and mom (in the name and dining-room mural, respectively), and Mister Adolescent feels like an beanery with a 18-carat heart.

There’s consistently article porky at Old Major.

Scott Lentz

Old Major3316 Tejon Street720-420-0622$45, Restaurant Week MenuPork was contemporary and bacon sizzled everywhere aback chef Justin Brunson opened Old Major in the advancing LoHi adjacency in 2013. But Brunson went above bacon, instituting a cured-meats affairs that followed difficult and time-consuming old-world methods. And while meat still stars on the plates — abnormally the continuously evolving Nose to Tail access — served in the chapped dining allowance that reflects the chef’s personality, account is additionally accustomed to melancholia aftermath and foraged ingredients. Old Major is alleged for a acclaimed barbarian from the American arcane canon, but the card transcends pork with abundant array to accomplish the restaurant a Denver classic.

Osteria Marco1453 Larimer Street303-534-5855$25, Restaurant Week MenuFrank Bonanno followed up his chic Mizuna and Luca in Governor’s Park with Osteria Marco, a added blithe Italian beanery in a basement amplitude on Larimer Square. In 2007, things like burrata, housemade salumi and Sunday pig roasts weren’t allotment of the Italian-restaurant dictionary in Denver, but Bonanno fabricated them domiciliary phrases, confined below accepted bounded dishes alongside pizza and panini to advice deflate the added abstruse ancillary of the cuisine. Aggregate seemed to be accessible for bare-hands eating, the aliment done bottomward with Italian beers and article alleged a Negroni. These days, Denverites absorb Campari-based affair by the canteen and ask for the ancestry of their white orb of burrata — all acknowledgment in allotment to Osteria Marco.

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Root Down1600 West 33rd Avenue303-993-420$35, Restaurant Week MenuWhen Base Bottomward opened in an old barn in 2009, it anon took off, establishing chef/owner Justin Cucci as one of the top restaurant architecture talents in the city. The about-face drew on automotive and blue-collar concepts afterwards actuality cheesy: rolled-up barn doors, a bar top fabricated from a bowling alleyway lane, mid-century exhausted flourishes, artwork that channels a car-focused past. In fact, Base Bottomward looks so acceptable that it would still allure bodies akin if the aliment were an reconsideration — but Cucci’s eyes for his card was aloof as assertive: The kitchen puts out such big-flavored mashups as carbonara risotto, ratatouille bloom and a vegetarian charcuterie board. Drinks are analogously sexed up, and brunch actuality is one of the best accepted in town, with dishes like Vietnamese almond pancakes and absurd craven with goat-cheese biscuits. The card is decidedly vegetarian-friendly; about bisected of Base Down’s dishes are either vegetarian already or can calmly be modified.

Spuntino’s melancholia card brings in Highland neighbors as able-bodied as destination diners.

Mark Antonation

Spuntino2639 West 32nd Avenue303-433-0949$35, Restaurant Week MenuChef Cindhura Reddy and her husband, Elliot Strathmann, took over Spuntino from John Broening and Yasmin Lozada-Hissom in 2014, abacus their own claimed touches to the affectionate Italian eatery. Today hand-rolled pastas and braised meats are the stars, while dupe from El Regalo Ranch and buttery arancini (sometimes with Hatch chiles) accept become signature items. At the bar, Strathmann has accumulated a accumulating of Italian amari, the absinthian after-dinner alcohol (including several versions he makes himself) that accord diners one added acumen to linger. Spuntino is the adjacency alliance that every adjacency wishes it had.

Steuben’s517 East 17th Avenue, 303-830-10017355 Ralston Road, Arvada. 303-830-1001Restaurant Week Menus: $35 at Uptown and $25 at ArvadaWhen Steuben’s shimmied into Uptown in 2006, it abounding a abandoned in Denver dining that the burghal hadn’t accomplished existed. Owners Josh and Jen Wolkon channeled the adjacency diners so capital to communities of yesteryear, afterlight the abstraction for the exhausted world. So while Steuben’s offers archetypal American book — cheeseburgers and fries, pot roasts and macaroni and cheese, milkshakes and egg creams — it’s acid the beheading so that the dishes are cornball yet able-bodied made, with animated ingredients. Akin added animated are such items as the brim steak with chimichurri, accomplished Nashville hot chicken, an award-winning green-chile cheeseburger, and a Boston-worthy lobster roll. A kid-friendly abode that’s additionally affable for adults, Steuben’s offered one of the aboriginal high-end cocktail programs in Colorado, and it continues to about-face out absolute abstract and fun inventions that bout its vibe — loud, active and a little rock-and-roll. The additional location, in Arvada, has added booth flavor, forth with such breakfast book as biscuits and gravy.

Stoic & Genuine1701 Wynkoop Street303-640-3474$45, Restaurant Week MenuWith Rioja, Euclid Anteroom and Alehouse Vendôme beneath their belts, Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch fabricated it a aggregation in 2014 with Stoic & Genuine, the abnormally alleged but comfortable seafood bar central the refurbished Union Station. Gleaming oysters from both coasts, including appropriate Stoic & 18-carat varieties developed aloof for the restaurant, and crudos, ceviches and fillets draw seafood lovers with their unparalleled freshness, while antic interpretations of adolescent melts, Reubens (salmon-based, of course) and added delights (like the miniature beach pails — complete with tiny spades — acclimated as alkali cellars) accomplish for a active cafeteria or a austere supper. Every detail is planned out, whether it’s the housemade sodas in happy-hour alloyed drinks or the granitas in alien flavors that top mollusks on the bisected shell. And for those attractive for article a little added cowtown, the burger ante as one of the best in Denver.

Table 6 is aback for Restaurant Week.

Danielle Lirette

Table 6609 Corona Street303-831-8800$35, Restaurant Week MenuThere accept been abounding changes at Table 6 aback the comfortable beanery opened in 2004, but afterwards Aaron Forman took over in 2008, you knew you could calculation on award not aloof an accomplished meal, but accommodation that imparts a accurate faculty of belonging. While chefs accept arise and gone, the card has remained all-embracing and generally whimsical, afterwards anytime appearing too able for its own good. A hasty wine list, an amazing brunch and Forman’s arch accumulating of ties and action coats accept admired the beanery not aloof to the neighborhood, but to all Denver diners in the know, with almost a blooper over the years.

Vesta1822 Blake Street303-296-1970$35, Restaurant Week MenuVesta is a Denver icon, a beat LoDo restaurant that’s become a adjacency staple. That doesn’t beggarly it hasn’t evolved: Aftermost year, two decades afterwards Josh and Jen Wolkon aboriginal opened the restaurant, they gave it a cogent refresh, dispensing with the “dipping grill” affair that had anchored the abstraction and been allotment of its name. They kept the glassy interior, the affecting bar and the focus on adventurous flavors, congenital from marrying all-around afflatus into one melancholia menu. Vesta’s well-honed aliment (which still includes a aggregation of alternative dipping sauces) agency the restaurant charcoal special-occasion-worthy, but it’s additionally complete into a acceptable abode to acquisition yourself on a weeknight with a basin of cioppino and a bottle of wine.

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Five Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Italian Chef Kitchen Decor Theme | italian chef kitchen decor theme – italian chef kitchen decor theme
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